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Lunar calendar of favorable days for August

Lunar calendar of favorable days for August

The lunar calendar will help you plan things in August, indicating which days will be the best in terms of energy. Knowledge of this kind will help you bring more luck into your life.

If you want to get Fortune on an unfavorable day of this month, then you should try for this strong conspiracy for good luck. They will help you gain freedom of thought and clear your mind of negativity on any bad day.

August 4 — bright light in the dark

Three rather dangerous days will precede this first favorable day in August. But on the 4th the decreasing Moon will be located in the Sign of Taurus, and the 22 lunar day will be very powerful in terms of energy, because the elements of the Earth will be unusually light. This is one of the most favorable days for big purchases.

In addition to financial matters, luck will be waiting for many of us also in love. Romantic dates held on August 4th may be crowned with success. Be assertive and passionate, do not be afraid of failure, because it starts with similar thoughts.

And enjoy the solitude, if you can not find someone who could devote their time.

August 7th is the easiest day.

On the 7th, the waning moon will be under the aegis of Gemini. 25 lunar day will pass quickly and imperceptibly for those who will be busy with affairs. This is a great day for creativity, for working in solitude, for traveling and changing the atmosphere. The favorable energy of Gemini will be very well combined with a weakening Moon.

Calm and peaceful people, astrologers and experts at the site dailyhoro.ru advise not to be idle.

If you have not planned any global or local goals for this day, then it is better to put them at least in the morning, when the situation in all areas will become clearer. It is possible that fate itself will show you the way, and although the intuition of most people on this day will be very strong, you should not rely on chance.

August 9 — the day of work, friendship and love

27 lunar day will be held in Cancer, so astrologers recommend looking for happiness next to people. This is a great time for teamwork, for dating and gathering with friends. Too noisy and crowded places for meetings should not be chosen, because such an atmosphere will not allow you to enjoy communicating with those whom you love and cherish.

If you want to completely give this day to work, you will not lose, because the almost impotent Moon will give all her calm energy to people. It will be easier to think, as well as to make decisions. Experts recommend that this day be engaged in solving the most difficult tasks, because many will be diligent at the highest level, just like the desire to succeed in affairs. This is a day of moderate and favorable ambition.

It only remains to find a bit of motivation so that success will definitely stay next to you.

August 12 — the day of planning and internal formation

The first day after the New Moon will be held in the Sign of the Virgin. This is the ideal time to start looking into the future and thinking more broadly. Plan your business and evaluate your chances of success for the next couple of weeks.

On this day, a fuse is created, motivation is gained for many days ahead, and this is relevant for all spheres of life.

In love, Virgo will help all of us become more caring and attentive. As for the financial sector, then there will have to work on thoughts. It is possible to attract money and good luck through proper thinking. Already on this day, many will be able to discern the first signs of success.

Let it be not quite a monetary equivalent, but work and ambitions will pay off in full for many of us on the 12th. Do not give people and yourself empty promises this Thursday.

August 16, 17 and 18 are the days of maximum luck.

In these three calendar days, only two lunar will have time to go — 6 and 7. The growing Moon and Scorpio will get along great, so success awaits many. These will be days of reconciliation, new rounds of fate, days of work and complete harmony around. But those who try to break this harmony will make the Universe turn away.

In these three days, you can safely go on vacation, go on a trip, play a wedding, confess your love, change the situation around you. Too much to focus on household chores is not worth it, but you can do the cleaning on one of these positive days to further attract well-being under the roof of the house. Irritating and gloomy people in the period from August 16 to 18 should be avoided.

Do not conceal them anger or resentment. Create a halo of happiness around you so that people become infected with this condition and reach for you.

August 28 — the day of creativity

17 lunar day will be held under the auspices of Pisces. This will be the second day of the descending of the Moon after the Full Moon. Good luck will smile to everyone who will do their favorite things this day. Let it be evening, if you work on this day.

Any new beginnings will get a pretty powerful impulse, so be prepared for the fact that you may not want to go to bed on time. For those who are engaged in the field of art or art, this day can be a time of great inspiration.

In general, the 17th lunar day in August can be completely devoted to rest, travel, flirting and new acquaintances. On this day, deep respect will appear between the lovers, which will help to move to a new level of relations. Another day will be good in order to try to get rid of negative and bad habits.

It’s never too late to get better. Useful tips on working on yourself will help you overcome insecurity, conquer fears and improve life in many of its aspects. Have a good month, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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