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Lunar calendar of auspicious days

Lunar calendar of auspicious days

To attract more luck in your life, you need to know which days are the most favorable. They can safely plan important things.

There are four basic states of the moon: decreasing, growing, New Moon and Full Moon. Basically, most favorable days in the lunar calendar are observed in periods of growth or decrease, but not in a new or full moon. The fact is that these days the Moon is either destructive or completely inactive.

there will not be many favorable days in which any work will be debated.

January of the year

4 January: The moon in Leo will be the second day, so Leo will lose most of his strength. Given the decline of the moon, we can conclude that the day will be bright, but at the same time quite calm. This is an opportune moment to change the situation.

January 9: a similar situation will occur on the 22nd lunar day in January. The day will be held under the auspices of Libra, who will enter into a harmonious union with the Moon. This day should be dedicated to creativity, rest.

Be active despite possible fatigue.

January 11: Scorpio will go very well with the waning moon. You will have time to think, to think. Try to find a source of inspiration.

January 14: Sagittarius will be at the helm the second day, so his energy and energy of the moon will be combined very successfully. This is a good time for competitions, sports, for intensive intellectual or physical work.

January 17-19: The 17th will be one of the very best New Moon. Aquarius will make it very positive and productive. You will have a good mood, a desire to succeed in everything.

In the next two days there will be an equally good mood, as well as stability in love and deeds.

The 25th of January: A great day on the growing moon with the participation of Taurus. A great period for work and leisure, romantic dates, the beginning of a relationship or their end.

Period January 7 to 12 — A very favorable time, which will bring you good luck.

Favorable days in February of the year

February 2: the waning moon fits very well with the Virgin. That is why the first day of such a union will be very productive for those who will prepare for exams, undergo training or just work hard. Do not be afraid to throw all your strength to achieve local goals on this day.

February 6-10: the first two days the moon in a descending phase will spend in the sign of Scorpio. This means that you will need to devote them to work on themselves. You can safely change the image, spend money on yourself, do personal things. Then another day of stay in Scorpio will follow, and on February 9 the Moon will turn into Sagittarius.

These days will be very stable and calm. This whole five-day period is very good in itself.

February 13: Capricorn and the Moon will be very calm on Tuesday, so try to get some rest from the experience, but not from work. Stop this day to torment yourself with doubts, fears, fears.

February, 15: The last day before the New Moon will be in the Sign of Aquarius. This means that the day will be unique in its energy and mood. Be sure that luck will smile to you if you stop thinking about the bad.

February 21 and 22: Taurus and the growing moon will be in complete harmony with each other. These two days are good for love and for work. These are the most favorable days for any business, the best all over February.

Lunar calendar of favorable days for March

March 1: The first day of March will be one of the most productive. 1 number will be held under the auspices of the Virgin, so try not to look into the future, but focus all your attention on what is happening right now, at the moment.

March 7: The waning moon in Scorpio is a good reason to find a new hobby, a new hobby. Spiritual quest can also be crowned with success on this most powerful day in terms of energy.

March 8 and 9: Sagittarius is very good for the moon, which decreases, but only this time such a duet will be the most productive. This is a good time to rethink the future and the present, to forget the past. The search for love is the best thing to do on such days.

March 13-15: Aquarius will make the waning moon a source of positive for any person. On such days, the mood is stable, creative. I do not want to swear on such days, bend my line.

If you are also diplomatic, then luck will await you.

20th of March: Taurus and the growing moon as always are good together. It will be a difficult day, but very intense, productive in all areas, especially in financial.

March 22 and 23: The twins will replace Taurus and make the growth of the moon even more favorable. These two days need to devote the search for the second half. Astrologers say it makes no sense to deny their desire for happiness in love.

Be yourself, then everything will work out.

April of the year

April 2-8: it will be a very stable period. The waning moon can help you to tune in the desired fashion before moving from spring to summer. If the weather is appropriate, then the mood will rise so much that it will not be necessary to worry about him at all.

April 10 and 11: the diminution of the moon will continue in these two days. Aquarius and the Moon will enter into a harmonious state and will interact very positively for all people. In the lunar calendar, such days are usually marked as the most productive.

April 16-18: On the 16th will be the New Moon, and then the Moon will grow in Taurus. The New Moon in this Sign will be almost perfect, calm and very creative from any point of view. This day will be wonderful for creating something new, something important inside and around.

The next two days, pick up what you start on the 16th, and help make your life brighter.

20 April: day of rest. Twins and the growing Moon want you to rest properly, but not lying on the couch, but actively, surrounded by people.

April 25 and 26: Virgo and the growing Moon are well combined this month, therefore, they are called by astrologers as the best days for work of any type and complexity.

Favorable days in May of the year

1st of May: On this day, the moon will decline in Scorpio. This means that the 16 lunar day will pass quickly and unnoticed. The main thing on this auspicious day is not to give empty promises.

All the main things you plan on him.

May 2: the transition to Sagittarius will change the mood of the moon in an even more pleasant way. This day will be good for business trips, a change of scenery, for romance and love confessions, weddings. Literally every case will acquire a special meaning.

May 6-10: these 5 days will be extremely favorable for those who want to put their lives in order, figure out their priorities and dot the i’s. The whole difficulty will be to not be distracted by trifles.

May 15: A new moon in Taurus will be in May one of the best combinations. The energy of this day will be favorable for the start of the cycle of physical training or any business that requires a special approach and attention.

16th of May: This day is the most auspicious in the fifth month of the year. Ideal he will be to work on himself. In the morning you may have a lot of ideas about how to improve yourself, how to transform for the better in everything.

May 31: The last day of spring will be at the mercy of the waning Moon and Sagittarius. Astrologers recommend trying to reach a new level in love relationships and look back, look at what you managed to do in the spring.

Favorable days in June of the year

June 4-6: all three days the Moon will decrease, but 4 and 5 — in Aquarius, and 6 — in Pisces. This means that the mood will change dramatically on June 6. At the same time, there is no need to look for negative sides — everything will remain in the same place where it was before.

You will only need to be a little more attentive to yourself.

June 11-14: On the 11th, the Moon will be in Taurus, so you can devote time to any business you like. The last day before the New Moon will be held under the auspices of Gemini, as well as the New Moon itself. These days it is better to devote love and acquaintances of a business nature.

On the 14th, the rise of the moon will begin in Cancer, which will have a good effect on family matters.

June 18-20: These are the three most positive days in the month. Virgo and the growing Moon will be equally strong throughout this length of time. Solving financial issues can go well. Love troubles are also better not to leave for later.

Be honest to yourself and others, so that you can be lucky.

June 26 and 27: the last two days before the Full Moon will be very good in all plans. Sagittarius will help you succeed in what you did not have time to do before. The main thing is not to postpone for later what can be done in these two days.

30 June: the waning moon in Aquarius is good for ending this period. However, this day is suitable for recreation. Do not be afraid to take risks.

Favorable days in July of the year

4th of July: On this day, your intuition will be very strong. The thirst for knowledge will increase, as well as the inspiration, the desire to be better, smarter, more beautiful, more successful.

July 10 and 11: again the twins will come to the aid of those who do not have time to do something for themselves. These two days are the heyday of moderate egoism. Try not to think about the people around you, and work more for yourself.

July 18, 19: Libra and the growing moon are a good combination for those who wish to succeed in love. A positive outcome will depend on how ready you are for a change. These will be two very dynamic days filled with special emotions.

July 24: This is the day of the reign of Sagittarius, which is combined with the growing Moon very well in all senses. The life cycle of your plans on this day begins very brightly. New ideas will visit you often.

August auspicious days

August 4: The first auspicious day in August of the year according to the lunar calendar will be held under the auspices of Taurus. Its action will be very tangible, because the decreasing Moon will become a source of great luck and good mood.

August 7: Twins only one of two days will be so positive that the good sides will overshadow the negative ones. On this day, it is better to take a break from problems, to be distracted.

August 9: when the New Moon is close, you need to complete the work begun earlier. This very day the Moon in the Cancer will promote increase of your working capacity.

12th of August: The first day after the New Moon will be held under the auspices of the Moon in Virgo. This combination works well on people, because on such days the motivation comes to us.

August 16-18: the three best days of the month will be due to the presence of the Moon in the Sign of Scorpio. These will be very good days in which you can find peace of mind and have a good rest from the hustle and bustle, become morally stronger.

August 28: the diminution of the Moon in the Pisces Sign will be an excellent occasion for the active completion of affairs before the end of the summer. This day will be incredibly good for schoolchildren, students, and all those who continue or start studying on September 1.

September favorable days according to the lunar calendar

In September there will be a lot of positive and favorable days.

September 1: The moon in Taurus is always good, especially in the descending phase. You have a lot to do, but you shouldn’t lose your composure and faith in yourself if something goes wrong.

September 2: Gemini only one day will be truly beneficial to the moon. Lead this day in search of the second half. If you are already in a relationship, then try to have some fun with your loved one.

This day will be very positive.

4 September: The twins will give you good luck on 4 numbers when you do your favorite things. Do not do anything that can infuriate or discourage you.

10 September: Virgo on the first day of the moon’s growth will help her become more creative. The powerful energy of the night «sun» will become more orderly and favorable for any business, any work.

September 12-17: this rather long period will be very good for adapting to new places, new people, events. Everything that will happen these days should be regarded as something necessary. Positive thoughts, the right attitude will bring the greatest benefit.

September 20: Aquarius and the growing moon is the best period for any work related to communication. If you are running your own business, then take the time to new business acquaintances. Share experiences and knowledge with people without fear.

September 30th: the waning Moon in Gemini will help all who have lost confidence in themselves, to find it again. Life’s difficulties can make you forget that you can become happier. Abstracted from these thoughts — you can absolutely everything.

Favorable days in October

October 1: The month will begin with a very strong and creative day for its energy. The waning Moon and Gemini will create a favorable aura for love affairs and romance. It will be a calm day, perfect for relaxing.

October 6, 7: these two days will pass unnoticed, because the constellation Virgo has a very positive effect on people’s performance, on the emergence of new interests. Chances to meet an interesting person will be more than usual. You can also find a new hobby for yourself.

October 10: Scorpio in October will have a good effect on the moon only on the first day after the Full Moon. You can get rid of problems on this day, find new friends, strengthen friendship with old ones.

October 16: the only rule for this day is not to revenge anyone and do not be evil. Creation gives rise to creation, as they say. Do not be too demanding of people, nor will they be demanding of you.

October 25, 26: the first two days after the Full Moon will give you only positive emotions, because the constellation Taurus will be very creative with the Moon.

October 30: the descending phase is combined with the influence of Cancer just fine. A day can begin with original ideas. Listen to your heart, do not be afraid to trust your intuition.

October 31: The 22 lunar day in Leo will be the beginning of something very pleasant for many people. Do not be afraid to change life principles if the old ones do not suit you. This is a wonderful day for internal change.

November auspicious days

November 6: until the waning moon is in Libra, you will need to move from planning to action in all walks of life. This is especially true of love — do not be afraid to meet and flirt on this day.

November 8: The first day after the New Moon will be influenced by Scorpio. Such a day cannot but be positive, because it will tell you how to get rid of the most important problems in life, how to find a way out of difficult situations.

the 13th of November: Capricorn and the growing moon make friends with each other on this day. Financial affairs will need to be put in the first place in priorities.

November 14, 15: Aquarius will replace Capricorn, making these two days the most positive and productive in November. This is especially true of creative individuals and people with substandard thinking.

November 21: Wednesday 21 numbers will be conducive to important issues. Taurus will tell you how to get out of a difficult situation at work or in your personal life.

November 24: on a waning moon, it is usually difficult for those whose work or duties are associated with permanent nerves. On this day, Gemini will help you to stop worrying about trifles. The day will be very peaceful.

November 28, 29: Try to complete all the most important things in these two days, while the waning moon in the constellation Leo will give you strength, which will help withstand all the blows of fate and regain a place under the sun if you have lost it.

December auspicious days

December 4, 5: the waning moon in Scorpio will help you to know the world and make it better for yourself and your loved ones. Do not look for the causes of problems — look for ways to solve them.

December 8: in the last of the three days of the reign of the moon in Sagittarius, you will have good luck in your dynamic affairs. The first day after the New Moon is a good time to assert their rights, to fight, to solve the most pressing problems.

December 11-14: This period will be a time of ambiguous evaluation of all things. People on such days see the world very strangely. This is a time of philosophy, the search for self, spiritual development.

December 27, 28: in connection with the approach of the New Year, try to spend these favorable days in business. It is too early to rest. Virgo will affect the waning moon is ambiguous, so devoting these days is better to complete important matters and self-analysis.

Let the year of the Earth Dog bring you only positive and good mood, as well as good luck in all spheres of life. Follow the lunar calendar, if you do not want the circumstances were always above you. You will be able to control your destiny, and not be in this game a simple observer. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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