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Lunar calendar money for October

Lunar calendar money for October of the year

The money question is one of the most important questions in our life. Everyone wants to live in abundance and abundance. The lunar calendar for October will help you to avoid difficulties with money and determine the date for a successful purchase or investment.

Influence of the Waning Moon on finances

October 1

This day will bring success to those who work with contracts and contracts. All transactions will be successful, will bring profit and career success. But do not rejoice too soon.

You should be careful and examine in detail all the details.

2 October

This day will bring success to all those involved in short-term projects. The day requires decisive and quick action from you. You should not dig too deep and see a catch in everything, the main thing is to catch the moment in time.

October 3

On this day, the game will bring income on the currency exchange, as well as any manipulation associated with financial transactions. But contracts that require detailed consideration should be postponed for a more appropriate time.

The 4th of October

On this day, the lunar calendar does not advise investing in other people’s projects. It is also not recommended to lend money even to close people. Engage in daily work that does not require increased mental activity.

October 5

The day is well suited for teamwork. Today it’s not worth proving to anyone that you can be a great leader. Often an excellent result depends on the coordinated action of the team.

Show everyone that you and the team can cope well with the responsibilities entrusted to you, and you expect an increase.

October 6

Today you should not get involved in gambling and betting. And if you understand that they are trying to drag you into an argument, bypass such people. Conclusion of contracts and discussion of major transactions astrologers advise to postpone the next day.

October 7th

The best solution for raising the mood and performance of employees will be a corporate event. And it does not have to be a banal party, the organization of interesting training will also have to be the way. He can deepen knowledge and bring the team to a new level, and this will make the work more profitable and profitable.

October 8

Because of your overconfidence, you run the risk of making a deal that will later incur only losses. Be careful and do not execute papers with real estate.

October 9

Today is the right time to make big deals. But before you sign a contract, you should thoroughly examine all the details and, if necessary, make adjustments. The success of the transaction will depend on how seriously you take this case.

October 10

On this day, a high income will bring all the operations in which real estate is involved. For example, if you planned to invest your money in the repair of rental housing, you need to start today.

October 11

A suitable day to complete protracted cases. Having dealt with all the cases that have been postponed for so long, you can quickly put the workplace in order and later free up your time for more important tasks. Then the money will appear in your wallet.

October 12

Favorable period for concluding transactions based on mutual understanding and trust. It may be difficult to make decisions, but it is easy to fix by writing out and comparing all the pros and cons. This is the only way to weigh the financial “for” and “against” today.

October 13th New moon

Today it is better to postpone the decision of important issues. It’s time to relax. Try to keep everything to a minimum and perform only the most urgent work, and today it is better to spend money than to earn.

Rising moon period

October 14

Time to test your skills in practice. You can handle any difficult tasks, and making responsible decisions will play a key role in the success of the operation. The bosses will be enough for you and do not skimp on the increase in salary.

October 15

On this day, all trading operations will bring greater profits. Feel free to choose the most profitable option from the many proposed. But it is worth not losing vigilance and calculate all the possible consequences of transactions.

October 16

It’s time to take all the responsibility for the work done by yourself. Favorable time for financial transactions. It is necessary to show more determination and assertiveness, otherwise you risk disrupting the planned transactions.

17 October

On this day, it is better to tackle tasks that require creativity. Any business trips and trips related to finding new customers will be crowned with success. However, it is worth being careful with the conclusion of contracts.

October 18

The solution of any issues related to the legal sphere will be easy to give, and all disagreements will quickly find a compromise. When concluding contracts today you should rely on your intuition, and only spend money on what you need.

October 19

Today there is a high probability of failure of transactions and significant monetary losses. Astrologers recommend concentrating on the details and not being distracted by less important matters, then monetary losses can be avoided.

The 20th of October

The organization of various events to force the authorities to open up new opportunities in you, which can later lead to career growth. You can spend money on a nice little thing that will delight and inspire you.

October 21

Favorable time to speak in public. Today your speech will flow like water, and the meaning of what is said will reach every listener. In turn, you can discover a speaker’s talent and add this achievement to your track record.

And in general, a hobby today can be an interesting way to earn extra money.

22 of October

It’s time to attend new courses, improve your skills, or just do self-development. Place your order in life and in your wallet, and then the money will aspire to you.

October 23

Today is more suitable for solving problems with a non-standard approach. Artists and other artists will inspire inspiration. Therefore, there will be successful investments in the field of art and creativity.

October 24

All transactions concerning the legal sphere will be successful. You can also improve your status in the eyes of competitors by engaging in charity or taking part in social activities. Money donated today will be returned to you.

the 25th of October

Increased emotion can cause significant damage to your budget. Consider, before you buy something, if you really need this thing.

October 26

On this day, it is possible to promote new ideas and plans, but you should not immediately begin to embody them. Do not forget about the accounts, do not leave the card and the purse unattended — today you may be tried to be deceived.

27th October. Full moon

Show yourself in a worthy manner before your superiors, and the money reward will come to you. And by ensuring the flow of money today, you will enjoy the favor of the moon and beyond.

The beginning of the waning moon phase

28 of October

Success awaits those today who will not be lazy. Things will not happen themselves, and money will not flow under a still stone. If you really want an increase in your salary, you should make some effort.

29th of October

Today, all your energy should be sent to the working channel. Feel free to promote diverse projects, they will all be a success. The main thing for you is to determine the priority issues and direct all energy to their implementation.

October 30

Time to find the right customers and the right information. Significant results will bring any training. A substantial profit is promised by any operations connected with the use of securities.

October 31

Time for a creative approach to solving problems. Even if you have a difficult situation, your assertiveness and energy will help you find the right solution.

The lunar money calendar wishes you useful acquisitions and financial abundance. Use our recommendations and increase your income level, and Of course do not forget to press the buttons and

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