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Lunar calendar grower for August

Lunar calendar grower for August

Flower care will be much more productive if you consider the phases of the moon. Use the recommendations of the lunar calendar, so that your plants are always strong and enjoy bright inflorescences.

The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru know that flowers can have a beneficial effect on people. Having grown a dream garden under your windows, you will always be in a great mood and will be able to bring prosperity to life. Consider the phases of the moon so that plant care is effective.

August 1: August will begin with a good day — a decreasing Moon in the constellation Pisces helps plants to grow quickly, so flower growers should fertilize flowers and water the plants with plenty of moisture. Perennials can be sprayed with solutions for pests.

August 23: The moon passes into the constellation Aries, and these days will be unsuccessful for the care of flowers. The negative impact of the constellation may affect their health, so astrologers recommend limiting the care of flowers. You can do weeding in flowerbeds and harvesting new land for planting.

August 4, 5: under the influence of the moon in Taurus, you can take care of the plants, but it is worthwhile to limit the manipulation of the roots. At this time, all the underground parts of plants are particularly vulnerable, so it is better not to engage in transplanting. Successfully will be sowing late flowers in the open ground, and for growing in the winter garden.

August 6, 7: The moon in Gemini is unfavorable for the care of flowers. However, for the collection of seeds and herbs comes the most successful period. The quality of seeds will be excellent, and next year they will give a good indicator of germination.

August 8, 9: The positive impact of the constellation of Cancer will allow to deal with both care and transplant. Flower growers can safely carry out any work in the garden and at home, without fear of damaging the delicate shoots and root system.

August 10, 11: Two days the moon will spend in constellation Leo. 10 number is limited to watering and easy loosening of the soil, and on August 11, the New Moon will come. On this day, the plants are especially vulnerable, so it’s best to leave them alone.

A dangerous energy day is better to devote to work not related to the care of plants.

August 12, 13: Moon growth continues in the constellation Virgo, which has a positive effect on the growth and development of flowers. These days, you can safely engage in transplanting, planting new crops, as well as collecting ripe seeds for storage. In addition, flower growers can purchase new plants that will bring the energy of well-being into the house.

August 14, 15: the growth of flowers is accelerated under the influence of the constellation Libra. These days, you can safely cultivate flowers, replant young shoots and care for plants in flower beds and in the winter garden. Light-loving flowers should be rearranged in places with good daylight access.

August 16, 17 and 18: the union of the moon and scorpion in these three days favors any work. Flower growers can do weeding, loosening, irrigation, and processing of plants from parasites. Do not forget about the subcortex of flowers that have entered the phase of active flowering and growth.

August 19, 20: under the auspices of Sagittarius, the plants will need a two-day break to gain strength. It is advisable not to water or touch the fragile shoots, so as not to harm them.

August 21, 22 and 23: The positive impact of the growing moon in Capricorn will give the plants the opportunity to actively develop. These days, you can take up work on breeding, select the strongest plants for further breeding, and also dig for the preservation of perennial flowers.

August 24, 25: The moon moves to the constellation of Aquarius, and this time will be quite dangerous. There is a risk of damaging fragile shoots and roots, so loosening and weeding is better to postpone. Flower growers should restrict themselves to watering the plants and basal dressing with mineral fertilizers.

August 26, 27, 28: these days the moon will turn into the constellation of Pisces. Full moon number 26 will be unsuccessful for transfers. On this day, it is better to leave the plants alone.

On August 27 and 28, any manipulations with flowers are possible, however, when working with the roots of flowers, be careful.

August 29, 30: The moon in the constellation Aries has a negative effect on plants, so they become vulnerable to disease. It is necessary to spray the flowers at home and in the beds with special solutions that prevent the attack of pests, as well as feed the naughty plants so that they do not throw off the buds and please you with a long flowering.

August 31: On this day, the moon will be allied with the constellation Taurus. Favorable energy of the day allows you to do any work with flowers, so the last day of summer promises to be active for amateurs and professionals.

Watch the phases of the moon, so that every day brings you only positive events, and the plants continue to delight you with bright flowers. Consider the influence of the night luminary when planning cases for the month, so that all ideas quickly come to life. We wish you good luck and prosperity, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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