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Lunar calendar for the week of August 22-28

Lunar calendar for the week from August 22 to 28

By making a to-do list for the week ahead, it is possible not only to have a lot of things, but if necessary, correct your plans in time. Lunar calendar for the week helps to correctly distribute tasks and much faster to achieve goals.

Our ancestors also knew about the power of the Descending Moon. Thanks to her energy, you can influence the events taking place, and the last week of summer is best suited for this.

Monday 22 August is a busy day

The waning moon in the constellation Aries will fill this 20 lunar day with numerous events. Try to keep your emotions on a short leash; otherwise you risk breaking a lot of firewood.

Love and relationship: Be careful while clarifying the relationship with your soulmate. Excessive impulsiveness and empty accusations can undermine the trust between you. Try to calmly place all dots above “and” or transfer the conversation to another time.

Career and Finance: Today is not the right time to make important decisions and make deals with new partners. Before you enter into another contract, carefully review the information about the partners with whom you have to work.

Tuesday, August 23 — a stable day

Today, the aging moon will turn into the constellation Taurus, which will allow the use of 21 lunar days to the maximum. It is time for stability, which is great in order to strengthen its position and calculate the next steps.

Love and relationship: On this day, it is best to marry or begin to live together. The main thing is that you are confident in your decision, and then everything will turn out in the best way. In such cases, a great helper is intuition, which can always be developed with special exercises.

Career and Finance: if you want to succeed in the professional field, you will be lucky. The only thing that can distance you from your goal is your own laziness. Therefore, set aside all non-urgent matters and focus on the most important things.

Wednesday, August 24th is an auspicious day.

The moon continues to be in the constellation Taurus, which gives us another day to implement the most ambitious plans. On this 22 lunar day, your determination and determination will play an important role in achieving your plans.

Love and relationship: together with your other half you can make joint plans for the future or plan your vacation. Also favorable will be any action related to new housing. It can be both apartment renovation, and moving to a new home.

Career and Finance: today, luck will come only to those who clearly know what they want and are moving in the direction of their goal. If you have not yet decided on the final destination, then you will not see any special results. Remember that Fortune helps only those who correctly formulate their desires.

But even the simplest desires need to be able to make plans, and also to know what time is the most suitable for sending a request to the Universe.

Thursday, August 25 — busy day

The waning moon passes into the constellation Gemini. These 23 lunar days will help to easily solve many problems and, if desired, attract the attention of others. Remember that everything is in your hands, and act.

Love and relationship: This day can be unpredictable in terms of the emotions and reactions of your partner. If you see that your soulmate is hard to control yourself, do not blame her. Take it with understanding to such a change of mood and come up with a lesson that will bring your feelings into harmony.

You can also use special audio meditation, which helps to relax and bring thoughts in order.

Career and Finance: Today it is better to do small things that do not require special concentration of attention. You have the opportunity to cope with a large volume of tasks and assignments. Use all your skills to the maximum, and then the authorities will fully reward you for your efforts.

Friday, August 26th is an energetic day

On this day, the Moon continues to reduce its energy and interact with the Zodiac sign Gemini. It is on these 24 lunar days you can use your intuition to its fullest, because today its capabilities will be at the peak of its activity.

Love and relationship: excessive emotionality and lack of energy can provoke a quarrel with your partner. Therefore, try not to take out the irritation on your loved ones and learn how to relax in time.

Career and Finance: today you should not take on long-term projects, because you can skip important information on negligence. On this day, it is better to put forward fresh ideas and look for new ways to solve old problems. This update will benefit all, and you will bring additional income.

Saturday, August 27 — calm day

The waning moon passes into the constellation of Cancer. On this 25th lunar day, it is best to engage in self-knowledge and enroll in refresher courses. New information and experience will help you move to the next step in the social sphere.

Love and relationship: today there is no need to make any spontaneous decisions. If you decide to end the relationship with a partner, weigh the pros and cons again and postpone the decision until tomorrow.

Career and Finance: On this day, you should not hurry and try to catch luck by the tail. Be patient, and at the right moment everything will come into your own hands. Engage in any activity that does not require much responsibility and important decisions.

Sunday, August 28 — harmonious day

The moon continues to ebb and is still in Cancer. 26 lunar day will end this week with stability and harmony. Just enjoy nature and ordinary things that make your life more comfortable and happier every day.

Love and relationship: On this day, your second half may exhibit excessive sensitivity, so do not be surprised if accusations and resentment fall on you from scratch. Walking outdoors and a romantic dinner will bring your partner back to normal and smooth out sharp corners.

Career and Finance: proper allocation of responsibilities will save you from the numerous routine and free up a lot of time that you can spend on more important things.

Despite the decline in energy, the moon will continue to influence the events in our lives. How to use her power depends only on your decision. Knowing the basic laws of the universe, it is much easier to manage your Destiny. The lunar calendar wishes you a great mood, faith in yourself, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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