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Lunar calendar for the week of 4 to 10 July

Lunar calendar for a week from July 4 to July 10

Thanks to the moon, the ancient astronomers determined what to expect in the future. And today this method works — especially since the wisdom of the ages is combined with advanced technologies and research by astronomers.

According to scientists, the moon affects a person, for example, regulates the duration of sleep. Therefore, predictions of astrologers can be useful to you this week. And it starts in a very unusual way — with the New Moon.

Monday, July 4 — New Moon Day

The moon is in the constellation of Cancer and begins a new development cycle, so that everything passes through purification and renewal of energy. You can finish the annoying case, sum up and relax.

Love and relationship: energy is reset, so it is important to bring something new to the relationship in order to give them a positive charge. This will especially affect those who have already concluded an alliance.

Career and Finance: it is a time of unhurried flow of events, so it may not be easy on Monday. On the other hand, all the efforts of this day in the period of lunar growth get their development.

Tuesday July 5th is a day of personal growth.

The second day when our companion is in Cancer. This is the second lunar day, and they are perfect to take on the case and join the working rhythm.

Love and relationship: in terms of love, the day will be favorable and not at risk.

Career and Finance: the phase of the first quarter of the moon begins, which means time to lay the foundation for your ideas and undertakings. You can also devote time to yourself and do self-development, for example, to normalize the daily routine in order to get less tired.

Wednesday July 6th is a day of controversy.

On the 3rd lunar day, the Moon passes under the auspices of Leo, and he will endow this time with the most contradictory qualities.

Love and relationship: Today it is very important not to throw out a negative on a loved one. On the other hand, the growth of lunar energy helps in the endeavors of lovers.

Career and Finance: businesslike time. However, here one must be careful not to run into blatant flattery or veiled deceit.

Thursday July 7th is a good day

On the 4th lunar day, the influence of Leo stabilizes, and he supports everyone in an effort to make their time productive and successful.

Love and relationship: in a relationship today, the Moon in Leo contributes to everything that can bring them to a new level.

Career and Finance: you will impress both colleagues, partners, and superiors. Negotiations today are mutually beneficial and not tense.

Friday, July 8th — shopping day

Moon in Virgo. The 5th lunar day begins. This is a Friday, so it is not the best day to start a working project, but in general, astrologers promise not a stressful and suitable day for acquisitions.

Love and relationship: Today, you can make your loved one a pleasant surprise and please your favorite dish, a joint walk or a relaxing massage.

Career and Finance: Virgo contributes to a reasonable waste of money, respect for money, so today the risk of buying something unnecessary is minimal. Feel free to go to the grocery store.

Saturday July 9th is a good day

The second lunar day under the sign of the Virgin, the 6th lunar day. He promises to please all of us, as the energy is balanced more than ever and is growing steadily.

Love and relationship: painstaking work on relationships today will bear fruit, but also those who have been safely and for a long time in a love union have nothing to fear: the Virgin loves constancy.

Career and Finance: Successfully complete any financial transactions, whether it is buying a home or spontaneous visit to the store for a new dress.

Sunday July 10th is a calm day

Sunday this week is suitable for relaxation. The 7th lunar day begins, the Moon turns into Libra, and in order to save the day from possible contradictions, from the very morning tune in only to the good.

Love and relationship: The moon in Libra favors love, and if the changeable mood does not ruin your plans with your loved one, the evening will be pleasant and promising.

Career and Finance: the lunar calendar advises not to devote this day to work issues, but if there is such a need, do not transfer important matters. In financial terms, everything is fine, it is better not to spend money on sharp objects, for example, not to buy knives, scissors or tools today.

The week from 4 to 10 July promises to be fairly stable and favorable. The lunar calendar wishes you success. If suddenly something went wrong, you can always correct the situation, using quick plots for good luck. Have a good week and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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