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Lunar calendar for the week from September 21 to September 27

Lunar calendar for the week from September 21 to September 27

What are the discoveries and surprises prepared by the Growing Moon? What you should pay attention to all the signs of the zodiac? The weekly lunar calendar helps you get the most out of every situation.

This week, the Rising Moon will gain its strength, as a result of which the energy will increase, and it will be easier to tune in to the cheerful wave. You should use your strength wisely and purposefully — then success in all walks of life is guaranteed.

Monday, September 21st is an auspicious day.

The moon is in the first quarter phase — this is the 8th day in the lunar calendar. The eighth lunar day is more suitable for solving problems using intuition.
Career: the search for new business partners and the conclusion of transactions will bring great profits.
Personal life: A good opportunity to start a new relationship or to bring existing ones to a new level.
Health: patience should be gained, because the processes of recovery and getting rid of diseases take place in slow motion.
Finance: it’s time to open new businesses, public organizations, legal services firms, or just a profitable investment.

Tuesday, September 22 — emotional day

The ninth lunar day will be quite difficult in terms of controlling emotions. This is due to the convergence of the Moon and the Capricorn Sign.
Career: real estate transactions will be successful, but you need to take seriously business trips and, if possible, transfer them to another day.

Wednesday, September 23 — creative day

The moon continues to be in the constellation of Capricorn. 10 lunar day carries a creative beginning and inspiration.
Career: this fruitful time is created to perform difficult tasks that require a change of perspective on the problem.
Personal life: Wednesday will prepare you a lot of pleasant surprises and is suitable for non-ordinary experiments, for example, a creative dinner for two.
Health: life energy is on the rise, and you have a great opportunity to discover a new sport.
Finance: success will be accompanied by any real estate transactions.

Thursday, September 24 — energy day

The 11th day of the lunar calendar is characterized by a powerful energy and positive charge. The moon is ruled by the sign Aquarius.
Career: auspicious day to start long-planned cases.
Personal life: do not dwell on old relationships — time to try something new.
Health: it is not necessary to react emotionally to each situation, it can be fraught with nervous breakdowns.
Finance: any mental and creative activity, correctly directed in the right direction, will bring considerable profit.

Friday, September 25 — quiet day

The moon is dominated by the constellation Aquarius. 12 lunar day will not be the most successful to clarify personal relationships.

Saturday, September 26th is a positive day

13 lunar day, growing moon in the sign of fish.
Career: the most successful will be cases requiring a legal approach or financial investments.
Personal life: a great time for introspection and setting new goals.
Health: if you are planning an active holiday, you should not save on a first-aid kit, but you also need to calculate all the options for the development of events.
Finance: a great opportunity to invest in the arts and start promoting creative projects.

Sunday, September 27th is a fruitful day

The growing Moon under the direction of the Pisces Sign has made certain changes: the 14th day of the lunar calendar will be very successful for representatives of creative professions.
Career: today all initiatives will be successful, and even the most ambitious projects should not be driven into a certain framework.
Personal life: it is better to repeatedly weigh the pros and cons before making serious decisions
Health: today will be useful any pastime in the fresh rest.
Finance: the likelihood of profit will bring only well-designed projects.

The whole week will be quite active both on the physical and emotional levels. It should be clearly understood where you can show your emotions, and in what situations it is better to remain silent. The week is filled with a lot of energy and the most important thing now is to send it in the right direction. So we follow the lunar calendar and do not forget to press the buttons and

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