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Lunar calendar for the week from November 30 to December 6

Lunar calendar for the week from November 30 to December 6

The first week of December will be under the influence of the Descending Moon. The weekly lunar calendar will tell you how energy is favored by the night luminary and how to use it to achieve its goals.

Under the influence of the waning moon disk, the completion of the started projects, the solution of the unclosed questions, as well as getting rid of all the restraining factors is successfully taking shape. Large undertakings are better postponed, and this week should be devoted to the planning and analysis of their previous achievements.

Monday, November 30th is a busy day.

The waning moon is under the auspices of the charming and purposeful Leo. The nineteenth lunar day is conducive to enhanced self-analysis and planning for the future.

Career and Finance: any teamwork will lead to a good result. You should be on your guard with finances — do not make risky investments and in any case do not play for money.

Personal life: any trifle can provoke a large-scale conflict. If you feel unable to contain emotions, it is better to spend the day alone with your thoughts.

Health: To get rid of negative emotions and recuperate, take a walk in the fresh air — this will improve both moral and physical well-being.

Tuesday, December 1 — risky day

The waning moon disc remains in Leo. The twentieth lunar day is a wonderful period for self-development and communication with close people.

Career and Finance: inattention in the workplace can lead to serious problems, including material losses. Try not to overlook even the smallest nuances.

Personal life: right day for a relaxing time together. Confidential conversation and fond memories will help to get closer and strengthen relationships.

Health: It is recommended to start the day with a light charge and do a little physical workout during the day.

Wednesday, December 2 — a good day

The waning moon is in Leo. The twenty-first lunar day is characterized by increased vigor and creative surge.

Career and Finance: expect an influx of new ideas that will soon be realized. Show initiative in a timely manner — there may not be a second chance to increase and increase your income.

Personal life: do not sit still — diversify your usual pastime with an interesting trip, a visit to a mass event or a simple walk. Jointly received emotions will refresh the relationship.

Health: any physical activity on this day will be very helpful. Swimming will have the most beneficial effect.

Thursday, December 3 — business day

The waning moon passes under the auspices of the punctual and attentive Virgo. The twenty second lunar day is favorable for career achievements and financial transactions.

Career and Finance: the ability to concentrate on this day is increasing, so any work that requires a painstaking approach will be crowned with success. Financial transactions will bring good profits.

Personal life: A great day to discuss the near future. All decisions made and plans made will be realized.

Health: auspicious day in terms of health. Any measures to strengthen the body, including folk methods, will have an effective effect.

Friday, December 4th is an unstable day.

The waning moon in the sign of Virgo. The twenty-third day of the lunar calendar is favorable for the completion of the work initiated and a quiet pastime.

Career and Finance: concentrate on solving open issues — today it will be very easy. Cash transactions associated with the purchase and sale of real estate, will bring many benefits.

Personal life: emotional stress easily provokes conflict. Do not touch the problematic topics and do not recall the past — this will help you to keep harmony in a pair.

Health: lunar calendar recommends reducing physical activity. During the day, take some time to rest, otherwise there is a risk of overwork.

Saturday, December 5th — calm day

The waning moon turns into a sign of harmonious Libra. The twenty-fourth lunar day is conducive to rest and analysis of its activities.

Career and Finance: the lunar calendar does not recommend spending too much time on work issues. Summarize and think about what you should focus on in the future. The day is favorable for financial spending, so feel free to go shopping.

Personal life: postpone solving domestic issues for later and pay more attention to each other. In order not to provoke a conflict, choose a neutral topic for conversations.

Health: lunar calendar advises to engage in the prevention of chronic diseases and strengthening the immune system. A healthy diet will be extremely effective.

Sunday, December 6 — a harmonious day

Waning Moon in Libra. The twenty fifth lunar day is favorable for outdoor activities.

Career and Finance: tune in to the work week will help planning activities and setting professional tasks.

Personal life: auspicious day for solving important domestic issues. The ability to compromise will help make a joint decision.

Health: Massage and spiritual practices, such as meditation, will have a beneficial effect on the body.

The current week is emotionally unstable. Keep feelings under control, reveal your potential, and success will not take long. Look into the lunar calendar and do not forget to press the buttons and

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