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Lunar calendar for the week from November 28 to December 4

Lunar calendar for the week from November 28 to December 4

The influence of the moon on human emotions sometimes reaches incredible heights. The lunar calendar will help protect you from rash decisions and protect yourself from energy exhaustion.

The lunar energy and its influence on everything that surrounds us has always interested and attracted by its mysteriousness. Not to succumb to the influence of the night sun and to stay awake and full of strength is very important for the physical and emotional state.

Monday, November 28 — the day of responsible decisions

The moon is in the sign of Scorpio. Favorable time to solve serious issues and problems. The ability to concentrate on the important and cut off the excess under the influence of the waning Moon increases with the proper distribution of forces and working time.

Finance and career: in the 29th lunar day, the energy and tone of the body is easily undermined if you charge yourself more than it should be. You should concentrate on completing the planned activities and developing already started business projects.

Love and relationship: today does not promise trouble, if you try to restrain their emotions. Quarrels over quibble in the period of the waning moon will reach a peak. It is important to calmly and measuredly spend time with your loved one and not to notice his shortcomings and tricks.

To tune in to a positive wave, smile more often, and the world around you will become kinder and brighter.

Tuesday, November 29 — active day

New Moon, gaining strength, sends active energy pulses. Emotional people are recommended to be active and get rid of bad habits.

Finance and career: any financial issues on this day are easily resolved. The first lunar day is successful for business trips and climbing the career ladder. Sagittarius protects people in the field of jurisprudence.

On this day, the lunar calendar recommends entrepreneurs to complete bureaucratic affairs and consult with their lawyer.

Love and relationship: emotional instability and irritation will smooth out active rest with your loved one. If you have conceived something extremely romantic, this day is made for you. If you stayed at home, it’s time to get yourself a shake and actively spend the evening.

Wednesday, November 30th is a day of mental and physical activity.

The phase of the growing moon is characterized by an increase in vital energy and giving strength to mental and physical activity. Lunar day is suitable for medical fasting, diets and practices aimed at getting rid of negative thinking.

Finance and career: Performance on this day will reach its peak, if you overcome laziness. Conflicts with the authorities can be an obstacle to the disclosure of their potential and the cause of poor health. On the second Lunar day, think carefully about your duties and systematically go to the goal — this will bring you a well-deserved reward.

Love and relationship: the increased energy of today requires an emotional outburst. The lunar calendar advises to go on a romantic date and throw out sexual energy. When communicating with people, be extremely cautious in statements: their support promises the successful resolution of difficult issues at the end of the week.

Thursday, December 1 — the day to deal with emotions

Transition of the Moon to the Capricorn Sign promises some nervousness and incontinence in judgments. Protect yourself from large financial expenses, conflicts and disputes.

Finance and career: The day is successful for solving legal issues and planned real estate affairs. There may be some monetary difficulties and delays in profits. Keep your emotions under control.

From your restraint depends career and a new prestigious place of work.

Love and relationship: in the period of the growing moon, the stage of rethinking relations, both personal and work, begins. If you are not satisfied with the relationship with a partner, spend the evening for a joint discussion of further development of cooperation. The lunar calendar does not advise to sort out the relationship with the second half. Play the role of a listener and carefully consider the words of your partner.

From your decisions depends on further developments.

Friday, December 2 — Day of Alienation

The fourth lunar day will be favorable for working alone. Weighted decisions promise monetary well-being and building partnerships. The recommendations of the Lunar calendar for today: privacy and control over emotions.

Finance and career: Do not look for ways to rise above colleagues and do not take collective decisions. Immersion in the current work and the completion of the cases started is something that will bring satisfaction and fill with positive emotions. Abstract from problems and systematically complete urgent matters and questions.

Love and relationship: if you feel that the relationship has not gone wrong and the accumulated claims are torn out, take a pause and be alone. If you need advice and support — contact someone who will not respond to your excessive emotionality. Do not commit spontaneous and rash acts, they will open you from the hard side.

Saturday, December 3 — quiet day

This day will be influenced by the energy of Saturn. Good time to get new knowledge and complete current affairs. With the growth of the moon, the energy supply increases and promises useful relationships and mutual understanding.

Finance and career: Do not postpone the scheduled meetings and discussions of work processes for tomorrow. The fifth lunar day is favorable for collective work. Plans brought to life will bear fruit next week.

Do not refuse to help colleagues, their support will soon be necessary for you.

Love and relationship: An evening spent in a narrow company of loved ones will bring warm emotions and satisfaction. If possible, give up visiting noisy places with large crowds of people — such a rest will not allow the energy sector to recover, and the emotional background will be in an excited state. Favorable time for dating in cozy little cafes and watching quiet movies on a cozy sofa in the company of a loved one.

Sunday December 4th is the day of stability

The growing moon turns into the Sign of Aquarius and has a positive effect on creatively gifted people. If you were planning to engage in self-education and aesthetic development, the lunar calendar recommends not postponing your plans and start today.

Finance and career: Responsible decisions are better moved to another time. 6 lunar day favorable for new acquaintances and business relationships. Social activities and scientific research are moving easily and naturally, as if by themselves.

Emotional uplift and oratory will help in gaining the trust of superiors and colleagues.

Love and relationship: romantic dates and family dinner by candlelight will fill you with positive emotions and energize you for the upcoming week. Stable relationships and mutual understanding will give an additional incentive to develop creatively. Sincere interest in the problems of others will exalt you in their eyes.

Watch the phases of the moon and do not let feelings suppress sensible thoughts. Remember that the one who is warned is armed. The unstable energy of the moon and the influence of the zodiacal constellations is not a reason to give up and go on about negative emotions.

Cheerfulness will add the expectation of a magical and mysterious New Year’s Eve. Get ready for the holiday correctly and do not forget to press the buttons and

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