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Lunar calendar for the week from January 23 to January 29

Lunar calendar for the week from January 23 to January 29

The lunar calendar helps to study the situation in more detail and, if necessary, influence the situation in order to change it for the better.

For almost the entire period from January 23 to January 29, we will be affected by the energy of the Descending Moon. But at the end of the week, the situation may change dramatically, as the celestial body moves into another phase.

Monday, January 23 — the day of active actions

Despite the fact that the moon continues to decrease, the day will be eventful. You will be able to solve any problem using creative approach and thinking outside the box.

Finance and career: if you see that the usual actions do not give the desired result, use fantasy and do not be afraid to take the initiative. In order to succeed in your efforts, you need to change your behavior and find a non-standard approach to work. Then you get the approval of the authorities and an increase in salary.

Love and relationship: in the privacy of the lunar calendar also recommends experimenting. If your partner has prepared a surprise, you should not look at it with suspicion. Just relax and be grateful.

Even if you don’t like such a gift, find positive moments and express gratitude for your attention.

Tuesday January 24th is an interesting day.

The waning Moon interacts with the Sagittarius Constellation, which means that any doors will open in front of you. The main thing is to believe in your success and not dwell on one version. Try something new, and it will bring a positive result.

And so that luck always accompanies you on the path of life, carry with you a talisman that suits you according to the Sign of the Zodiac.

Finance and career: Today, any trips related to work will be useful. Absorb new ideas and experiences and don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your work. A fresh look and a versatile approach will allow you to calculate the best strategy and draw up an action plan that will lead to the cherished goal.

Love and relationship: spend leisure time in a circle of close people. Today is not the time for noisy companies, because the energy of the waning moon makes itself felt. In order to relax in time and recharge your batteries for future achievements, use special audio meditation before going to bed.

It will help to relax and restore inner harmony.

Wednesday, January 25th is a busy day.

The combination of the waning moon with the Zodiac sign Capricorn can keep you in suspense for the next two days. You do not need to plan too many things for this period, and also to begin the implementation of large projects.

Finance and career: before taking on new responsibilities, pay attention to unfinished tasks. If you do not have time to finish something until the end, then today it is best to devote time to just such questions. Unfinished business will take a lot of energy and will not allow to focus on larger projects.

Love and relationship: The lunar calendar draws your attention to internal tension and stress. It is not necessary to pour such emotions at home, it can not only offend them, but also provoke a scandal. Before you cross the threshold of the house, make sure that all negative emotions have disappeared.

Thursday, January 26 — the day of discoveries

According to the lunar calendar, this day will present you with many opportunities. But in order to see them, you need to think outside the box and be open to the new. Do not limit yourself to old beliefs, and then luck will always be on your side.

Finance and career: on Thursday it is very important to carefully control your expenses. Try to spend money only on those things that you really need. Otherwise, you risk getting debts.

To insure yourself against such situations will help a simple prayer that protects against loans and credits.

Love and relationship: This evening can be devoted to walking in the fresh air or outdoor activities. To relieve stress after a working day and relieve your body of stress, go to a dance or a gym. This will give you energy, and loved ones will be grateful for the positive that you radiate.

Friday, January 27 — quiet day

Today is the last day when the moon is in a descending phase. Therefore, you should be especially attentive to your body and physical exertion. Try to avoid excessive tension and stressful situations.

Finance and career: Friday is best to carry out only the most urgent questions. You should also finish all the cases pending indefinitely. This will free up time and energy for larger projects.

Love and relationship: This is an auspicious day for visiting museums and exhibitions. If you have long wanted to learn something useful or join the art, then Friday night is the right time. You can also do your self-education and attach your soulmate to this, if your interests coincide.

Saturday, January 28th — an intense day

Today’s New Moon will help your body recover in a short time and tune in to the positive. On Saturday, it is recommended to dream and think through concrete steps to achieve goals. And to speed up the execution of desires, use special runes.

Finance and career: in accordance with the lunar calendar, this day is well suited to start new projects. Even if now there are no such people on the horizon, then they can be planned or voiced by their senior management. However, remember that any innovation must be supported by analytical data or specific facts.

Love and relationship: Free time can be spent in a noisy company, where a lot of laughter and interesting communication. So you charge a great mood and give it to your loved ones. And if your second half is next to you, then such communication will bring you closer together.

Sunday, January 29 — the day of new ideas

Today, many are waiting for the influx of fresh thoughts and brilliant ideas. Do not immediately abandon them, no matter how insane they may seem at first. Analyze all the information and leave only what is really useful.

Finance and career: The authorities will support any of your ideas, if it is properly presented and confirmed by facts. But one should not insist too much if the superior leadership hesitates during decision making. Excessive assertiveness can only aggravate the situation.

Love and relationship: In a relationship with a partner, you also need to be attentive and not give in to negative emotions. Otherwise the conflict may flare up. To avoid this, spend the day in motion.

It can be a simple joint walk or a hike in the pool.

Week from January 23 to January 29 will open up new opportunities and will give everyone a chance to prove themselves. In order not to succumb to difficulties, use the popular ways of getting rid of various fears. The lunar calendar wishes you faith in your strengths, great victories, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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