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Lunar calendar for the week from February 1 to February 7

Lunar calendar for the week from February 1 to February 7

Any day of the week can be made as productive as possible. The lunar calendar for the week from February 1 to February 7 will help you with this, telling you what to avoid and what to strive for.

Monday, February 1 — Health Day

Today, on the 23rd lunar day, going to the doctors will be favorable — take care of your health and maintain good health. Moderate exercise will also benefit you.

Career and Finance: The Waning Moon and Scorpio contribute to meanness, therefore astrologers recommend to beware of making important decisions. Trust only trusted people.

Love and relationship: Try to avoid manifestations of jealousy and jealousy, as this may have a very negative effect on the joint future. Dating today will have a small success.

Tuesday, February 2 — day of physical activity

On this 24th lunar day, the Waning Moon will share its success with everyone who decides to exercise and work physically. Scorpio will raise your tone and give a good mood.

Career and Finance: shopping today is better to make, guided by a sense of proportion. At work and in affairs, the manifestation of maximum activity is desirable.

Love and relationship: people on this lunar day can be offended even on trifles, so astrologers advise everyone to be more diplomatic and restrained, especially with their loved ones and loved ones.

Wednesday, February 3 — day of summing up

25 lunar day is ideal in order to turn back and from the side to look at all their efforts. Waning Moon and Sagittarius will help you soberly assess any situation.

Career and Finance: today any business trips and business trips are favorable. If the necessity of departure looms in front of you, then decide, because today you will have great luck in your working trips.

Love and relationship: February 3 will be a great time for new acquaintances. In relations with a loved one and with those around us, harmony and mutual understanding await us.

Thursday, February 4th is the day of important decisions.

26 lunar days this week are made for making important decisions. Good luck will bring confidence, good mood and honesty in relation to their beliefs.

Career and Finance: Sagittarius and the Waning Moon will help you find new financial sources. On this day, any acquisition will be favorable, especially appliances. In making decisions, it is desirable to be guided by their own experience and premonition.

Love and relationship: dates and scheduled meetings are better postponed to another day of the week. Astrologers advise to avoid overwork, which can badly affect the mood.

Friday, February 5th is the day for completion

The 27th lunar day will be a great time to finish everything you’ve done before. This will contribute to Capricorn. The waning moon and capricorn is a sign that any risks should be avoided.

Career and Finance: try to finish important things to free up your thoughts. Today the moon gives us patience and willpower. In the future, a fruitful Friday will bring a lot of luck.

Love and relationship: today will be unfavorable dating. The person you need will try to find you. In love, mutual understanding and spiritual warmth await you, but try not to spoil the picture with negative emotions.

Saturday, February 6th is a positive day

In deeds and in love, only kindness will help — it will charge you with positive emotions, help you achieve the best results in everything, and also make an impression on unfamiliar people.

Career and Finance: Today it is worth taking the initiative and being as productive as possible at work and in business. The waning moon will give success and recognition to all who will try for the common good. It is better to eliminate the risks — so says Capricorn.

Love and relationship: On this 28th lunar day, astrologers promise success on romantic dates. The meeting will certainly be a pledge of something more. Dating today will also be successful.

Sunday, February 7 — an unfavorable day

Today, the Moon and Aquarius prepare a lot of cautions to us all. The waning moon reduces vitality and makes people sensitive.

Career and Finance: on the 29th lunar day, people are prone to deception, so beware of quick decisions — your detractors can take advantage of this. Try to replace the solution of business and business issues with the solution of pressing everyday problems.

Love and relationship: 29 lunar day advises to beware of depressions that may come suddenly. Beware also quarrels — they are your worst enemy today.

This week promises to be very difficult, so astrologers are advised to be patient and strong. To maintain composure and attract good luck will only faith in their own strength and ability to choose the right path. The lunar calendar wishes you success, and do not forget to press buttons and

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