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Lunar calendar for the week from August 1 to August 7

Lunar calendar for the week from August 1 to August 7

The lunar calendar will tell you how the moon will affect us in the first week of August, and what to do to ensure that success does not leave us, and the stars favor beginnings.

Monday, August 1 — the day of household chores

Monday will be the 28th lunar day. The zodiac sign Cancer will have a special impact, which will contribute to the solution of many domestic household issues. Treat your loved ones on this day especially anxiously.

Flowers that bring happiness will help you to maintain a warm atmosphere in your family.

Love and relationship August 1: the best pastime option for lovers — in the house together. A quiet dinner together will give a feeling of a pleasant atmosphere for two. But starting a relationship on this day is not worth it.

Career and Finance August 1: the lunar calendar does not advise from the very beginning of the week to take on complex matters. Monday is a hard day. Most likely, you will not keep up with something, or you will not have full-fledged activity yet.

In this case, you have to redo everything. Astrologers also do not advise lending money and not taking it themselves.

Tuesday, August 2 — difficult day

The moon will turn into the sign of Leo. The energetics of this first lunar day will be quite enough to fulfill all the most important things, do not overdo it, otherwise you may feel worse. It is advisable to be more careful with flattery and pleasant words: you can be deceived.

Love and relationships August 2: success awaits only those who show willpower. Today you will be adorable enough to attract the attention of the opposite sex. But the guarantee that the relationship will last long, no.

Career and Finance August 2: need to show their confidence and professionalism. This will not necessarily bring unearthly income, but will help you in the future. It is very useful to spend on this day work to rally the team.

Wednesday, August 3 — mental day

The second lunar day will begin with the influence of the constellation Leo. It is very successful to hold cultural events today or to visit them. You can start a cycle of exercise, cleansing the body and spirit.

Love and relationships August 3: you are most likely to be occupied by some other things, such as work or vital questions for you, but not love. It is important not to decide that your feelings have cooled, and not to destroy the relationship you need. Check also the love forecast for your Zodiac.

Career and Finance August 3: This day is perfect for mental work, so think about all the important decisions today. You can intuitively feel how to make any project even more profitable in terms of money.

Thursday, August 4th is a crucial day.

The moon goes into the sphere of influence of the Sign of Virgo. On the third lunar day it is worth being serious and responsible in order not to miss anything and achieve the best results. Conflicts may arise on the basis of ideals or beliefs.

Love and relationship August 4: try not to think about the bad and not let the evil take hold of you. Otherwise, you can ruin the relationship very much, and everyone’s mood will be very bad, including you.

Career and Finance August 4: for work this day is perfect. Concentrate on everything you do and try not to be lazy. All your hard work will bring unprecedented profits.

Friday, August 5th — Developing Day

On the fourth lunar day, the satellite of the Earth will still be in the constellation Virgo. On Friday, training and self-development will be especially easy, which astrologers recommend to pay attention to.

Love and relationship August 5: Relationships, even the most complicated, will be easy enough to establish and resume contact. Be sure to rethink everything related to your loved one, and draw conclusions for yourself.

Career and Finance August 5: Do not make hasty and superficial decisions. The risk now to anything. Complete all that is necessary and do not start a new one yet to avoid failure.

Negotiations will be great as diplomatic skills increase.

Saturday, August 6 — working day

The strong influence of the Virgin will spread on the fifth lunar day. On Saturday, it is advisable to do all the household chores and do all the hard work you have. In no case do not neglect their duties.

Love and relationships August 6: if you start a relationship on this day, they are likely to be very strong, but without a twinkle. Today is an especially good day for a family, so try to see your relatives.

Career and Finance August 6: business meetings and negotiations will be successful, and the energy of this day is perfect for labor feats. Especially since you can achieve an excellent monetary reward for your work.

Sunday August 7th is a calm day

The moon will change its sign on the sixth lunar day. Scales will favorably affect the day off, allowing you to relax and give a good mood. Difficulty will only appear in decision making.

Love and relationship August 7: It’s easy enough this Sunday to make new contacts. Take advantage of positive energy: how to know, maybe it is you who will meet your love.

Career and Finance August 7: it is advisable not to engage in hard work. It is time for rest and easy work. It is useful on this day to strengthen relationships with colleagues in an informal setting.

To get full information on every day, use the daily lunar calendar. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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