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Lunar calendar for the week from April 3 to April 9

Lunar calendar for the week from April 3 to April 9

The moon can be a great helper in all matters. The main thing is to learn how to use its energy and take into account the recommendations of the weekly lunar calendar.

The week from April 3 to 9 will be quite intense, and the energy of the rising Moon will gain maximum power. That is why at this time it is best to conduct rituals to attract abundance, finance and love. Clearly define what you want and move ahead boldly.

Monday, April 3 — quiet day

How you start Monday, this will be your week. Therefore, immediately after waking up, read the positive attitudes and smile at your reflection in the mirror. This will be a great start for future success and victories.

Finance and career: Today, you can build far-reaching plans and begin their step-by-step execution. The day is great for large-scale projects that require more detailed and thoughtful analysis. This will help to divide the tasks among the employees and organize the work process.

Love and relationship: in a relationship should not rush and drive horses. If everything suits you, think how it can be multiplied and brought to a new level. But do it gradually, otherwise you can ruin everything.

Tuesday 4th April — Stability Day

The moon continues to be in the constellation of Cancer, which allows you to think logically and structure all actions. This day is perfect for resolving conflicts and setting up meetings in both business and personal fields.

Finance and career: Try today not to climb on the rampage and perform only the most necessary work. If you decide to show maximum diligence and over-fulfill the plan, then no one will appreciate it. Correctly count your strength and do not overload.

Love and relationship: Tuesday is favorable for joint rest and travel. If you have an extra spare minute, take it to your partner and tell her about your feelings once again. Such a display of attention will confirm the sincerity of your feelings and strengthen the relationship.

Wednesday, April 5th is an energetic day

Today, the Moon passes into the constellation of Leo, which means that the time has come for action. On this day you can schedule important meetings and various events that require a lot of energy.

Finance and career: Wednesday is suitable for business trips and any other meetings that require communication with people and networking. The planned negotiations will be excellent: you can find a compromise even in the most difficult issues.

Love and relationship: A good day to take the initiative and make a pleasant surprise for your soulmate. Those who are in search of love, will help simple rules how to behave on the first date. And remember: your charm and confidence will help you in any situation.

Thursday, April 6th is a day for decisive action.

This time is most suitable for financial issues. Any large deals and various operations with money will go well. But remember that in everything you need to know the measure, and do not abuse your success.

Finance and career: This day is favorable for taking initiative and creative approach in solving any problems. So you pay attention to the authorities, who will seriously think about your increase and increase in salary. Continue in the same vein, but do not conceit, and then success is guaranteed to you.

Love and relationship: learn to be grateful to your partner and try not only to accept love, but also to give it. Share your good mood with others and see how the Universe will respond to you in return, and all desires will begin to be fulfilled easily and quickly.

Friday, April 7th is a positive day

The end of the working week is great for completing all the lingering cases and planning further actions. Also today you can relax a bit and visit a beauty salon or a masseuse. This will help relieve tension and rejuvenate.

Finance and career: You can schedule several meetings for yourself and schedule work for the following days. It structures your time and allows you to complete all tasks on time. It will be good to find another job or new opportunities for earnings.

Love and relationship: The lunar calendar recommends spending today’s leisure time with your loved one. Do not try to reach all friends at once and arrange a large-scale party to make everyone happy. First of all, think about what will please you and your partner, and the rest can wait a little longer.

Saturday, April 8th is a changeable day

Today you should not be too active, because the day may not be the most successful. Lunar energy is changeable, which will provoke emotional instability and minor troubles.

Finance and career: it is not necessary to assign important matters and negotiations, because everything can go quite the way you planned. In order not to be in an unpleasant situation, take care of your daily duties, which do not require much effort.

Love and relationship: Saturday mood swings can provoke a quarrel between loved ones. So try not to react to the negative and spend most of the time in privacy. Your leisure can take self-development or spiritual practices that will help harmonize the internal state.

Sunday April 9th ​​is an auspicious day

On the last day of the week, energy will stabilize, and all difficult situations will be solved by themselves. But the most important thing is not to give in to the negative and always hope for the best. So you can overcome any obstacles.

Finance and career: On this day, any negotiations and deals will be successful. You can also run projects related to real estate and investments in this area. Try to keep everything under control and not to lose sight of even the smallest details.

If you understand that it is rather difficult to cope with one thing for everyone, find a responsible assistant who can delegate some of the responsibilities.

Love and relationship: Remember about timely and high-quality rest, but do not devote to it all day — choose active exercises. So your energy will always be on the rise, and the second half will support you in the next hobby. Discover something new, get inspired and enjoy life.

This week will help unleash your talents. Do not be afraid of change: they always lead to goals, even if it seems that this will not happen. The lunar calendar wishes you a great mood, new positive emotions, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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