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Lunar calendar for the week from April 13 to 19

Lunar calendar for the week from April 13 to 19

What things this week will bring good results? How will the moon affect your personal life, work and relationships with people? Find out in the weekly lunar calendar for April of the year.

Monday, April 13

Waning Moon in Aquarius Good day for mental and creative activities. Easy to learn. You should not start new projects and business, it is better to continue the previously begun. Today, the body is well affected by treatment and preventive procedures.

In the morning it is good to do work, and in the evening it is recommended to devote time to passive rest.

Tuesday 14th of April

The waning moon in Aquarius. Favorable time for creativity and self-improvement. Do not disturb the authorities and authorities.

Successful lunar day for traveling, traveling, trading, moving. It is recommended to pay special attention to your health to people with chronic diseases — probably worsening of symptoms. It is desirable to spend the evening in solitude.

Wednesday April 15

Waning Moon in Pisces. Legal issues are well resolved. You should not devote the day to important decisions and responsible tasks.

It is better to relax and engage in creativity. On this day it is very important to concentrate on one thing. You can’t keep up with two hares today, so try not to take on several cases at once.

Thursday April 16

Waning Moon in Pisces. Any work is going well. Good day on the lunar calendar of affairs for April for creative and creative people.

Today you will be able to look at many events and situations from a different angle; a lot will become clear. This is the time of prioritization and introspection.

Friday April 17

Waning Moon in Pisces. Perfect day for any daily business. Favorable time for previously scheduled purchases.

Today, try not to solve something on your own — be sure to listen to the opinions of loved ones. Also, the day is perfect for creative work.

Saturday 18th of April

New Moon in Aries. Difficult day, characterized by heightened emotionality. It is better to postpone all the most important decisions and matters. Time is unstable, many plans may collapse.

Probably a weakening of vitality and the emergence of health problems. Spend this Saturday in peace and harmony. It is not advisable to visit crowded places.

Sunday April 19

Growing Moon in Taurus. An ideal day for all property and financial matters. Good time for shopping and cash investments.

Well done things related to real estate. Great day for any beginnings.

According to the lunar calendar for April of the year, the week promises to be positive in all respects. The most important thing is to take into account the recommendations of astrologers, then you will have good luck in all your undertakings and affairs! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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