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Lunar calendar for the week from 3 to 9 October

Lunar calendar for a week from 3 to 9 October

Lunar energy constantly contributes to the correction of the life path of any person. The lunar calendar for this week will tell you which days the moon will be located as favorably as possible.

From 3 to 9 October, we are waiting for the whole five favorable lunar days, which is a rarity. All weekdays will have a good energy aura, so good luck in the work will always be enough. Support success can be financial affirmations for each day of the week, which will help you think correctly.

Monday, October 3 is an auspicious day for socializing.

The moon and stars will awaken only the best in people. You can use it in business, work and, of course, in love. The culprit of such a good forecast is Scorpio.

Finance and career: in the financial sector will need to be able to spin. Only the most dynamic individuals will be able to help themselves move up the career ladder and earn an extra amount of money.

Love and relationship: The growing Moon and Scorpio are the perfect couple to help you succeed in love. Any joint business will help you and your other half get closer. Any acquaintances will also be very successful.

Tuesday, October 4th — conscious day

Try this day to fulfill all the promises made earlier, and not give empty promises for the future. If you can fulfill this requirement of the growing Moon and Scorpio, then everything will be more than favorable on this 5th lunar day.

Finance and career: hypocrisy and betrayal — this is what you need to fear most on this Tuesday. The stars and the moon are in harmony, but it is easy to break with such actions. A bitter truth is better than a sweet lie — this is the main slogan of this lunar day.

Love and relationship: if you do not want to put an end to relationships with your loved one, then on 5 lunar days you will have to tell only the truth. You can flare up, yell at each other, but you should not try to avoid it, hiding behind even a little deception. Rid yourself of negative thoughts and pretense.

Good luck will wait for everyone who does not miss this advice, because on the whole Tuesday will be very powerful in terms of energy.

Wednesday, October 5th is one of the most favorable days in the month.

This month, the Sagittarius takes the gold medal for positive and helping people, which will burst into our lives like a bright bright ray of light. If you do not sit back, you can achieve anything you want. All the most cherished dreams can come true precisely on October 5th.

Finance and career: the lunar calendar says that in difficult situations it will be possible to confide in intuition, while routine work and duties are best performed in a regular and measured way. Nowhere to hurry on the 6th lunar day, because tomorrow will also be a positive day. Concentrate on legal issues or legal issues.

Love and relationship: the growing Moon and Sagittarius are just a nuclear bomb in terms of energy. Wednesday will be great romantic dates and new acquaintances. Even ordinary walks with the second half can be truly exciting.

Thursday, October 6 — an incredibly positive lunar day

Sagittarius continues to guard our mood, helping the growing Moon make Thursday favorable. The second day of harmonious interaction of the Moon and Sagittarius should be weaker in terms of energy, but it is absolutely the same, if not better. Use this favorable time to its fullest.

Finance and career: on Wednesday, October 6, you can be innovators and pioneers. Do not be afraid to experiment and listen to your inner voice in difficult situations. Your task will be to do everything possible in order to lead your colleagues and partners.

Love and relationship: Good luck in love will help all people make their lives much more attractive. Do not be afraid to take relationships to a new level. Astrologers and the lunar calendar advise you to spend as much time as possible this Thursday with a person who is dear to you.

Friday, October 7th is a business day

Sagittarius only on the third day of his participation in our life becomes a little weaker, but the day will still be very positive. The growing moon is still in harmony with the stars, so that on October 7, you can consolidate the success achieved during the week.

Finance and career: Today you should not refuse any help from colleagues and business partners. Do not impose — people themselves will offer you what you need if you have been kind and honest with them in the past. Friday October 7th is not the best day to think about the cherished Saturday.

Do not relax.

Love and relationship: in love you are also waiting for a favorable time on Friday, for Sagittarius and the growing Moon will help you get closer to those you like. Spend more time with your loved one. After work, continue to be active and go on a date or just take a walk together.

Saturday, October 8 — day trips

The positive white line is over, but this does not mean that at the weekend everything will be very bad. The growing moon is now at one with Capricorn, who is very careful about everything. Communicating with other people may be difficult, but the day will be very successful for those who prefer not to sit in one place.

Finance and career: Astrologers and the lunar calendar promise a favorable time for travel, business trips and business trips. Do not refuse such an opportunity to change the situation. If you are relaxing today, then do household chores that constantly remind you of yourself.

Interviews and important talks today are best canceled.

Love and relationship: Take a break from each other with your lover or lover. Do not impose or judge each other’s actions in order to be in maximum harmony. All disputes and misunderstandings should be avoided and prevented at the stage of appearance.

Otherwise, you will have every chance to seriously quarrel.

Resurrection, October 9 — a critical and conflict day

Capricorn and the growing moon on this day will be independent of each other, so the day will seem very polar. Light setbacks can become a snowball and lead to a fiasco in the financial or love sphere of life. If you set yourself a lot of different tasks on the 9th lunar day, then there is the likelihood of complete failure in all directions.

Do one thing, but selflessly.

Finance and career: It’s better to be as flexible as possible with people in the family circle. Absolutely any disagreement can turn into a military conflict, so avoid those who like to provoke you to the negative. Learn to disregard failures for a time, because this day can disappoint you very much in monetary and career matters.

Love and relationship: it’s good that most people today don’t have a working day. On the other hand, in love and at home there can be no less problems. Take care of household chores, but do not agitate any of your loved ones to help you. Give them and yourself freedom.

So it will be better — they say astrologers and the lunar calendar.

Weeks like this are a rarity. The first five days, the Moon and the stars like clockwork give positive and vitality, and then sharply fade away. There are many positive moments in this, since the work week will pass very quickly and without delay, but on weekends you can be alone with yourself, try out the meditations and just relax. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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