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Lunar calendar for the week from 3 to 9 August

Lunar calendar for the week from 3 to 9 August

What needs to be done to make this week a success? What matters should be planned, and which should be abandoned? The daily lunar calendar for a week will help you deal with these questions.

The lunar calendar says that this week promises to be rather calm and neutral. However, some events can still disrupt the normal course of life. Bursts of energy will not be frequent, but significantly affect life.

Monday, August 3 — a problematic day

19 lunar day, waning moon in Pisces.

Career: no major changes are foreseen, but the day promises to be not the easiest. You may have to redo the work begun before this or correct errors.

Personal life: in the sphere of relations, an unpleasant «suspended» situation may arise. But no matter how you would like to understand it, it is better to postpone a serious heart-to-heart talk to a more suitable time.

Health: try to be careful: the ability to concentrate on this day is not high.

Money: avoid cash transactions and, if possible, do it at another time.

Tuesday, August 4th is an impulsive day.

20 lunar day, the waning moon in Aries.

Career: sometimes impulsive Aries on this day can provoke conflicts. They should be avoided whenever possible, since it is still not possible to reach a common opinion.

Personal life: possible small quarrels over trifles. Try not to focus on the shortcomings — today they are just more visible.

Health: auspicious day for tempering, firming procedures and appearance care.

Money: be careful in financial matters and try to carefully analyze each situation.

Wednesday, August 5th is a day of intense mental work.

21 lunar days, the waning moon in Aries.

Career: Aries still has an influence on decision-making, therefore business negotiations should be more careful, carefully considering everything. Do not let emotions take over, today reason is your forte.

Personal life: there is a lull on the love front. If you are in a quarrel — it’s time to conclude a truce and «lay down their arms.» This environment is good for strengthening connections between people.

Health: The middle of the work week can cause migraines. Foot walk and fresh air will have a favorable effect on health.

Money: You can make a profit, if properly dispose of financial means.

Thursday 6th August is an auspicious day.

22 lunar day, the waning moon in Taurus.

Career: Taurus protects persistent and persistent people. Working hard on Thursday, you can significantly improve the situation in this area of ​​life.

Personal life: Thursday is favorable for further rapprochement with a close person. Preference is given to leisurely joint walks. Devote free time to each other and take your time.

Health: a small outflow of vital energy should be replenished with a calm rest.

Money: Any issues related to finances are solved quickly and easily today.

Friday, August 7th is an eventful day.

23 lunar day, decreasing moon in Taurus.

Career: On the last day of the week you will have to deal with all the matters that have accumulated since Monday. Large projects and undertakings may come to a close by Friday.

Personal life: the right time to look around for those who are looking for a partner.

Health: overwork is likely, especially towards the end of the working day.

Money: Financial well-being today is not at serious risk. There is a possibility that it will become an occasion for rumors.

Saturday, August 8th is the day of energetic affairs.

24 lunar day, the waning moon in Gemini.

Career: A good time to think about future plans.

Personal life: in love affairs there is a lull again. Possible negative, which can accumulate by the end of the day, it is better to neutralize a pleasant joint pastime.

Health: light headaches are still possible. Take time to rest, preferably active.

Money: Avoid spending too much, and then your wealth will only increase.

Sunday, August 9 — calm day

25 lunar day, the waning moon in Gemini.

Career: do not pay much attention to this issue. But still, the projects conceived on this day are likely to be successful. The main thing is not to think about work from morning to evening.

Personal life: Sunday is worth spending with those people, which pulls you soul.

Health: A great time to gain strength before the new work week. Healthy, sound and timely sleep is good.

Money: any financial transactions will have a beneficial effect in the future.

The lunar calendar predicts that the likelihood of unexpected events will gradually decrease from Monday to Sunday. In general, the week promises to be calm and suitable for improving the situation in any area of ​​life. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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