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Lunar calendar for May

Lunar calendar for May of the year

The lunar calendar is a forecast for the next month. Listening to his advice, you can profitably plan your business and not waste time.

1st of May: the month will begin with the increased influence of the constellation of Aquarius, the phase of the moon — decreasing. It is favorable at this time to develop and introduce new technologies that successfully pass scientific conferences. Also do not forget that May 1 is Easter.

Some cases are strictly prohibited on this day, so do not be misled.

May 2 and 3: constellation Pisces is not the best way to help concentrate on work, but contributes to the subtle perception of art. Work requiring specificity should be postponed, while legal issues will be resolved without complications.

May 4 and 5: impulsiveness will increase, which can provoke quarrels. Since the moon goes into the constellation of Aries, do not get hung up on the little things. Efforts to this lunar is better to attach to the decision of pre-planned cases.

May 6 and 7: These days are excellent for entering into all sorts of monetary transactions, since they are favored by the influence of the constellation Taurus. You can do repairs in the house and property issues in general. On the New Moon on May 6 it is very good to give up bad habits.

May 8 and 9: Gemini will exert its influence. Mental activity will increase, it will be easy enough to perceive and process information. Therefore, these days it is not bad to get new knowledge and skills.

The growth phase of the moon begins, energy gradually accumulates.

May 10 and 11: The moon will go to the constellation of Cancer. Astrologers advise on this day to solve legal issues and try to be as tactful as possible. Sensitivity and susceptibility on this day increased.

Therefore, a personal love test will serve you well: after passing it, you can get an individual relationship horoscope and achieve great victories in the field of love.

May 12 and 13: these days are great mass events and increases the propensity for adventure. Leo increases people’s susceptibility to flattery and can have a bad effect on the design of transactions involving a large amount of money.

May 14, 15 and 16: The moon will go to the constellation Virgo. All the hard work is easiest to perform just during its influence. Any self-improvement will have an obvious positive effect; therefore, it is not bad to start refresher courses on these days.

May 17 and 18: the time when the moon is under the influence of Libra, especially effectively spend on proper rest. It is better not to start new affairs, but to make acquaintances and negotiate with business partners is quite favorable.

19.20 and May 21: the constellation of Scorpio will clearly affect the concentration. Important decisions under his influence are easy to make, as well as distinguishing the important from the alluvial. Astrologers advise to show maximum activity, in what talismans will help you.

For example, take a look at the tiger stone: this talisman of the planet Mars evokes strength and energy.

May 22 and 23: Sagittarius adversely affects the solution of land problems, but its active energy helps in legal and legal matters. Since the Full Moon begins on May 22, it is worth being a little more restrained in emotions and look after your health.

24.25 and 26 May: in your favor will decide the case with real estate, travel will be without complications. Capricorn may affect the delay in salary, but in the exercise of restraint and prudence these days will be successful.

May 27 and 28: productive time for creativity and the search for new ideas or solutions, as the energetics of Aquarius will increase. There will be successes in political activity and social sphere.

May 29 and 30: The moon will go to Pisces, so astrologers advise to give up cases that require specifics. Without delay will be the investment of money.

May 31: not bad will trade and business trips. Aries may show chronic diseases on this day, but it has a positive effect on such qualities as confidence and willpower.

What matters will bring success, and which will go to nothing, you can always find out in advance by reading the lunar calendar. Be successful and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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