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Lunar calendar for March

Lunar calendar for March of the year

The lunar calendar will help you properly and effectively plan your business for the month ahead. In turn, this will allow you to rationally distribute time and effort.

Analyzing the energetics of the phases of the moon, astrologers determine when the probability of success in one area or another is maximum for you. The lunar calendar will help you reach your potential and understand what to do in difficult situations.

March 1: on the very first day of spring, Aries will rule the ball. On the growing moon, this Zodiac is gaining its strength, showing the whole world what real dynamics are. Be careful in all areas of life — do not let the emotions go and do nothing that you might regret in the future.

March 2, 3, 4: Taurus, which will replace Aries, will make this world a little bit more beautiful. These three days will be extremely favorable, especially for those who want to spend some money on themselves loved ones. Invest finances in your appearance, change yourself.

The energy of the moon will be strong and stable, so do not be afraid to act.

March 5, 6: On Sunday, March 5, the Twins will abruptly gain strength, but then they will fade. The ninth lunar day is best spent in spiritual affairs. Build relationships with those who deserve it, and do not be afraid to tell the truth to a loved one.

On Monday, be on your guard, as the mood may drop sharply, which will have a negative impact on luck.

March 7, 8: The moon continues to grow, so until it is time to relax. The constellation of Cancer, which influences the moon on these two days, will show you the right path in love. These will be two great days for those in search of the second half.

Spend your evenings with friends and attend interesting events more often.

March 9, 10: The moon in Leo will try to put sticks in your wheels. New beginnings are better to postpone until a more favorable time. Be careful in making important decisions.

Remember the power of positive thinking.

March 11, 12: the growing Moon usually does not fit well with the Virgin, but not the 11th. This day is perfect for financial transactions and training. March 12 is the Full Moon.

This day is extremely negative and dangerous, but the Virgin will slightly change it for the better. Think of the good more often.

March 13, 14 and 15: Libra picks up the baton immediately after the Virgin. The first day after the Full Moon will not be entirely favorable, but the second will be able to give you a good mood and a desire to move forward. March 15 will be the peak of the positive interaction of the waning Moon and Libra.

Devote this day to internal problems.

March 16, 17: These two days will be remarkably stable thanks to Scorpio, who will try to help you correct the mistakes of the past. The waning moon is a good time for such a union.

March 18, 19 and 20: most often Sagittarius does not get along well with the waning Moon. However, these three days are completely safe. In terms of energy, they will be very powerful, but not always stable.

It is necessary to devote this period to work, business, career and study.

March 21, 22: the energy of the earth element and the waning moon will combine their efforts in order to make these two days favorable in all spheres of life. Especially good influence on your mood will be matters related to spiritual quest. You may be able to solve some big problem.

March 23, 24, 25: Aquarius will help find inspiration for those engaged in creative activities. All of his energy will be focused on that. In difficult situations, allow yourself to think outside the box to get out of the water.

March 24th will be a difficult day, so limit spending and rest properly if you get the chance.

March 26, 27: the waning moon in Pisces will make 28 and 29 lunar days ambiguous. For spiritual searches, they will work well, but for other things they can be unfavorable. Proceed from how your mood will be.

Your desires are paramount.

March 28, 29: The 28th will be New Moon — the energy minimum of the whole month. Aries will fill the shortcomings of energy where it will be necessary, so do not be afraid to finish and start what you see fit. March 29 is better to suspend the stormy activities in the love and financial spheres.

March 30, 31: The last two days of the first month of spring will be held under the auspices of Taurus and the rising moon. It is during these two days that you can feel the full power of spring and its positive waves. This is a great time for internal changes, introspection, new acquaintances.

This month as a whole will be very favorable, but not only due to the fact that spring will replace the winter, forcing us to enjoy life. The moon will be by your side. Use a large number of positive days correctly. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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