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Lunar calendar for July

Lunar calendar for July of the year

Midsummer, the most wedding month: how cloudless will July be in business and relationships? The answer to this can be found in the lunar calendar, which will reveal to you the secrets of the future.

July 1: 26 lunar days will begin, which will be held under the influence of the Taurus Sign. This is one of the most favorable days financially and financially stable. Astrologers recommend not just wasting energy and energy, since the Moon is in the last phase of decline.

To know exactly what matters best to plan for July, find out the predictions for your Zodiac for this month.

July 2 and 3: going to the constellation of Gemini, the Moon will begin the 27th lunar day. Mental activity is very useful, especially since you will be in great shape for this. Communication in any form will be successful.

The greatest success in the workflow is waiting for people working with computers and information.

July 4 and 5: New Moon July 4 will be influenced by the constellation of Cancer. Astrologers recommend new things in this very short, but very energetically strong period. They will definitely get a positive impulse.

By itself, the influence of Cancer has a positive effect on family relationships.

July 6 and 7: the influence of the Fiery Sign Leo will cause a sense of struggle, due to which, on July 6, on the 3rd lunar day, conflicts may intensify. On the other hand, mass events, for example, sports, or parties in a large circle of friends are fun.

July 8 and 9: Virgo constellation favors hard work, so 5 and 6 lunar days are well suited for fruitful work. During this period, it is possible and desirable to engage in learning and learning new things. Any banking and real estate business will go well.

July 10, 11 and 12: The moon will be influenced by the sign of Libra. You will be able to ponder any important question for you as completely unbiased and rational as it will be easier to see all the pros and cons. These days can pass in a somewhat relaxed state, and it will be difficult to make decisions.

July 13, 14 and 15: from 9 to 11 lunar day the moon will be under the strongest influence of the constellation Scorpio. A high concentration on the assigned tasks will allow you to confidently complete the work begun and be active. Thanks to the strength of this Sign, the necessary and alluvial become apparent.

July 16 and 17: These days may not be the best way to start a relationship. However, the position of the moon in the constellation of Sagittarius has a positive effect on the resolution of legal issues.

July 18 and 19: Astrologers agree that the constellation of Capricorn can cause some material difficulties. However, these days you can give a sure start to long and responsible projects. The period is also positive for strengthening kinship.

More detailed love predictions you will find in the love horoscope.

July 20 and 21: On July 20, on the 16th lunar day, the Moon will enter the Full Moon phase, which will coincide with the transition of the Earth satellite to the constellation of Aquarius. Since this is the strongest day in its energy sector, much can get out of control. In general, the constellation Aquarius is very favorable for the promotion of new ideas and work with like-minded people.

July 22, 23 and 24: in this short period, some illusiveness will appear in the perception of the world, which is promoted by the activity of the Pisces constellation. Do not focus on relationship-related issues: most likely you are exaggerating.

July 25 and 26: The influence of the Aries constellation is most often characterized by increased impulsiveness, due to which decisions can be made without thought. But this energy is very useful if you promote already planned projects.

July 27 and 28: The moon will turn into the constellation Taurus. It is advisable not to relax, because assertiveness and steady progress will have a very positive effect. Addiction to some laziness can now hurt.

July 29 and 30: under the influence of the Sign Gemini is very good not only to develop their intellectual abilities, but also to engage in financial affairs. You will be very lucky at this time.

July 31: The constellation of Cancer markedly increases a person’s emotionality and sensitivity. The more tact you take, the more likely you are to avoid conflicts. On this day, any work will be easy.

To learn more about how to make today better, you can use the tips of the solar calendar. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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