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Lunar calendar for December

Lunar calendar for December of the year

Here comes the last month of the year. How to spend it for the benefit of yourself and your health, to have time to complete all the work and prepare for the New Year, will tell the lunar calendar for December of the year.

This month begins with the rising moon and ends with the same moon phase. This is a very good sign, since from the very beginning of December you will have a lot of energy for work, and in the end — for preparations for the holiday. Which days are favorable for the lunar calendar for December of the year, and which failures can bring?

Lunar day calendar for December of the year

December 1 — 2 (the growing Moon in Aries). The time is great for any beginnings. Very favorable days on the lunar calendar for fruitful work, household chores, travel, shopping, and making serious decisions.

December 3 — 4 (the growing Moon in Taurus). Good time to do the work of high priority. At this time, it is profitable to buy something.

December 5 (growing moon in Gemini). Good day to complete old affairs. You can all have time. Favorable negotiations and meetings.

Do not trust in this time unchecked people and tell everyone about their personal affairs. The day will be very busy, try not to overwork.

December 6 (full moon in Gemini). Unstable day. Try not to spend a lot of energy on this day that you are not interested and does not bring joy.

Devote yourself to what you think is very important at the moment. Keep emotions under control and be careful with household appliances, as well as on the roads.

December 7 — 9 (decreasing Moon in Cancer). Do not rush things these days. Take care of your loved ones.

They probably need your support at this point. Good time for a relaxing pastime and creativity.

December 10 — 11 (decreasing moon in Leo). According to the lunar calendar for December, this time is perfect for walking, entertainment, fun, receiving guests and meetings. You will feel more confident, which can have a positive impact on all things.

Use this state to your advantage.

December 12 — 14 (decreasing moon in Virgo). In these it is recommended to get rid of their main affairs. Health prevention will benefit. It is time to take care of yourself beloved.

Let yourself get plenty, but don’t abuse it. Have

December 15 — 16 (decreasing Moon in Libra). You should not make any important decisions, since you will constantly fluctuate in the correctness of your choice. Good luck turn all trials, as well as business negotiations.

In love affairs, try to express your thoughts more clearly, otherwise you may be misunderstood.

December 17 — 19 (decreasing moon in Scorpio). At this time, intuition works well, so it makes sense to listen to your inner voice. You should not judge strictly surrounding people, try to be tolerant of what is happening around.

December 20 — 21 (decreasing moon in Sagittarius). Favorable time to the lunar calendar in December in order to take a decisive step forward in their affairs and undertakings. Good time to achieve your goals.

December 22 (new moon in Capricorn). Special time. Try to articulate your thoughts and desires, and then they will soon materialize.

The time is best to devote in solitude or with loved ones in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

December 23 (growing moon in Capricorn). A time when all your dreams and goals start to grow into reality. Take your time on this day with conclusions.

On this day, it is better to think a hundred times before making a decision. Good time for shopping.

December 24 — 25 (the growing Moon in Aquarius). The pioneer creative personality can wake up in you. Inspiration, which will visit you on this day, can be useful in your favorite business, and, conversely, can lead you astray.

Write down all your ideas and thoughts that came on this day.

December 26 — 27 (growing moon in Pisces). According to the lunar calendar for December, the activity of creative energy will increase rapidly. Take care of what is currently the soul. Benefit will change the situation and travel.

Do not make large purchases.

December 28 — 29 (the growing Moon in Aries). Energy becomes every day more. This is a good opportunity to do everything.

Any business will be successful, turned into the good of themselves and others. Do not forget about rest, otherwise you will quickly spend all your energy.

December 30 — 31 (growing Moon in Taurus). Good day for household chores. The moon in Taurus according to the lunar calendar for December will favor all material things.

On this day, try not to spend a lot, otherwise next year you will have to wait for some expenses.

The lunar calendar of favorable days for December of the year promises an excellent month for affairs in all spheres of life. This is a great opportunity to have time to do everything you need before the New Year. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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