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Lunar calendar florist for July

Lunar calendar grower for July

Energy stars and the moon affects all living things, including plants. Use the recommendations of the lunar calendar to grow flowers to delight you and bloom liberally in the middle of summer.

Plants planted with love can not only please the eye, but also attract well-being to the owners. Experts on the site dailyhoro.ru recommend choosing flowers wisely in the house and on flowerbeds so that luck always stays with you. Plants will attract love and prosperity, as well as save you from negative energy.

Favorable and unfavorable days for floriculture

July, 12: the constellation of Aquarius, where the waning moon passes, does not have a strong effect on plants. Astrologers recommend to postpone the transplant and limit loosening the soil. These days, the life force is concentrated in the roots, and they need access to oxygen and timely watering.

July 3, 4: The night light moves to the Sign of Pisces, one of the most positive constellations. During this period, you can safely engage in indoor and garden flowers, replant them, sow new plants. 4 numbers should take care of collecting seeds from early plants.

Harvested «harvest» will have excellent qualities of germination.

July 5, 6 and 7: a three-day period the moon will spend in the constellation Aries, one of the most unfavorable Signs for plants. Its energy does not allow new roots to take root, so the desire to plant the plants should be postponed. These days can be devoted to the care of existing plants: weed beds from weeds, process house flowers from possible insects and provide them with sufficient watering.

July 8, 9: The fertile constellation of Taurus these days allows you to do any work with plants. You can soak the seeds and plant varietal flowers that will have excellent health and beautiful buds. As for domestic plants, astrologers recommend not only taking care of them, but also looking for new pets in their winter garden.

July 10, 11: The constellation of Gemini these days will not have a positive effect on plants. The newly planted flowers will develop an excellent root system, but the shoots will be low, and the flowers are homely. Under the influence of the constellation, it is best to collect the bulbs and seeds, prepare the ground for new plantings and fight pests.

July 12, 13: Plants under the influence of New Moon on the 13th will need rest. On this day, refrain from active work, in order not to harm the delicate shoots and buds. On the 12th, the constellation of Cancer will have a positive effect on flowers, so you can safely do any work on flowerbeds or with house plants.

July 14, 15: The moon begins to grow, moving into the infertile constellation Leo. These days, it is worthwhile to start collecting the “harvest”: digging out the bulbs and collecting the seeds. Astrologers recommend decorating the house with a fresh bouquet of summer flowers that will attract happiness and well-being to you.

July 16, 17: under the influence of Virgo, it is good to sow annual flowers, as well as to take care of house plants. Pay special attention to the winding shoots that require support. Air baths in good weather will strengthen the health of the most capricious plants, and in gratitude for proper care, you will receive excellent full-blown buds.

July 18, 19: under the influence of the constellation of Libra, you can grow beautiful plants with strong stems and large inflorescences. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase new flowers in your garden so that they will delight you with their beauty and help you bring good luck to life.

July 20, 21 and 22: The positive influence of the constellation of Scorpio these days gives flower growers the opportunity to actively care for their plantings. Avoid only transplanting young shoots, the root system of which is not sufficiently formed. Otherwise, any care and work will be appropriate and will only benefit.

July 23, 24: infertile Sagittarius will help the plants to gain strength for active growth, but the flowers will be small, and the seeds of poor quality. These days, it is better to loosen the soil and weed to help the roots «breathe.»

July 25, 26 and 27: The moon continues to grow, moving to the Capricorn Sign. These days it is recommended to plant new plants that will have excellent health. Despite the slow development, the flowers will delight you with strong stems and large buds.

In the Full Moon on July 27, collect ripe seeds, which in the new season will delight you with a friendly shoot and long flowering.

July 28, 29: infertile constellation of Aquarius makes it impossible to engage in planting. At this time, plants need to rest, so do not disturb the flowers. Take care of the preparation of new soil, look at the new varieties of flowers and get cute pots for new pets.

July 30, 31: The last days of July the Moon will spend in Pisces. Productive Sign allows you to plant flowers, weed and loosen the soil, as well as transplant plants to new places. Exclude only the acquisition of non-rooted shoots, which will be difficult to settle on a new place.

Florists can be called one of the happiest people. With their own hands they can grow happiness under their windows, and also create a year-round flowering garden at home. Choose those plants that not only bloom beautifully, but are also able to refresh the energy of your home.

Plants that attract happiness, will not let you be bored and will raise your spirits daily. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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