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Lunar calendar and health: how to maintain immunity

Lunar calendar and health: how to maintain immunity

The influence of the moon on the human body has long been proven by scientists. Depending on the phase of the moon, we may feel a surge of strength or, conversely, fatigue and irritation. The moon affects our emotional state, health and performance.

With the help of the lunar health calendar, you can adjust to the lunar cycles and thus prevent the negative impact of this planet.

In the new moon, the human body is most vulnerable to external factors. During this period, you need to spend more time on your health and emotional state. As a rule, the male body is more susceptible to the influence of the rising moon. At this time, men are characterized by frequent bursts of anger, aggression and irritability.

In the phase of the new moon should be avoided as much as possible physical exertion and stressful situations. It is worth paying attention to your diet. Avoid fatty foods, meat, salty and sweet. In the period of the new moon is best to stick to vegetarian food.

In addition, the new moon is an excellent reason to quit bad habits. Astrologers claim that at this time a person is most likely to start a new life.

The growing moon period is the time for new ideas and beginnings. As a rule, a person feels a surge of strength and energy. At this time, the metabolism accelerates in the human body, and the muscles and immune system are strengthened.

Most people experience an incredible increase in strength, which should be sent in the right direction. At this time, increases efficiency and thought process. Since all processes in the body will occur quickly, it is necessary to use this factor for their own purposes.

This time of the lunar calendar is perfect for any type of treatment and medical procedures. In addition, you can intensively do the transformation of your body: make masks for hair, nourish the skin, take vitamins, fight with excess weight and so on. Fast metabolism during this period can lead to overeating, so you should pay special attention to nutrition.

Do not overload yourself with food. In the diet must be foods rich in proteins, vitamins B and C.

Full moon is a time of emotional outburst and possible deterioration in health. All feelings these days are exacerbated, which often leads to conflict situations and quarrels. It is necessary to avoid any stressful situations and try to resolve any conflict peacefully.

During the full moon is not recommended to go to the operation, as well as the need to take care of their health. During this period, it is worthwhile to give up heavy physical exertion and try to avoid emotional shocks. From the diet is better to eliminate meat and all fatty foods.

Try to consume more water and plant foods these days. Full moon alcohol is generally contraindicated. The effect of alcoholic beverages increases significantly, which leads to rapid intoxication.

The period of the waning moon is characterized by a slowdown in all processes in the body. In this regard, it is not recommended to abuse food. This time is favorable in order to update your body and get rid of everything that interferes with normal existence. Diet, vitamin intake and treatment of diseases will be beneficial.

The moon will contribute to the rapid recovery of the body, the removal of toxins and strengthen the immune system. In the diet should include more grains, fruits and liquids.

Knowing the auspicious days of the lunar calendar and the characteristics of the effects of the lunar phases, you can not contribute to strengthening your immunity and avoid diseases.

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