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Lunar April Calendar

Lunar money calendar for April

Any cases related to finance, it is better to plan in advance. To increase your capital in April, listen to the recommendations of the money calendar. Thanks to him, you will be able to correctly plan your budget and avoid unnecessary expenses.

The financial side of life worries everyone. People at all times wondered how to bring money abundance into their lives and avoid poverty. Astrologers recommend to help lunar energetics.

With its help, you will be able to competently manage funds and invest money in profitable projects.

April 1: The first day of the month the moon will spend in the constellation Libra. This time is intended for savings, so it is worthwhile to find profitable banking offers in order to open an account for a deposit. As for spending, it is important to clearly understand whether the purchase you want to make is so necessary.

April 2-3: stable days, filled with positive energy of the Moon in Scorpio, will be successful both for large expenses and for investments in business. At this time, courageous decisions made by you may soon turn into profit. Do not waste time, otherwise monetary luck will pass you by.

April 4-6: these days the moon is in the constellation Sagittarius. Financial activity these days is best to direct the purchase of tours. Plan your vacation with trusted companies, and then you will not regret the large sums spent on the purchase of tickets.

Astrologers do not recommend lending money to the waning moon: their return will have to wait a long time.

April 7-8: financial transactions will not bring you much income. The moon is in Capricorn, and on these days payment delays are possible. Be careful and do not borrow money to eliminate monetary bondage for a long time.

April 9-11: The moon enters the constellation of Aquarius, and this time will be good for investment in education. New knowledge will help you apply for a position with good pay. As for spending, you can devote three days to thinking about the issue of large acquisitions.

April 12-13: during the stay of the Moon in Pisces, it is best to invest money in profitable projects or in a bank account. Constellation affects emotions, and under the influence of mental impulses you can spend too much. This means that you should wait a while with spending and not carry large sums of money with you.

April 14-15: the transition of the moon to the constellation of Aries will not be the best time to resolve money issues. During this period, fraudsters can literally haunt you, so be vigilant. Do not be fooled to exclude loss of savings.

April 16-18: in the New Moon, monetary expenditure is better to exclude. Instead, conduct an effective rite that will help you attract financial success. During the growth of the moon in Taurus spending and shopping can be made without fear.

In the period from April 17 to 18, you can take up spending to repair your home.

April 19-20: during the stay of the Moon in Gemini, astrologers recommend doing augmenting their capital. You can make bets, buy lottery tickets or try your hand at exchange games. Operations with values ​​will also be successful.

April 21-22: two days the moon will spend in the constellation of Cancer. At this time, astrologers recommend to postpone credit or loans. You can do the shopping necessary things for the house, as well as invest their savings in profitable business.

However, watch your mood, so that in the heat of emotions not to spend too much.

April 23-24: the risk during the stay of the night luminary in the sign of Leo would be inappropriate. Many will want to relax and spend money on entertainment. Do not take large amounts with you to eliminate inappropriate spending.

These days will be good for shopping trips, but keep a shopping list.

April 25-26: thanks to the positive influence of the Moon in Virgo these days, you can safely deal with any financial issues and operations. Also in the two-day period, it is worth thinking about savings and creating a “safety cushion” for yourself by opening a new bank deposit.

April 27-28: The moon in Libra these days can negatively affect your confidence. People in such periods for a long time hesitate with final decisions, so financial transactions are better to be postponed. Your uncertainty and doubts can play a cruel joke, and you will send savings in the wrong direction.

April 29-30: The moon is in Scorpio, which means that financial transactions can be set in motion. On April 30, during the Full Moon, cash transactions will be inappropriate. The strong energy of the night luminary can provoke ill-considered actions, and spending can hurt your wallet.

Monetary relations always require attention and responsibility. To make all financial transactions for you without a loss, learn how to manage your energy. Expand the money chakras that will help you achieve prosperity and well-being. We wish you success and prosperity, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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