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February money lunar calendar

Money Moon Calendar for February

The recommendations of the lunar money calendar will help you plan spending for the last winter month, avoid adventures and inappropriate expenses and save your savings.

Lunar energy can enhance your luck, and can take away the strength, moving from one constellation to another. Use the recommendations of astrologers in order to be active in a business environment in a timely manner, not to lose your luck, or to abandon spending in favor of savings. Remember that monetary energy requires responsibility and does not tolerate careless treatment of finances.

1st of February: the waning moon in the constellation Leo will affect the mood. Impulsiveness and desire to spend money thoughtlessly can lead to significant losses. Astrologers recommend eliminating reckless spending, as well as not to invest in questionable projects.

Financial matters should not be planned for the first number because of the likelihood of miscalculations, as well as fraud by dishonest companions or fraudsters.

February 2-3: These days will pass under the positive influence of the Sign of the Virgin. Any business related to finance, will be successful if you are careful. Astrologers note that 2 and 3 numbers are suitable for trading activities, making purchases for the further sale of goods, purchase and sale of property.

Also, under the influence of the Moon, it is possible to improve skills and search for a new, better paid position.

February 4-5: The moon enters the constellation Libra. These days will be quite dangerous, as the likelihood of conflicts and misunderstandings between people increases. In this regard, cash transactions should be postponed.

Under the influence of this constellation business cooperation will not bring the desired results, and large purchases may be inappropriate. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru do not recommend these days to engage in buying or selling real estate to avoid deceptions.

February 6-8: a three-day period marked by the transition of the moon to the constellation of Scorpio, will be successful for deliberate financial transactions. These days you can do business planning, make estimates and calculate the first profit in your own business. You can spend your savings on the purchase of commercial equipment, as well as invest them in a profitable business.

February 9-10: favorable energy days, which the night star will spend in the constellation of Sagittarius, are more suitable for rest than for financial activities. At this time, the organization of leisure activities will be successful. Constellation affects mental activity and often leads away thoughts from work, so serious transactions and cash transactions should be postponed.

February 11-13: under the influence of Capricorn, there may be difficulties with money. Delays in payments may deprive you of financial stability, so try to eliminate spending. During this period, you can look for additional sources of profit, start developing new plans, and also improve your skills to qualify for a more paid position.

Astrologers recommend to exclude the transfer of their money in debt these days.

February 14-15: in the period before the New Moon, the night light moves to the constellation of Aquarius. The vital tone is declining, and therefore the mood changes. This state of affairs precludes serious financial spending.

Savings and rejection of spontaneous purchases will help eliminate financial outflows. Real estate transactions are possible only on the condition of your activity and vigor.

February 16-18: On the 16th the New Moon will take place in Pisces. On this day, any actions with money can be unprofitable. But in the following days, the growth of the moon will favorably affect the contributions. During this period, you can do the planning and making a shopping list.

Adventure cases and spontaneous purchases should be excluded. You can not calculate your solvency and spend more than you need.

February 19-20: impulsiveness these days will be due to the influence of Aries. Astrologers recommend to give up cases that will require increased attention. From 19 to 20 the number of trading operations will not bring profit, and any new initiatives may face unforeseen difficulties.

These days should be used to combat the negative manifestations of nature and try to spend some time alone. So you can avoid conflicts.

February 21-22: under the influence of Taurus financial activities will bring positive results. Any work aimed at achieving financial independence will be successful. Teamwork will bring success.

Timely scheduled purchases will be appropriate. These days it is possible to purchase antiques, as well as jewelry made of precious metals.

February 23-24: The moon continues to grow and moves to the constellation of Gemini. This time will be successful for the planned cash transactions, all kinds of transactions. Increasing vitality activates mental activity, which means that these days can be the beginning of your own business for you.

Despite some friction in the team, working together can also lead to additional profits in the form of bonuses or promotions.

February 25-26: The moon moves to the constellation of Cancer. These days will be unsuccessful for cash transactions. Astrologers point out that the funds that you lend can not be returned for a long time. Caution does not interfere in stores.

The likelihood of deduction and deception increases, so everyone should carefully monitor their finances and eliminate thoughtless spending.

February 27-28: The last days of the month the moon will spend in Leo. These days will be filled with positive energy, which can be directed to the search for additional sources of profit. If you eliminate rashly risky operations, gambling and gambling with high stakes, you can not only save but also increase your savings.

Not only careful and attentive attitude, but also proven conspiracies will help you to save money. Use them to ensure that monetary luck is always there. Do not lose sight of your own education, which will help you qualify for higher wages. We wish you good luck and prosperity, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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