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February lunar sowing calendar

Lunar Sowing Calendar for February

In February, you can safely engage in planting seedlings, which later will give you a wonderful harvest. Use astrologers’ recommendations to keep your plants strong and strong.

For gardeners and plant growers, February is the best time to prepare seedlings, purchase new seeds, and grow home flowers. They will not only please the eye, but also attract well-being to the house. Use the phases of the moon so that your labors are not in vain.

Favorable and unfavorable days for planting

1st of February: the month will begin with the negative influence of the moon, which is in a decreasing phase. It moves to the sign of Leo, which will not give the plants a positive impulse for development. Astrologers recommend eliminating any manipulations in order not to damage the delicate shoots.

February 2-3: The moon in Virgo will not give you the opportunity to actively engage in planting seedlings, but timely watering will help the plants to maintain their strength and continue to grow. During this period, do not loosen the soil, otherwise you will damage the fragile root system.

February 4-5: The union of the Moon and Libra is not intended for transplanting plants. Use this time to prepare seeds and earth mixtures. Feed the existing plants and create comfortable conditions for their development using fluorescent lamps.

February 6-8: under the influence of the constellation Scorpio, you can safely do any work. Planting, replanting, sowing and soaking the seeds these days can be done without fear. It is especially important to plant vegetables on these days, which will have excellent health and resistance to diseases.

February 9-10: The moon in Sagittarius will endow space with inconsistent energy. Be patient and limit yourself to watering the plants that need it. Under the influence of this constellation you can plant annual flowers.

February 11-13: mineral and other fertilizers these days will benefit your plants. Capricorn in conjunction with the Moon will ensure the active growth of the underground parts of plants, therefore provide them with all the conditions for proper development.

February 14-15: The moon in Aquarius will not give the plants a lot of energy. You will be able to fill it if you provide your landings with a long light day. With a lack of sunlight, adopt a special lamp.

February 16-18: New Moon in the constellation Pisces on the 16th is suitable for planting new plants. On other days you can do any garden work. Watch for watering, so that inadvertently does not make a swamp in your winter garden.

February 19-20: 19 numbers refuse to care for plants. February 20, take care of vegetable seedlings. Pay attention to tomatoes.

Too much overgrown bushes and spray from the parasites.

February 21-22: Moon growth in Taurus will provide your landings with vigorous growth and development. Make supports for climbing flowers and do not forget about previously soaked seeds. These days, planting them will provide fast germination, strong root system and strong shoots.

February 23-24: The moon turns into the Gemini Sign. This time is optimal for the care of decorative flowers, as well as citrus trees. You can take up selection work and plant new varieties for them in order to get an excellent harvest with especially tasty fruits.

February 25-26: these days refrain from new landings. Take care of available plants. Some of them may require additional feeding or watering using a peat substrate.

February 27-28: The moon returns to the constellation Leo, and the last day of February will be successful for the active care of plants. Refrain from planting capricious flowers that can hurt for a long time.

Spend a short winter month for competent care in order to calmly do housework during the spring period. Your plants, planted on auspicious days, will quickly take root and will delight you with a wonderful harvest and flowering. We wish you well-being and success, and do not forget to press buttons and

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