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Yuri: the meaning and origin of the name, character and fate of the boy

Yuri: the meaning and origin of the name, the fate and character of a man

Yuri has a sharp, penetrating mind, his ingenuity can only be envied. This man «behind the word in his pocket does not climb,» he is eloquent and witty.

That is why one of the versions about the origin of the name says that it is derived from the adjective “nimble”, it is also associated with the verb “yurit” — hurry, hurry, be quick, frisky, agile.

The fate of Yuri depends largely on his upbringing, this man is able to achieve significant success if he chooses the right path, but he is also prone to destructive addictions. Often these men are associated with bad companies.

In short form, Yuri is called Yura or Yurik. Less commonly, this name is used in the following versions:

The patronymic Yury is suitable for any, but the most consonant options with the letter «p»:

  • Aleksandrovich.
  • Andreevich.
  • Borisovich
  • Rodionovich
  • Romanovich.
  • Georgievich.

The traditional version of the origin of the name indicates that Yuri is a derivative form of the Greek George. The meaning of the name is “farmer”.

It is also associated with the Latin jura, which translates as «to swear», «to take an oath.» There is a third version, according to which the name Yuri has Slavic roots and means “highly esteemed”, “high”, “important”, that’s why boys from noble families were so called.

For Yuri, the following symbols, days, dates, values ​​and signs are happy and patronizing:

Patron PlanetsJupiter
Patron saintthe fire
Patron saint constellationSagittarius
Patron saintsSt. George the Victorious, Saints Egor and George
Name dayMay 6, as well as small names in the days of the memory of St. Egorov and Georgiev
StonesJade, emerald
FlowerLily of the valley
ColorsGreen blue
Totem animalWhite bull
Lucky number in numerologyeight
Important years of life16th, 24th, 32nd, 40th
Good day of the weekWednesday

Yuri: the meaning and origin of the name, character and fate of the boy

The interpretation of letters reveals the character of a person; by their meaning, one can learn a lot about the carrier of the name.

The interpretation of the letters in the name Yuri:

  1. one. YU — gives people a sense of purpose. This letter marks the desire for justice and truth. She also points to romance and the capacity for self-sacrifice.
  2. 2 R — the letter of responsibility and perseverance. Distinguishes hard and tough people. Such a person is always true to his word, he is straightforward and conclusive, he hates lies and deceit.
  3. 3 AND — Indicates a subtle spirituality, peace-loving, kindness and sensitivity. A person is prone to compassion, he will never refuse to help if someone needs it.
  4. four. Th — this letter marks fussy and cautious people. Its owners are constantly experiencing some fears: they are afraid to be left without money, alone, to forget or lose something.

Numerology also allows you to reveal the secret of the name, because each letter has a digital meaning:


Each digit of the name Yuri points to certain features inherent in a man:

  • 5 (S) — independence;
  • 9 (p) — wisdom;
  • 1 (I) — leadership;
  • 2 (Y) — nepotism.

The single number of the name is calculated in the following way: 5 + 9 + 1 + 2 = 17 ⇒ 1 + 7 = 8.

The value of the eight determines the character of Yuri. In numerology, 8 is the number of strong and brave people.

This guy is all on the shoulder, only he seldom uses his capabilities to the full. Eight makes life cyclical, so a person moves along a closed line.

These people are difficult to develop independently, they need a push to action. It is because of this that the G8 maintain strong friendships with those who are able to inspire them with significant actions and open new horizons to them.

Subject to this figure are calm and balanced, they are difficult to ruffle. In critical situations, these people instantly adapt and act in accordance with the situation.

They are reasonable and responsible, in serious matters you can safely rely on them.

Yuri: the meaning and origin of the name, character and fate of the boy

Characteristics of Yuri depends on the period of birth of a man:

  • Winter Jura are decisive and objective. They do not build illusions, look at life is real and quite cynical.
  • Spring boys have a stubborn temper. Such a Yuri will always defend his position, even if he understands that it is unprofitable for him.
  • Summer Jura is a romantic. He loves to dream and experiment, is light-headed and impulsive.
  • Autumn Yuri is practical and prudent. This guy has an insightful mind and good intuition. It was born in the fall most often achieve great success in life.

Certain features give the Jura influential constellations. Depending on the zodiac sign, this man shows both negative and positive aspects of the personality:

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