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Who marks his birthday in September-month

Who will celebrate the birthday in September

Choosing a baby name is not an easy task. At all times there was the concept of «fashionable» names.

Therefore, it is often possible to meet 6 Glash or Arkhipov in one class. Parents also like to pay attention to the date of birth, and also to the zodiacal constellation under which the child was born.

But just recently, the described problem was absent in principle — the priest was engaged in selecting the name, who found male and female names in September, guided by the church calendar and offered parents acceptable options. We will do the same in this material further.

Name days in September men

The first number is today the day when the baby should be called Nikolaychik, Andreichik or Timofeychik.

The 2nd number — a child born today is recommended to be called Victor, Alexander, Vladimir, Lev, Ivan, Maxim, Samuel, Nikolai, Stepan, Fyodor and Timofey.

Who marks his birthday in September-month

The 3rd number is the day when the boys are called Ignats, Sasha, Cornelians, Pavlush, Thaddey and the Raphael.

The 4th number — the boys born today will suit the names Alesh, Sash, Afanasiev, Gavriilchikov, Vasiliychikov, Ivanchikov, Isaakiev, Hilarionov, Makarchikov, Fedorchikov, Misha and Felix.

5 number — today children are recommended to be called Ivanchik, Efremik, Nikolaychik, Fedorchik and Pavlusha.

6 number — the boys will suit the names Georgiev, Arseniyev, Kuzma, Peter and Maxim.

7 number — the baby will bring good luck the name of Ivanushka, Vladimirchik or Moses.

8 number — those who were born today, patronizes the name of Victor, Adrian, George, Dmitry, Roman and Peter.

The 9th number — today the names of Sasha, Vova, Ivanushka, Dima, Stepa, Misha can be called from suitable variants of names.

10 numbers — for your son suitable name Alyosha, Sasha, Anatoliychika, Arseny, Vasiliychika, Athanasius, Veniaminchika, Grigoriychika, George Dennis, Zahara, Yefim Ivanchik, Illarionchika, Ignatius Joseph, Luchian, Leonty Makarczyk, Nikolaichik, Moiseychika, Pavlushi, Stepanchik, Serezha and Fedorchik.

11 number — give your baby the name of Ivanchik.

The 12th number — for those children who were born today, the names Alekseichikov, Aleksandrikov, Arseniyev, Gavriilchikov, Vasiliychikov, Grigorchikov, Danilchikov, Efremchikov, Ignatiychikov, Ivanchikov, Korniliev, Makarchikov, Leonidov, Maximov, Pavlush, Nikolaichikov, Petrushchik, Stepanchikov, Semenchikov and Fedorchikov.

The 13th — the names of Vladimir, Alexander, Gennady, Miron, Dmitry and Mikhail fit.

14 number — name your son Semyon.

The 15th number — from the suitable ones you can name the names of Antonchik, Anatolychik, Bogdanchik, Vit, Vasiliychikov, Vladimirechikov, Efimchikov, Germanchikov, Ivanchikov, Leonidov, Nikolaychikov, Misha, Pavlushi, Petrushi, Stepanchik, Fedotch, Fedorchik, Philippchik, Yulianchik.

The 16th number — the names of Andryusha, Alyosha, Vasiliychik, Vova, Yefim, Ivanushka, Konstantinchik, Ilya, Misha, Petrusha, Nikolaychik, Romanchik, Filipchik, Seryozha will be the best for the baby.

The 17th day — name your son Vasya, Sasha, Grigoriychik, Ivanchik, Misha, Mitrofanchik, Moiseichik, Nikolaychik, Petrusha, Pavlushy, Fedorchik, Stepanchik, Yulianchik.

18th number — you can accuse your children of Alyoshi, Sasha, Afanasiychik, David, Gleb, Efimchik, Zakharchik, Maxim, Fedorchik.

19th number — the variants of the names of Vsevolod, Andrey, David, Dmitry, Denis, Ivan, Konstantin, Kirill, Makar, Mikhail will become suitable.

20th number — this date is ideal for calling your baby Andrew, Sasha, Vasya, Zhenya, Grigory, Ivanchik, Leo, Makarchik, Misha, Petrusha, Nikolaychik, Stepanchik.

21 numbers — today they celebrate the names of George and Ivana.

The 22nd day is the birthday of Alesh, Sash, Afanasychikov, Grigoriychikov, Vasiliychikov, Dmitrichikov, Joseph, Zakharchikov, Nikit, Seryozh.

The 23rd day — on this date, the boys can be named after Vasily, Andrei, Gabriel, Eugene, Gleb, Ivan, Konstantin, Clement, Nicholas, Peter, Paul, Semyon.

The 24th day — today, the names of Germanans, Viti, Dima, Karpi, Nikolaychiki, Lions, Petrusha, Serezha, Romans are celebrated.

The 25th is the birthday of Afanasiychikov, Alesh, Danilchikov, Nikolaychikov, Ivanchikov, Semenchikov, Yulianchikov, Fedorchikov.

The 26th day — it is recommended to name the male baby born today as Ilya, Alexander, Cornelius, Lukyan, Leonty, Nikolai, Stepan, Peter, Julian.

The 27th is the birthday of Ivanov.

28th number — if you decide on what name to give the boy today, make your children name Gerasimy, Andrei, Grigorii, Vissarion, Dmitry, Ivan, Joseph, Ignatius, Leonid, Makaram, Maxim, Nikita, Petra, Nikolai, Porphyrias, Stepans, Seeds, Fedotov, Jacob.

The 29th is the name day of Viktorov, Alekseev, Grigoriev, Joseph and Sergeev.

The 30th number — you can call the baby Dima, Ivanchik, Zinoviy, Ilyusha, Mironchik or Pavusha.

Who marks his birthday in September-month

Suitable names for girls

Being engaged in the selection of the girl’s name for the little birthday girl of September, you need to deal with some important points. It is important that the name be consonant with the patronymic and the surname of the baby.

In addition, it is necessary to exercise particular caution when naming your child with some rare variant of a name (for example, in honor of a native or some famous person). Even if you want to do so, you must first carefully study the biography of the namesake, because the name will have an impact not only on the character of the child, but will also transfer some episodes from the life of the namesake to the life of the baby.

And these cases will not always be positive.

Further you can familiarize with the list of female birthday women of September according to a church calendar.

1 number — name your daughter Fekloy.

2 number — the name of Martha will be appropriate.

3 number — on this day small Ariadne celebrate their birthday.

8 number — the birthday of this day will be Natalia and Mary.

9 number — thinking about the version of the name today, you must call the daughter Anfisa.

10 number — the birthday of this number is Susanna and Anna.

The 12th number — Elizabeth, Angelina and Eugene can be called from suitable variants of names.

The 14th day — today, small Natalia, Martha and Tatiana mark their birthday.

15th number — you should name your girl, who was born of this number, Seraphima or Xenia.

The 16th is the birthday of Dominic and Vasilisa.

The 17th is the name day of Eugene.

18th number — give your baby the name of Iraida, Elizabeth or Raisa.

The 19th — this day marks the birthday of Fökla.

The 21st is recommended today to name the daughter Maria.

22 number — on this day, the birthday women are Anna.

The 23rd day is the day of the birthday Tatiana.

24 number — according to the church calendar, today you need to name your daughters Iyami or Evdokia.

The 28th is the birthday of Ludmila, Evdokia and Mary.

The 29th number is to name your child by the name of Lyudmila.

30 number — the birthday today will be small Faith, Alexandra, Lyubov, Irina, Sophia and Hope.

Pay your attention to the moment that choosing the name for your baby according to the calendar in any of the months should show maximum responsibility in this matter. After all, the name will affect a person his whole life.

Who marks his birthday in September-month

Interesting moments

Moment 1. In September 2018, the memory of the righteous Joshua is celebrated. Therefore, according to the custom of the Russian Orthodox Church, it is not customary, out of respect for the deceased saint, to call someone in honor of Jesus Christ, but a nomination in honor of Joshua is allowed.

But it’s better not to do it anyway to protect yourself from possible temptations.

Moment 2. By analogy with the previous situation, the church does not advise giving names to children in honor of the Virgin Mary of the Virgin. It is for this reason that this name is missing under September 21, although it was born on that day.

In addition to the birthday you need to pay attention also to the day of the angel in which your baby was born. After all, a particular angelic being will become his protector from above and help to protect from possible troubles and dangers.

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