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Who is the name day in March: a list of female and male names

Name Day in March: a list of male and female names on the church calendar

People celebrating the day of the angel in March, quickly understand something completely new, for them it is easy to join the new company and make friends. They love to travel, discover new places, are curious enough, have a broad outlook, can look at the situation from different angles.

Everyone who is a birthday boy in the third month of the year is under the auspices of Jupiter. This explains the people’s desire for everything new, as well as the desire to possess everything at once.

At the same time, they are ready to share their benefits with others and are absolutely not mercantile personalities.

To find out the date of the birthday and the meaning of the name for boys and girls, following all Orthodox canons, it is necessary to refer to the church calendar (Svyattsy). There are detailed descriptions of the meanings of each child’s name, whose angel’s day fell on March.

Name day, or the day of memory, is a holiday dedicated to the remembrance of a certain saint, whose name was named baby.

The list of male names whose name falls on March days, according to the calendar:

Day of the month


Vasily, Victor, Leo

Eugene, Maxim, Nikita

George, Egor, Zakhar, Ivan, Ostap, Timofey, Yuri

Anton, Eugene, Taras, Fedor

Stepan, Timofey, Yakov

Vasily, Nestor, Nikolay

Vasily, Vyacheslav, George, Grigory, Daniel, Yegor, Pavel, Yuri, Yakov

Adrian, George, David, Yegor, Ivan, Kirill, Konstantin, Mark, Fedor, Yuri

Arkady, Constantine, Maxim, Fedor

Vasily, Eugene, Nestor, Pavel

Alexander, Valery, Ivan, Ilya, Kirill, Nikolay, Taras

Victor, George, Denis, Egor, Leonid, Mark, Michael, Pavel, Yuri

George, Egor, Efim, Ivan, Yuri

Alexander, Denis, Ivan, Pavel, Roman

The list of female names whose carriers celebrate their names in March:

Date of month


Anastasia, Vasilisa, Galina

Who is the name day in March: a list of female and male names

In church calendars, you can pick up the name of the child by character. For example:

  • Alexander means in translation "manly", "defender".
  • Eugene — "noble".
  • Kirill — "mister", "lord".
  • Michael — "godlike".

Names for girls, too, are different: warlike and gentle. For example, Anastasia means "resurrected", and Alexandra — "protector of people".

March boys and girls have the ability to empathize, feel dearly to others and empathize with them, can for everyone find the right words of comfort in a difficult situation. Boys and girls born during this period are soft and impressionable. They are extremely vulnerable, sensitive, touchy.

Therefore, the boys should be called hard and strong names to balance the character and make the man more stable in psycho-emotional terms.

Names that will give the boy confidence:

It is undesirable to name babies born in March by the following names:

March girls — one of the most feminine and calm. They are vulnerable, not self-confident, so the names for them need to choose those that can give the baby determination and confidence in their abilities. The following names should be preferred:

It is not recommended to call the March girls:

Another way to find the name of a child born in March is to turn to horoscopes:

Zodiac sign

Suitable male names

Suitable female names

Akim, Alexander, Alexey, Andrei, Arkady, Artem, Arthur, Afanasy, Borislav, Bronislav, Valery, Gabriel, Georgy, Yegor, Makar, Marat, Mark, Nazar, Nikolay, Oleg, Prokhor, Rostislav, Ruslan, Eldar, Yuri, Jan, Yaroslav

Alevtina, Alexandra, Alina, Alisa, Alla, Anastasia, Anita, Arina, Bronislav, Valeria, Barbara, Galina, Zemfira, Zoya, Inga, Kaleria, Clara, Cyrus, Larisa, Mariana, Nadezhda, Oksana, Olesya, Raisa, Regina, Roxana, Rostislav, Svetlana, Yaroslav

Adam, Akim, Anatoly, Anton, Artem, Arthur, Bogdan, Boris, Vasily, Benjamin, Victor, David, Daniel, Demian, Yegor, Emelyan, Illarion, Ilya, Maxim, Matvey, Mikhail, Nikita, Osip, Pavel, Peter, Taras, Tikhon, Fedor

Angela, Antonina, Bella, Vasilisa, Veronika, Victoria, Galina, Daria, Diana, Eve, Isabella, Lada, Lyubava, Maya, Marianna, Marina, Maria, Mariana, Milena, Nadezhda, Natalia, Oksana, Olga, Polina, Snezhana, Tatiana, Uliana, Ella, Yana

Akim, Alexey, Anatoly, Arkady, Valery, Gennady, Herman, Georgy, Eugene, Igor, Illarion, Innokentiy, Klement, Konstantin, Mark, Nikita, Nikolay, Sergey

Alice, Anastasia, Angela, Valeria, Veronika, Violetta, Eugene, Evdokia, Isabella, Inga, Inessa, Claudia, Clara, Christina, Xenia, Maya, Margarita, Hope, Oksana, Regina

Andrey, Valentin, Vasily, Vitaly, Vyacheslav, Grigory, Denis, Dmitry, Emelyan, Efim, Ilya, Lev, Maxim, Semyon, Stanislav, Stepan, Timofey, Eldar

Alina, Anita, Valentina, Vasilisa, Diana, Elizaveta, Iya, Lada, Lesya, Lydia, Lilia, Lia, Milena, Olesya, Olga, Sophia, Stanislav, Ulyana, Yulia, Yana

Abram, Adam, Alexander, Alexey, Albert, Anatoly, Anton, Arnold, Artem, Arthur, Bogdan, Herman, David, Daniel, Zakhar, Ivan, Ilya, Kirill, Leo, Leonid, Makar, Mark, Nazar, Nikolay, Peter, Prokhor, Robert, Roman, Rostislav, Ruslan, Eldar, Jan

Alexandra, Alla, Angela, Antonina, Arina, Bella, Barbara, Daria, Diana, Zhanna, Clara, Lada, Lydia, Lolita, Lyubov, Margarita, Nadezhda, Natalya, Nonna, Regina, Rosa, Roksana, Rostana, Uliana, Eleonora, Ella, Elvira, Emma, ​​Julia, Yana

Valentin, Victor, Vsevolod, Gennady, Heinrich, German, Gleb, Grigory, Demian, Denis, Dmitry, Igor, Innokenty, Klement, Konstantin, Nikita, Prokhor, Rostislav, Sergey, Stanislav, Stepan, Timofey, Timur

Alevtina, Anastasia, Anita, Valentina, Victoria, Diana, Dina, Elizaveta, Zinaida, Zoya, Inga, Inessa, Inna, Irina, Irma, Christina, Xenia, Lydia, Regina, Rostislav, Stanislav, Taisia, Tamara, Tatiana

Akim, Alexey, Albert, Anatoly, Anton, Arkady, Arnold, Boris, Borislav, Veniamin, Victor, Vitaly, Eugene, Illarion, Innokenty, Klement, Konstantin, Leo, Leonid, Makar, Mark, Mikhail, Nazar, Nikita, Oleg, Osip, Pavel, Prokhor, Rostislav, Savely, Semyon, Timur, Philip, Thomas, Yakov

Alina, Angelina, Angela, Antonina, Bella, Veronika, Victoria, Evgenia, Evdokia, Isabella, Kaleria, Claudia, Clara, Lilia, Lina, Lyubov, Milena, Nelli, Oksana, Olga, Polina, Rostislav, Svetlana, Ella, Julia

Aristarkh, Arkady, Afanasy, David, Efim, Zakhar, Makar, Sawa, Savely, Sergey, Taras, Fedor, Thomas, Yuri, Yakov, Jan, Yaroslav

Alevtina, Alice, Barbara, Victoria, Elizaveta, Zemfira, Zinaida, Zoya, Inessa, Oia, Larisa, Lolita, Lyubov, Lyudmila, Margarita, Maria, Mariana, Raisa, Rosa, Sara, Taisia, Tamara, Flora, Yaroslav

Alexander, Aristarkh, Artem, Afanasy, Vasily, Vladimir, Vladislav, Vyacheslav, George, Maxim, Marat, Osip, Peter, Roman, Ruslan, Savely, Svyatoslav, Semyon, Stanislav, Stepan, Timur, Philip, Yaroslav

Alexandra, Alina, Alice, Barbara, Vasilisa, Vera, Vladislav, Elizaveta, Zhanna, Isabella, Inessa, Irina, Iya, Lesya, Maya, Margarita, Marianna, Marina, Martha, Roxana, Sophia, Stanislav, Tatiana, Ella, Yaroslava

Abram, Adam, Akim, Alexander, Arthur, Bogdan, Boris, Bronislav, Vadim, George, Gleb, Grigory, David, Daniel, Denis, Dmitry, Yegor, Ivan, Igor, Illarion, Klement, Kirill, Konstantin, Leonid, Makar, Nazar, Nikolay, Oleg, Peter, Prokhor, Robert, Stanislav, Timur

Alexandra, Arina, Bronislava, Varvara, Vera, Daria, Dina, Zinaida, Inga, Inna, Irina, Irma, Kira, Kristina, Xenia, Maria, Natalia, Nelly, Nina, Nonna, Olga, Regina, Rimma, Sofia, Stanislav, Eleanor, Emma

Albert, Andrei, Arnold, Valery, Vitaly, Vladimir, Vladislav, Vsevolod, Gennady, Heinrich, Gleb, Eugene, Illarion, Kirill, Leonid, Oleg, Pavel, Ruslan, Svyatoslav, Yuri

Alina, Angelina, Anita, Anna, Arina, Bella, Valeria, Barbara, Violetta, Vladislav, Galina, Lada, Larisa, Lesya, Lydia, Lina, Lia, Lolita, Lyudmila, Natalia, Nelli, Nonna, Olga, Svetlana, Snezhana, Uliana, Flora, Elvira, Julia

Anton, Athanasius, Bogdan, Boris, Vadim, Valentin, Valery, Vasily, Veniamin, Vladimir, Vladislav, Vyacheslav, Gabriel, Daniel, Emelyan, Yefim, Ivan, Ilya, Maxim, Marat, Matvey, Mikhail, Roman, Timofey, Timur, Fedor, Philip, Thomas, Yuri

Alevtina, Anita, Anna, Antonina, Valentina, Valeria, Varvara, Vasilisa, Vera, Violetta, Vladislav, Eva, Inna, Irina, Irma, Iya, Lilia, Lia, Maya, Marina, Maria, Marta, Mariana, Natalia, Nelli, Nina, Nonna, Olya, Polina, Regina, Rimma, Tatiana, Elvira, Emma, ​​Julia

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