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Who is the name day in July: a list of female and male names

The patroness of the seventh month since the beginning of the year is the moon. People born under this sign are very mysterious. Their fickleness and timidity attract others.

But, despite the softness of character, their inexhaustible energy is in full swing, fueling other people, which they are forced to obey.

Children with names in July grow loving, especially to animals. They know how to take care of them and grow them, showing maximum responsibility.

By themselves, the July boys and girls are quite charming and easily win the favor of others.

The main advantage of men and women celebrating their name day in July is a craving for their own material well-being. In addition, combining the alignment of a successful career, people under the sign of the moon greatly appreciate the comfort of home.

In spite of all their kindness and gentleness, people whose birthdays are in July are always used to achieving their goals with enviable firmness. This is what helps in the future to build a successful career.

Special success awaits them in the creative field.

Persons born in this month will be very impressionable. Their sensitivity will sometimes interfere, but to a greater degree help out.

Because of their emotionality, people born in July can often not hold back feelings and lose their temper. But at the same time, they quickly cool down.

July birthday men are often as open as possible to others, very kind and helpful, always come to the rescue, leaving their business behind.

Choosing a chosen one for people born in July, it is recommended to pay attention to individuals under the auspices of the water element.

Who is the name day in July: a list of female and male names

It must be remembered that the name will reflect and define the character of the child, therefore parents are advised to approach his choice with seriousness. The origin of each is individual and has its own history, some originated from consonant names of the Gods, while others, in translation from various languages, describe the main character traits.

The meaning of each is spelled out in the Book of Names.

Meaning of the most popular male names:

  • Alexander — brave, warlike;
  • Bogdan — given by God;
  • Ivan is merciful;
  • Dmitry is dedicated to Demeter, the goddess of earth and fertility;
  • Maxim is the greatest;
  • Konstantin is sensitive;
  • Yaroslav is brave.

Characteristics of female names:

  • Alexandra is brave;
  • Veronica is victorious;
  • Elena is bright;
  • Ksenia is hospitable;
  • Sofia is wise
  • Jan — happened on behalf of the sun god, called Janus.

Who is the name day in July: a list of female and male names

In the Orthodox calendar for each date is the Day of Memory of the Holy, whose name is imprinted in history. Therefore, the name day associated with the celebration of Memorial Day of the patron saint, whose name is a boy or a girl were named at birth.

July is a month that is filled with names for Alexandra and Ivan, therefore, choosing a name for a child is recommended to stop on them. For each there is a patron saint, who is called the Guardian Angel, he protects the child from the eyes and failures.

Girls with the name of Alexander celebrate the day of the Angel on the 17th and 22nd, but Ivan will have a holiday almost the whole month.

According to Orthodox canons, the birthday of people celebrating the day of Angel in July, life is longer and happier.

The list of male names whose names fall on July days:

Date of BirthName day


Alexander, Vasily, Sergey



Anatoly, Andrei, Gleb, Dmitry, Ivan


Alexey, Antony, George, Ivan, Maxim, Nikita, Nikolai, Pavel, Fedor, Julian, Julius


Anton, Vasily, Gennady


Alexander, Alexey, Anton, Artemy, Herman, Joseph, Svyatoslav, Fedor


Anton, Benedict, German, Ivan, Jacob, Cyril, Methodius, Nikita, Fedor, Svyatoslav, Jacob


Vasily, David, Denis, Evgeny, Konstantin, Leonid, Peter, Fedor


George, David, Denis, Ivan, Paul, Tikhon


Alexander, Anton, Vladimir, George, Egor, Ivan, John, Martin, Philip, Yuri


Vasily, Venedikt, German, Gregory, Ivan, Joseph, Pavel, Sergey


Gregory, Ivan, Paul, Peter


Andrei, Gregory, Ivan, Matvey, Mikhail, Peter, Stepan, Philip, Jacob


Arkady, Vasily, Ivan, Konstantin, Kuzma, Leo, Pavel, Peter



Alexander, Anatoly, Vasily, George, Ivan, Konstantin, Mark, Michael, Philip


Alexey, Andrey, Arseny, Bogdan, Vasily, George, Dmitry, Mark, Mikhail, Nikolay, Plato, Fedor


Arseny, Vasily, Kirill, Sergey, Stepan


Alexander, Anatoly, Andrei, Anton, Valentin, Vasily, Victor, Vladislav, Gleb, Innokenty, Fedor


Vyacheslav, Herman, Sergey


Alexander, Andrey, Victor, Daniel, Dmitry


Alexander, Andrey, Ivan, Kirill, Konstantin, Mikhail, Fedor


Anton, Alexander, Georgy, Daniel, Leonty, Peter



Anton, Arseny, Gabriel, Ivan, Mikhail, Fedor, Yakov


Anton, Gabriel, Stepan, Julian


Ivan, Konstantin, Nikolay, Peter, Stepan, Fedor


Vasily, Vladimir, Peter


Ivan, Paul, Peter, Fedor, Jacob



Ivan, Kuzma, Leonty, Miron, Stepan

The list of female names whose names fall on July days:

Date of BirthName day









Alexandra, Anastasia, Maria, Martha, Olga, Tatyana


Agnia, Anna, Barbara, Elizabeth


Martha, Uliana, Juliana




Alena, Elena, Ilona, ​​Olga




Alevtina, Valentine, Julia


Veronica, Margarita, Marina

Who is the name day in July: a list of female and male names

The church calendar for each Russian name gives a description of its origin and meaning. There are two methods, how to choose a name for the child according to the Holy Week:

  • to name the baby by the name of a saint who falls on his birthday;
  • view the meaning and origin of each Holy Name and choose the one you like.

It should be remembered that it is undesirable to call the child the name of the saint, whose name has already passed.

For example, for a girl there is no birthday on the 6th day, so it is recommended to call the baby the nearest female name, which is in the church calendar for this month, in this case it will be Ivanna or Yana.

Since the date of birth does not coincide with the date of the birthday party, the Guardian Angel Day can be celebrated on the 10th day of this month.

Named for Ivan falls on almost every day of the month, so it is important to know that, under one name, different holy calendar with completely different stories and glorifying acts are encrypted. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the church calendar of names with the life and history of each holy one described in it.

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