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When on the church calendar to celebrate the name of Anna

On which days do the anniversaries celebrate the anniversary of the church calendar?

When choosing a name, they often use the church calendar. From it learn about the days of memory dedicated to the saints.

Most of the righteous have several dates.

When on the church calendar to celebrate the name of Anna

How to find out your angel day

The spiritual book of 2018 mentions 39 days dedicated to the pious Annam. Here is a list:

  • Popova and Borovskaya — January 11;
  • AgniaAnna of Rome — February 3, July 18;
  • The Prophet, daughter of Fanuil, February 16, September 10;
  • Efremova — February 17;
  • Novgorod — February 23;
  • Martyr Anna — February 26;
  • Chetverikov — March 2;
  • Annunciation — March 11;
  • Makandina — March 14;
  • Gorokhova — March 20;
  • Gothic — April 8;
  • Anna is righteous — April 13;
  • Shashkina — May 11;
  • Kashinskaya, Tverskaya — June 25, August 3, October 15;
  • Evfimian Vifinskaya — June 26, November 11;
  • Levkadiyskaya — August 5;
  • mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary — August 7, September 22, December 22;
  • Serova — August 13;
  • Yezhov — August 29;
  • Borovskaya — September 23;
  • Lykoshina — October 11;
  • Adrianople — November 4;
  • Anna the Martyr — November 10, December 11;
  • Anna Vsevolodovna — November 16;
  • Ostroglazova — November 23;
  • Zertsalova — November 27;
  • Selewski (Persian) — December 3;
  • The Prophetess, mother of the prophet Samuel, December 22;
  • Stolyarova, Ivashkina — December 23.

How to understand this long list and find out how to determine your name day?

Church ministers recommend sticking to the rule: consider the day of the angel the closest date to the memory of the patron saint of the same name as you. This day follows your date of birth.

If Anna was born on August 12, her name day is on August 13.

But this statement is not mandatory. It is allowed to choose a heavenly patron of the same name and celebrate the day of the angel on the date of its worship.

Characteristics of a woman named Anna

The name comes from the Hebrew word Hanna, which translates as “grace,” “the mercy of God.” There is another interpretation: pretty, graceful.

Petting short forms: Annushka, Anya, Anyuta, Anya, Annusya, Nussia, Nyuta.

It occurs in different countries: Ana, Annette, Aninya, Gunn, Ann, Anita, Aneta.

Its main feature is kindness. Since childhood, the girl likes to take care of pets.

She does not pass by fallen from the nest nestling. Always assists a sick relative or friend.

She is close to other people’s worries.

Anushka pays attention to her appearance: she dresses beautifully, gently styles her hair.

Its main positive features:

  • goodwill;
  • unselfishness;
  • gullibility;
  • care;
  • sociability;
  • call of Duty;
  • good faith;
  • developed intuition.

From the negative properties of the character it should be noted:

  • imperiousness;
  • excessive demands on children;
  • conflict

On the health side, Anyuta may experience problems with stomach ailments. She should not ignore the diet. Care must be taken when traveling in motor vehicles.

There is a risk of injury.

Anya is a devoted wife, loving mother. The infidelity of her husband endures hard. For a happy marriage, Alexey, Boris, Yevgeny, Semyon, Zakhar, Konstantin, Pavel, Mikhail, Sergey suit her.

Alexander, George, Ruslan are not suitable for companions of life.

Often Anna chooses the profession of a physician, artist, singer. They have a wonderful ear for music.

The field of her professional activity is diverse. Among them are:

  • experienced engineers;
  • teachers;
  • caregivers;
  • entertainer;
  • TV presenters;
  • directors;
  • sellers;
  • psychics.

Famous Saints

When on the church calendar to celebrate the name of Anna

All the unique stories about holy Annas are imbued with a basic idea. They tell of their steadfast faith in the Lord.

Let us recall the most popular chronicles glorifying these pious women:

  1. Have saint of righteous Anna and her spouse until the old age did not have children. They very much grieved and asked God to send them to the little ones. After the priest said that childlessness was a punishment for sins, her husband went to pray for 40 days in the desert. Anna blamed herself, suffered a lot. One day, while praying, she made a promise that she would dedicate the life of the newborn baby to the service of the Lord. Soon they had a daughter, Mary, the Most Holy Theotokos. She was raised in the temple from the age of three. They pray to righteous Anna for wanting to become pregnant, to be cured of women’s diseases or for the health of the child.
  2. Holy Anna the Prophetess called patroness of babies. She is asked to heal the child, help in getting rid of grief, protection from misfortunes and diseases.
  3. The ideal of the Russian woman is the princess St. Anna Kashinskaya. She was born in the family of Prince Dimitri. From childhood she was distinguished by her virtue. It was very beautiful. Princess Xenia found out about her and decided to marry her son Michael. Spouses lived in peace and harmony. Anna gave birth to five children, was a good wife and mother. But soon she was expected to test. She lost her husband, two sons, grandson, daughter. The Grand Duchess courageously endured all the sorrows and went to the Sofia Monastery, where she took the veil. The rest of her life was devoted to serving God. Her open relics were sought by people for healing. The story of honoring the princess is unique. During church reform, Patriarch Joachim imposed a ban on the worship of this pious woman. Only a few centuries later she was re-recognized as a saint. Those who wish to find love or improve family relationships rush to her face. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FU8xN63M88
  4. Anna Adrianopol accidentally saw the execution of a Christian bishop. She saw that he endured all the flour. Prayer helped him. A woman imbued with his faith and began to preach her. Died at the hands of the pagans.
  5. Holy Martyr Anna Gotha burned alive in the church for the fact that she did not renounce the Orthodox faith.
  6. Anna of Rome She lived in Rome in a Christian family. To her woo the son of the Roman prefect. She refused him because she gave a vow of celibacy. For disagreeing the abdication of Christ, the girl was subjected to cruel torture. They tried to burn her alive at the stake, but it did not flare up. Died by the blow of the sword of one of the soldiers.
  7. St. Anne of Bethinki died husband and two sons. In order to escape with the third son, she changed into a male attire and went to her uncle. In the image of the righteous Euthymian she became famous as a preacher and miracle worker.

Anna is a popular name in all ages. In each of these women, the features inherent in this name are shown: virtue, firmness of belief, piety, a sense of duty.

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