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When is the day of the Angel of Arina in Orthodoxy

When is the day of the Angel of Arina in Orthodoxy

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity with the name Arina celebrate birthdays according to the church calendar 14 times a year. However, in Orthodoxy the name Arina corresponds to consonant Irina.

  • 12.01, 16.01, 17.08. 02.11 — the martyr Irina;
  • February 26 — the Martyr Irina Khvostova;
  • 07.03 — martyr Irina Smirnova;
  • April 29 th: Martyrs Irina of Corinth and Irina Aquileian;
  • 05/18 — Great Martyr Irina of Macedon;
  • 26.05 — Irina of Constantinople;
  • August 10, Rev. Irina Kappodakiy;
  • 22.08 — Queen Irina;
  • September 30th — Martyr Irina Frolova;
  • 01.10 — the martyr Irina of Egypt.

The treatment of the name and its features

The beautiful name Arina has 3 appearance versions:

  1. Arina — derived name from Irina, which has the meaning «peace», «peace»;
  2. The name is derived from Yarin, a Slavic female name. Yarin and related Old Slavonic names Yaronega, Yar, Jaromir have a common origin from the name of the ancient God of the Slavs Yaril;
  3. The female version of the male name Aaron, which is of Jewish origin and means «enlightened.»

When is the day of the Angel of Arina in Orthodoxy

When you hear the name of Arina, everyone has an image of Arina Rodionovna in her head, the nanny of the great poet A.S. Pushkin.

He glorified her tender, loving, sincere and sensitive image in his works, many of which he created thanks to her stories and tales. In Russia, the name Arina became popular in the 18th century, especially among nobles and merchants.

Now this name is quite common and is considered one of the popular names for newborn girls.

Arina is growing up a cheerful and kind girl. She likes to help her mother, but with her father she has established special friendships. It is to him, and not to his mother, that she will run for advice and support.

She is a real father’s daughter.

Since childhood, Arisha has been striving to be independent. She does not need to be forced to do something, she does everything herself.

She copes perfectly with her studies, and at the same time participates in almost all school events. At school, she gets along perfectly with everyone — both with teachers and with children. She has excellent taste.

She loves handicrafts and reading. She has few friends, because she does not like fake people.

Although the names Arina and Irina are consonant, and in Orthodoxy they are one name, in life they are two completely different people and two different characters. If Irina is a selfish and contradictory nature, then Arina is tremulous, tender and charming.

Arina is very mysterious. Almost no one has access to her inner world, but she is very sociable and can easily endear anyone to herself. Its main advantages include:

  • Purposefulness;
  • worldly wisdom;
  • emotional stability;
  • hard work

When is the day of the Angel of Arina in Orthodoxy

No one even thinks of calling her a winnow, a snob, or an egoist. Arina always acts consistently and carefully thinks through all the actions. She does not tolerate haste and fuss, bringing all her affairs to the end.

You rarely hear rudeness and harshness from her, preferring to communicate with everyone in a friendly manner. Arina can not tolerate lies and falsehood, so she always speaks the truth directly in the eyes.

She is very straightforward and will persist in defending her opinion. She will not weave intrigue and spread gossip.

Seduce her flattery no one will succeed.

Arina is a good psychologist, because she understands people quite well. She is intelligent and educated, but she does not boast of her intellect.

Sometimes indecision is peculiar to her, but her dedication and independence can only be envied. Arina does not want to take leadership positions in the team, but she will not sit in the corner either.

She is ready to give a helping hand to people in need, but she will never ask for herself.

Patrons name

There are not so many saints with the name Irina, the church version of the name Arin, but they are all known as true believers and following their faith.

Tsarina Irina

The patroness of women named Arina is often called the blessed Queen Irina. She lived in the 8th century in Athens.

Irina the emperor’s wife, and after his death began to rule the state as regent of her son. The Queen strongly advocated the veneration of icons.

All followed her instructions, and the veneration of iconography and worship persisted to this day.

Irina Aquileyskaya

Together with her sisters, Irina lived in Italy, in the city of Aquileia. They lived without parents. They rejected all love and offers of marriage, as they were faithful only to the Lord.

At the behest of the priest Zinon and Saint Anastasia the Modelers, they endured all the torments for their faith. They were arrested for their beliefs, and later executed.

Some rulers tried to force them to renounce their faith and seduce them, but the sisters were adamant. Irina was killed by an arrow from a bow.

Irina Frolova

Martyr Irina lived in the Kaluga province in the early 20th century. She served in the Borodino Savior Monastery.

During the dispersal of the monastery commune, she remained secretly living in the monastery and guarding it. Having lived like this for 4 years, she was arrested along with other nuns for 3 years, but she died in a colony of tuberculosis.

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