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What the window flew into the dove: the meaning of omens

What does it mean if a pigeon flew into the window: meaning signs

The appearance of a wild bird in the house is always not accidental. If a pigeon flew through the window, then by its sudden visit it foreshadows the soon and important news.

What kind of news this will be depends on the person’s feelings and the state of the pigeon: it can be an omen of both happiness and grief.

According to different religions, a pigeon is a divine bird and the only one that cannot be harmed under any circumstances. She is credited with divinity and nobility.

Dove can not chase, he must be given grain or bread and allowed to fly out the window.

There are many superstitions associated with pigeons. The most famous are the signs responsible for the appearance of this bird in the rooms and windows. The interpretation depends on who lives in the house:

  1. 1. For a young girl, the unexpected appearance of a pigeon means meeting with the groom.
  2. 2. For couples — happiness, improvement and expansion of living conditions.
  3. 3. For children — health and obedience (if the bird flew into the nursery).
  4. 4. For older people — prosperous old age.

If a pigeon flew through the window, most often it is a harbinger of happiness and news. And if he promises the spiritual blessings to all tenants, then the news that the bird brings concerns someone.

The appearance of a pigeon is associated with the fulfillment of desires. If a woman wants to get pregnant, she comes to the right time for this.

A man dreams to go on a journey — with the advent of the feathered guest, he will have a chance to fulfill his dream. And someone will get a good offer or find a good job.

Esoterica believes that the souls of the dead move in white doves. They fly to visit their relatives to see if everything is in order.

With their appearance they encourage a person and send him strength to fight for a better life.

If you sympathize with pigeons, they bring good news more often than bad. This is marked by our ancestors for many centuries. Therefore, it is impossible to drive away the bird that has sat down on the window and will certainly need to be fed.

Fate will surely thank the person and give a chance for the fulfillment of a dream.

What the window flew into the dove: the meaning of omens

The meaning of omens varies depending on where the dove has flown or flown:

Pigeon flewSignificance of signs
In the open window

When the feathered guest flies into the open window, the interpretation of omens depends on the condition of the bird:

  1. 1. If the pigeon is disheveled, restless and scared — this is a bad sign. In the house someone gets sick or leaves this world forever.
  2. 2. If, while flying, the bird hit the glass or the wall, the person will face a big shock caused by the death of a loved one.
  3. 3. Calm and friendly — to news that will surprise you with its surprise, but will not be shocking
To the balcony

The balcony is not considered a dwelling, and the omen does not include deep meaning. But the dove’s nest protects the inhabitants of the apartment from negative energy. The very same sign means:

  • unexpected guests;
  • receiving news;
  • short separation or a short trip.

If an unmarried girl lives in the apartment, the winged guest promises her the appearance of a fan

On the windowsillResidents of the apartment are threatened by some kind of disaster associated with their home, or just near the pigeon’s nest. If the birds often fly in and then disappear for a few days, then they feel the negative energy coming from the apartment. Residents must be careful and cautious to avoid the danger of domestic injuries (electric shock, flooding or falling)Sat on the window

We must prepare to receive guests. If dove:

  • dark — the guests are not very happy and bring sad news.
  • white — to the long-awaited, fair people with good news
In the doorA bird that has flown in through the open door predicts unexpected guests or a gift from afar. If she is restless, you can not frighten her even more, otherwise she will get hurt and add negative events to the prediction.In the entrance
  1. 1. A sitting disheveled and sick dove predicts the death of neighbors.
  2. 2. A pair of birds — a wedding.
  3. 3. Active and beautiful bird — new neighbors.
  4. 4. Nest of pigeons — to repair and childbirth
To the garage

Dove in the garage:

  • one warns against something;
  • few birds — a person should be more careful with tools and people;
  • often leave litter on the machine — to profit.

Settled birds in the garage are a good sign, promising protection and reliability of the car.

To work
  • Pigeon at work means a change of leadership and unexpected changes for employees.
  • Several birds flown or settled under the roof foreshadow the expansion of the staff or the arrival of new employees.
  • A sick pigeon who has flown into the office space speaks of layoffs, reductions and bankruptcy.
  • If the bird knocks on the window with its beak, it warns of imminent checks.

A bird flew into the kitchen window predicts prosperity in the house. Love will eat well and get sick less often.

In the window in the bedroom — to replenish the family and harmony in intimate life.

To better understand the reason why a winged guest visited the dwelling will help the sixth sense. It will tell you whether the pigeon is a sign that the Universe sends, or birds have just settled near the house or work.

What the window flew into the dove: the meaning of omens

A pigeon with a sprig, a feather or a piece of paper in its beak is considered the best sign. It means good news that will change life for the better.

If a winged guest holds bread or a grain in its beak, the inhabitants of the house will soon get rich or significantly improve their financial situation.

Superstitions, meaning change for the better:

Signs of goodInterpretation
Wedding white doves sat on the windowsillSuch birds fly around the city for some time before returning to their dovecote. Usually the girls live in the house and such guests predict the groom to them. If the couple flew inside — there will be a wedding
The little blue flew into the apartment and quietly sits on any surfaceTo wealth and happiness. The house has good energy, and people love each other. Dove can not be expelled, as this will lead to negative consequences for residents of the apartment. We need to feed him and let them fly back to the window.
Bird is knocking on the windowHe gently knocks his beak and does not want to fly away — to news and surprises
Pigeon droppings on the window or on the windowsillIt remains as a precursor of profit, gift or win. Bird droppings always appear for money and pigeon is in first place.
The pigeon flew out the window and hit a manSuch a blow brings good luck and luck for a long time, if only the bird remained unscathed. Fallen or dying after a stroke — to prolonged illness and unpleasant events
Two cooing dove on the eavesIf the feathered guest flew in with his pair, this is a sign that speaks of love and happiness in his personal life.

A nearby pigeon is capable protect the home and its inhabitants from harm and misfortune. In order not to harm themselves, they should not be chased away.

It is better to feed them and greet them if they look into their faces with their round, curious eyes.

What the window flew into the dove: the meaning of omens

There are many unfavorable signs associated with the unexpected appearance of this bird at its window. Among them are the most common:

Signs of misfortuneValue
Disheveled and weakenedTo illness and bad news
Dead doveIf the pigeon flew and died — it is a sign of death and disease. Dead bird on the window sill — the news of the dead or the approach of great trouble
Bird long beats out the windowTo serious failures and losses
Pigeon blood on the glassThis is a sign of serious danger, perhaps even mortal.
Hit a man and fellThis is a bad omen. It is worth waiting for strong shocks from relatives, health problems and serious shocks. On the road will be lurking hazards and emergencies
Frightens tenants or is afraid of themTo poverty, material problems and the onset of a difficult life period
Crashes out the car windowIf the driver leaves the garage and a pigeon smashes into the windshield, he must be wary of an emergency on the road. If the pigeon fell dead, it is better not to travel by car on this day, and just in case change plans

A weakened and lifeless pigeon should be treated with respect, and not just thrown away like garbage. Bad omen can be mitigated if you show kindness and act like a human being.

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