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What is the meaning of the name Sonya: origin, mystery, fate, character

The history of the name Sonya originates in Greece, being a derivative from the name of Sofia. It means «wise,» «wise,» or «knowledge.»

The character of the girl is fully consistent with this — Sonya is wise beyond his years, insightful and has a rather developed intuition.

Today the name Sophia in various forms is common in many countries and is associated with fragile, tender, most often blond girls.

Sofia is the name of Greek origin, which means “knowledge” or “wise”. Canonical church option This name over time evolved in Russia into a more common version — Sophia, which is the full form of the name Sonia.

In the XVIII century. The name Sophia was used mainly in Russian aristocratic families, by the end of the 19th century. spread in all walks of life and entered the list of the most popular female names.

In other countries, the name is:

The name has several abbreviated and derived forms:

What is the meaning of the name Sonya: origin, mystery, fate, character

According to the church calendar, the name has the following decryption:

  • wise person;
  • creative person;
  • homemaker.

The church history of the name is associated with the early Christian saint Sophia, the mother of Pistis, Ellis, Agape (Faith, Hope, Love). She instilled in her daughters true and all-consuming love for the Lord.

But the pagan ruling in those times did not abandon attempts to convert the family to his faith, for which he tortured Saint Sophia in front of her children.

Great Martyr Sophia died on September 30 in a new style, after which she was called holy.

All owners of this name can celebrate their birthday on one of the following dates:

  • 28th of February;
  • June 4 and 17;
  • August 14;
  • September 30th;
  • December 29 and 31.

What is the meaning of the name Sonya: origin, mystery, fate, character

  • Sign-patron: Libra and Capricorn.
  • Patron Planet: Saturn and Venus.
  • Colour: dark blue, purple, blue, white.
  • Charm Tree: Linden.
  • Good season: autumn.
  • Flower: lovage, lily.
  • A rock: lapis lazuli, agate.
  • Animal: swallow.
  • Famous Sophia: Kovalevskaya, Greensburg, Bluestein, Rotaru, Hyacinth, Sophia Loren.

A girl named Sonya wins people’s hearts with tenderness, affection and care. She fully justifies the value of her name, is a wise and insightful person.

Sophia is modest, embarrassed to show her emotions in the presence of other people, has a cheerful and light character, so it is always nice to talk with her. She is compassionate and merciful, often comes to the rescue in difficult times.

The owner of this name feels good people, in any company is respected and honored. They turn to her for advice and help, in which the girl never refuses.

Deep down Sonya is a fatalist. She is quick in business, which often leads to failures, and is impulsive — she tries to solve problems and tasks right away, rather than postponing it for later.

Despite the external lightness and sociability, Sonya is often lonely at heart. She was not accustomed to sharing her secrets and problems with people, it is difficult for her to open up even to her family and friends.

Positive traits Sony’s character:

  • mercy;
  • respect for the elderly;
  • delicacy;
  • kindness;
  • sensitivity;
  • responsiveness;
  • insight.

Negative traits include:

  • shyness and secrecy;
  • sensitivity;
  • vulnerability;
  • haste.

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