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What is the meaning of the name Rita — how is the fate and signs of the name

How does the name Rita affect the fate: the nature of the carrier

Meaning of the name Rita or in full form, Margarita, Greek. This word means nacre, a pearl. The sparkling and sparkling name promises success, great glory, true love, a wonderful life worthy of cinema.

But the shining modulations also have dark sides — in the life of Rita there will be betrayal, and oblivion of old friends, ingratitude.

The noble and royal character of Rita will be able to overcome all obstacles and achieve all that he wishes. In her advanced years, Rita is engaged in herself, traveling, youth instruction, perhaps engaging in creative activities.

The name of Rita is accompanied by precisely calculated luck, moral purity, sincerity, directness and frankness.

In Greek poetry, stars are often called pearls in the sky, so many believe that the meaning of the name Rita may mean a star. In fact, the star in Greek is Aster and, accordingly, the name Ishtar, Astarte. In Latin, pearl is a pearl.

This value corresponds to them I paris. For Margarit, contact with other carriers of a similar name is undesirable.

Margo and Paris will never be able to make friends — everyone will want to shine in their own horizon.

What is the meaning of the name Rita - how is the fate and signs of the name

Name Forms

  • Full name — Margarita.
  • Diminutive — pet forms — Margosha, Ritochka, Ritulya. Negative form — Ritka, Ritusik.
  • Short forms — Rita, Margo.
  • Such forms as Mara, Henry, Red, Gena, Henry, Hara are common in creative circles.

In other languages ​​the names correspond — Margaret, Henrietta. Male version of the name — Henry. Men with this name are distinguished by subtle intuition, insight, special gentleness and tact.

The courage inherent in Margaret, Henry becomes unrestrained courage, supported by an analytical mindset. In general, the name is equally favorable for both men and women, reveals the best and most striking character traits.

Rita celebrates birthday twice a year — February 29 and July 17. Choose a date that is closer to your birthday.

Famous and famous namesakes

  • Terekhova — actress. Milady’s role in the legendary film version of The Three Musketeers.
  • Thatcher is the British Prime Minister, famous for his surprisingly tough and uncompromising stance.
  • Mitchell — author of the famous melodramatic saga «Gone With the Wind»
  • Among the reigning surnames, the name was common — Valois, Navarre, Tudor, Medici — these women left a serious mark on history.

Name Compatibility

For a sharp, passionate and impetuous Rita, it is better to choose soft male names — Leonid, Alexey, Sergey, Mikhail, Eugene. In the creative alliance are good names with a double consonant — Cyril, Gennady.

The bright energy of the name allows Margarita to choose any names.

What is the nature of the carrier named Rita

All her life she suffers from her own hardness, purity and intransigence. She is like a knight in shining armor, envying the ease and easy happiness of barefoot kids. Margarita tries to imitate softness, vulnerability and defenselessness, but instead of answering tenderness and openness, she is struck with heavy blows of fate.

Success comes when Rita stops hiding her true self.

It is then that true femininity comes to her — invulnerable and free. Margarita’s character is independent, strong.

This is a bright woman with high demands for themselves and others. She is persistent, meticulous, able to exercise strategic leadership and delve into significant details.

At work, Rita is able to bring to a nervous breakdown a team of employees in full composition.

Left to itself it easily finds hobbies that become the main occupation and bring good income. Women with this name are secretive, no one can guess what they think.

The influence of the name on the fate

A royal, royal name requires a bright fate. Usually Rita achieves dazzling success, but in her life there are also possible falls, failures, which she acutely and deeply experiences. In order to rise again, Rita does not need the help of others — vanity, sympathy, understanding are just annoying.

Margarita herself grows up an internal reserve of forces and chooses the most successful moment.

In her personal life, Rita prefers freedom, passion, bright relationships. The first marriage is usually not very successful. She is often indifferent to children and housekeeping, but may be an ideal spouse, tender and loving mother.

It depends on personal qualities and the choice of the scope of priorities. If she chose a professional implementation, you will learn about a semi-annual business trip to Antarctica a couple of hours before departure.

You will be told which shelf in the fridge the soup is on, and from which kindergarten you need to pick up the children, specifying the dates, the name of the teacher, the names, the gender and the number of children.

If Margarita decides to become a housewife — the ideal order will reign in the house. The floors will be mirror-clean, everything is laid out in places, shelves, cabinets, perfectly aligned, polished and ironed.

For a stain from a mug on the ideal surface of the table, it can destroy.

In old age, Rita returns to childhood. She is frivolous, naughty, jokes, enjoys success and popularity among young people, gives advice and enjoys influence, enjoys destinies and happy marriages, pampers with pleasure her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and other children who have fallen into her attention.

Characteristics of talismans

  • The name corresponds to the zodiac sign of fish.
  • The planet — Venus — feminine, impermanent and strong.
  • Color — purple, lilac, pink, sparkles.
  • The stone is a large sea pearl. The best talisman is the pink pearl.
  • Plant — daisies, violets, lilies.
  • Tree — pine, natural cedar.

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