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What is the meaning of the name Leila: origin, character, fate

Leila: the meaning and origin of the name, the fate and character of the girl and woman

The meaning of the name Leyla in Islam — "night", "born in darkness". The origin is Arabic.

This female name is especially popular in the countries of Islam, and on the territory of the Russian Federation it is found in another variation — Lily. Namely according to the church calendar, Leila does not notice, since there are no saints with such a name in the Orthodox religion.

A woman named Leila is an impetuous, bold and passionate person who lives by her own laws and does not consider it necessary to listen to the opinions of others. It can achieve great success in any field of activity if it makes at least a minimum of effort and really wants it.

She is attracted to all the forbidden things, she loves to play with fate, testing the nerves of her relatives.

Diminutive form: Leylusik, Leylochka, Lola, Lala, Lulu Lala, Lyusichka, Leylushka, Leylusechka, Lei, Lyailya, Leila, Lela, Lali, loli, Leylyashka, Leylenok, Lila, Leah, Leah, Lyau, Lyaychik, Lyaylyuk , Lay, Loja, Lelka.

Analogues of the name in other countries:

  • Armenia — Lilith.
  • Kazakhstan — Lily, Lily.
  • Finland — Laila.

What is the meaning of the name Leila: origin, character, fate

Famous women named Leila:

  1. 1. Pahlavi — Princess of Iran, daughter of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.
  2. 2. Abashidze — Georgian theater and film actress.
  3. 3. Ali is the daughter of Muhammad Ali, a boxing champion.
  4. 4. Denmark — a female doctor who is recognized as the oldest practitioner (she accepted patients when she was 100 years old).
  5. 5. Gencher — Turkish Opera Diva.
  6. 6. Khaled is a politician.
  7. 7. Keylai — model, TV presenter.

What is the meaning of the name Leila: origin, character, fate

Mascots and symbols for a woman named Leila are presented in the table:

A rockRhinestone, Moonstone, Amethyst
Totem animalElectric Stingray
ColourPurple, neon, silver, turquoise
Zodiac signCrayfish
Day of the weekSunday, Saturday
FlowerAlpine rose

What is the meaning of the name Leila: origin, character, fate

The name Leila sounds soft, melodious and feminine; it looks like a gurgle of a stream and causes only pleasant associations. However, a woman named Leila has a strong character and great willpower. She understands that fate depends only on herself, and does not believe in magic.

This woman is perceptive, understands people, feels the mood of others, and easily adapts to any conditions.

The character of Leyla, the secret of the name and the relationship with others are described in the table:

Type of characterCholeric
Basic qualitiesImpulsiveness, stubbornness
prosIndependence, determination, perseverance, confidence, charm, temperament, good sense of humor, sociability
MinusesIntractability, revenge, touchiness, narcissism, stinginess
MoralLeila can not be called a moral person. It may be contrary to generally accepted rules and often behaves unpredictably.
HealthLeila may have disorders in the work of the digestive tract, she is sensitive to sudden weather changes and often suffers from colds. It is worth paying attention to the urinary and nervous system, liver, heart
friendshipThis woman is surrounded by loyal friends who can be contacted at any time of the day. Friendship is extremely important for Leila, so she tries to spend a lot of time with her buddies and will always give wise advice to a desperate friend.
SexIn an intimate relationship, Leila behaves freely and is not afraid to experiment. She is passionate, takes the lead and can talk about her desires without a bit of embarrassment.
Mental capacityLeyla has developed logic, but she lacks foresight and consistency in actions. She hardly concentrates on the work process, every little thing can bring her out of herself
IntuitionLeila’s sixth sense is well developed, but a woman rarely relies on her intuition.
MindLeila pathologically does not tolerate lies, but she can embellish reality. The bearer of this name has an unstable psyche and rich imagination, so Leila can inspire herself with something that is not really
Hobbies and hobbiesTravel, fashion, cooking, foreign languages, cars, computer games, design, theater, cinema, music
ProfessionsSocial worker, manager, cameraman, translator, journalist, writer, actress, fashion designer, screenwriter, singer, TV presenter
BusinessDoing business for Leila often turns into a huge tragedy. She takes large loans, but the business does not bring the expected income, and the woman does not know how to pay off the loans. In order to receive substantial money, she needs to hire a person who will make a competent business plan and make the work of subordinates as efficient as possible.

Depending on the time of year of birth of Leyla, the character of this woman changes:

WinterExtremely touchy and tough by nature. "Winter" Leila is proud and vain, will not allow anyone to be better than her and painfully perceives any trifles. This woman does not make insidious plans behind others, but declares her intentions, looking into a person’s eyes. She does not understand hints and should control everything, since she is used to trusting only herself. Sometimes an envious and grumpy person who is hard to please in anything
SpringBrave, persistent, different binding. She can find a compromise and make a decision, carefully weighing all "behind" and "vs". This woman is stable in all respects, consistent and rational. She can’t be called lazy, but sometimes she can afford to sleep before lunch and skip a workout at the gym. "Spring" Leila is principled, fair to herself and to others, has clear life priorities.
SummerAt first glance, shy and modest girl, but can be harsh, bold and independent in all respects. Behind the appearance of an angel hiding the devilish character and exorbitant ambitions. "Summer" Leila does not forgive mistakes and also applies to herself extremely demanding. She sets high standards and will not calm down until she reaches her desired goal. Does not tolerate failures, acutely perceives criticism in his address
AutumnBright, impulsive and open girl. She tolerates other people’s weaknesses and realistically looks at life. "Autumn" Leila is pragmatic, executive and scrupulous. Such qualities as conscientiousness, sincerity and justice are not alien to her. Such a woman is capable of making the whole world fall at her feet, but for happiness she doesn’t need palaces and power — she is content with little and appreciates what she has

Little Leila is a stubborn, emotional and capricious girl who does not want to listen to her parents and seeks independence, violating her father’s prohibitions. This child always achieves the desired and loves to play in public.

At home she is active, often doing dirty tricks, for which she is punished.

This girl does not understand the cries and the tone of the order. In any situation, it is possible to agree with her, but it is necessary to find the right approach.

Parents should remain completely calm.

Leila loves cats and will surely shelter a homeless animal, regardless of the opinion of the parents. She is not generous and will never share with the guys a new toy or chocolate.

If the family has a younger brother or sister, Leila will be very jealous of the parents and attract their attention by all means.

At school, Leila does not seek to respond first. She misses her math lesson, she is a bit asleep from the humanities.

This attitude to learning affects Leyla’s academic performance, which is often low. Parents are regularly summoned to school because of their daughter’s regular fight with a classmate or because of a broken lesson.

Additional circles and choreographic contests, in which Leila will shine, because she has grace, good plasticity, and an excellent ear for music, can become a reason for pride of mom and dad. The baby loves to draw and surprises those around her with her acting and vocal abilities.

Leyla’s youth passes not for textbooks, but in pursuit of thrills. She wants to try everything at once, she rushes headlong into adult life, starting short-term romances and breaking hearts of guys.

Like most teenagers, young Leila is inclined to exaggerate and can convince her parents before losing her pulse that she has met the love of her life at the age of 15, knowing the guy for only a few hours.

This girl does not know how to stop in time, because of what she constantly gets involved in questionable events and, trying to appear adult, can do a lot of nonsense. She is capable of desperate acts and can go to another city with a young man whom she met only yesterday.

Life seems to her one continuous adventure. Leila hates monotony and tries to decorate every day with bright colors.

Young Leila watches all fashion trends and wants to live beautifully. She spends a lot of money on clothes and spares no expense on beauty salons and other women’s whims. She will not allow herself to look slovenly and will not go to the grocery store until she makes a beautiful haircut and exquisite makeup.

Leila pays a lot of time to her appearance, but she begins to think about her inner development much later.

The girl has many male friends, and her peers consider her a stupid and uninteresting person, who has only entertainment on her mind. Leila thinks that girls are just jealous of her, and does not pay attention to other people’s comments in his address.

The adult Leila rarely changes: in her character the moodiness and irrepressible temperament are still traced.

If Leila falls in love with a guy, she will do everything imaginable and unimaginable to achieve reciprocity. When the goal is reached, her feelings immediately cool down.

But this does not always happen. Having met true love, the woman stops flirting with numerous fans and fully belongs to her chosen one.

She does not trust the opinions of others when choosing a spouse and relies solely on herself. If the young man does not like her father, Leila will not argue with her parent, but simply give him an ultimatum: either he accepts her choice and does not give any comments about this, or she restricts communication with her parents.

In most cases, the father chooses the first, and he has no choice but to accept the choice of his daughter and give the parental blessing.

For Leila characterized by repeated marriage. If a spouse has changed her, she will quickly find a worthy replacement for him, not listening to any excuses and reacting indifferently to a plea for forgiveness.

Compatibility in love and marriage:

  • Maximum — Ruslan, Leonid, Rustam, Arseny, Andrei.
  • Average — Konstantin, Alexey, Sergey, Nikolay, Ivan, Maxim.
  • Low — Victor, Alexander, Vladimir, Vyacheslav, Stepan, Svyatoslav, Oleg.

Leila is not satisfied with a calm and measured family life. She needs Italian passion and impetuous love joys after long quarrels.

She arranges for the husband to be interrogated with passion, but not because she does not trust her spouse: she just wants to throw out her emotions and get relaxed.

Leila loves children and gets them a few years after marriage. Toddlers should not contradict their mother — she brings them up in strictness, forgetting how unruly the child herself was at their age.

A woman demands perfect order in her home, but she often gets lazy about spring cleaning and shifts her responsibilities to other family members.

Leila loves traveling with the whole family and travels to the seaside several times a year. She swims well and is not afraid of scuba diving and extreme water activities.

This lady loves discos and cultural activities, often visits exhibitions, art galleries and theatrical performances.

The bearer of this name is hospitable, loves family feasts and songs with a guitar. She can surprise guests with culinary masterpieces if she gets inspiration while cooking.

This woman is open to everything new, but routine and routine kill her interest in life.

Leila can not work in the field of activity, which is associated with accurate calculations, since her inattention can entail enormous losses. She hardly has the patience to be a health worker or teacher.

The work of this woman should be prestigious. Leila appreciates her work and will not work for a penny.

A girl can be realized in the creative field, the fashion and beauty industry. She will become a talented artist or a famous singer if she chooses these professions for herself.

If parents from childhood instilled in their daughter a love for sports, she can become a champion in boxing, rhythmic gymnastics or swimming.

The profession associated with communication and regular business trips abroad, will appeal to this lady, because she loves everything new and knows how to find an approach to any person. Leila feels comfortable in the role of leader, but there must be a reliable assistant next to him who will take care of all financial issues.

Leila is not ready to spend a lot of time at work, so she chooses professions where she is not required to come at 9:00 and leave at exactly 18:00. She needs a flexible schedule and maximum freedom of action.

Depending on the sign of the zodiac changes the characteristics of the carrier name.

An ambitious, prudent and unshakable person who always defends his own convictions and under no circumstances makes concessions. Leila-Aries is characterized by such qualities as emotionality, vanity, ambition and stubbornness.

This girl can not be called weak and defenseless, she will give any change and is able to stand up for themselves without outside help. Such a woman is incredibly attractive for men, so she has a lot of fans.

In professional activity, she behaves confidently and is able to benefit from any occupation. Marriage is possible with a charismatic and sensual young man who is able to give in and is deprived of high ambitions.

This woman conquers her independence, love of freedom and extraordinary behavior. No matter how many years old Leila-Taurus has a passport, in her heart she will forever remain a little girl who looks at all events with a smile. This lady has a sparkling sense of humor and is not inclined to fall into depression.

She is sociable, affable, you can talk with her on any topic and pour out your soul, knowing that what was said will always remain secret.

The work of the owner of this name may be different: it all depends on the upbringing and priorities of her parents. If Leila’s mother is a career woman, her daughter will grow up similar to her parent.

To create a family Leila, despite its immediacy and lightheadedness, is extremely serious. She is faithful to her spouse and will never forgive betrayal.

Leyla-Taurus needs an understanding, sensitive and attentive guy who is not alien to such qualities as good breeding, hard work and dedication.

For Leila, born under this sign, such qualities as naivety, lightheadedness, frivolity and excessive talkativeness are characteristic. This girl is absolutely unable to listen, so it is difficult for her to build friendly and loving relationships.

Leila-Gemini takes care of his own interests and forgets that others also have needs. She used to be the center of universal attention, dressing in bright and shiny clothes, which many consider to be a complete bad taste.

Such a lady goes ahead and does not look at obstacles. If Leila wants to fulfill her plan, she will achieve it. by any means. A woman reaches a high social status, agreeing to a deal with conscience, and calmly refers to a marriage of convenience.

But if Leila-Gemini loves someone for real, he will do everything possible for the happiness of his beloved.

Alluring, gentle, charming and multifaceted personality. Such a girl is fluent in the art of flirting and can turn the head of any young man.

Leila-Cancer cannot be called amorous and windy in nature, but she often hovers in the clouds and dreams of simple female happiness, which consists of a loving husband, three or four children, and the material well-being of a family.

This woman does not know how to save: she is wasteful and can buy herself a beautiful handbag, spending the last savings on it.

Leila-Rak cannot live without romance and creativity. She successfully implements herself in professions related to music, dancing, singing or acting.

There is a possibility of marriage with a self-sufficient and wealthy man who knows how to look good and will never forget about important dates. This woman does not accept marriage of convenience, so she always chooses a man with her heart.

An unrestrained, energetic and ambitious woman sets ambitious goals and confidently moves towards her dream. She is able to competently plan time and spends it profitably, working a lot and improving her skills.

Leyla-Lev is a real business woman who knows no mercy for her competitors, does not see herself as equals and looks down on those around her. This behavior often pushes people away, but the woman believes that those around her are just jealous.

Such a lady would never ask for help from relatives. She is confident in her abilities and is not used to showing her weaknesses.

In her soul Leila-Lev feels lonely and fragile woman, but these feelings are hidden so deeply that sometimes she forgets that she was born of the fair sex, and not a man. She needs a calm and patient person who will admire the successes and abilities of his wife, support her in everything and encourage her when her hands drop.

Insightful Leila-Deva will not allow anyone to manipulate. She quickly exposes hypocritical people and is able to distinguish truth from lies. This lady soberly assesses her own abilities and sets only achievable goals.

She was not accustomed to stop halfway and any business brings to perfection.

Leila-Deva is thrifty, hardworking, boldly takes responsibility for her own actions and does not give empty promises. She takes every word spoken seriously and hates it when others throw words to the wind.

She will suit a responsible, honest and good-natured man.

The representative of this sign has a wonderful taste and impeccable sense of style. She finds a middle ground in everything and never behaves provocatively.

This is a calm, sensible and moderately serious woman who is not without healthy ambitions and perceives her failures as an invaluable life experience, drawing lessons from mistakes.

Leyla-Libra needs a caring, cheerful and extraordinary guy who will not envy others and blame someone for his own insolvency.

This is a skilled manipulator and fatal beauty, who broke the heart of not one man. Leila-Scorpio stands out among all the others not only for its appearance, but also for its rich inner world, broad outlook and vast vocabulary. You can talk to her about finance, art and politics, she will listen and give her assessment in an unobtrusive manner.

She is diplomatic, knows with whom and how to behave in order to make the right impression.

To please Leila-Scorpio, you need to be a comprehensively developed person and have a solid material base for creating a family. A loser or womanizer can never win her heart.

A woman will like an interesting and respectable man who will look only at her.

Pleasant in all respects, intelligent, compassionate, sensitive and active, Leila-Sagittarius does not know what loneliness is, and is always surrounded by her friends and boyfriends. She was not used to complaining and telling friends about her problems, because she considers herself a happy person who is lucky in life.

Such a girl will never step over what is permitted to become successful in her career.. She chooses honest ways to master new heights and thanks to such qualities as patience, hard work and great endurance quickly achieves career growth.

Leila-Sagittarius will never fall in love with a rich man, to whom concepts such as integrity and honesty are alien. She does not pursue money and can make a successful and wealthy young man out of a poor student.

This woman prefers naturalness in everything, so those around her will never see her with eyelashes or nails. She prefers a business style of clothing and can control herself in any situation.

Such qualities as hot temper, aggression, rudeness and tactlessness are alien to her.

Leila-Capricorn will never lose hers, but she will not shout loudly about her successes and show off her achievements.

This woman needs an initiative and imposing man who can earn her trust and will prove her feelings not only in words. She does not need romance and long foreplay — in relations with men, she prefers stability and does not like surprises.

This woman with great enthusiasm clutches at several lessons at the same time, but her sunk quickly dies away. Every day she promises herself that from tomorrow everything will be new, but she does not believe in her own promises. Leila-Aquarius often goes to extremes, but cannot bring itself to exercise regularly or to learn English.

She is not worried about her future and craves thrills.

Leila-Aquarius never connects their fate with a boring and meticulous man, with whom it is impossible to talk on abstract topics. She will choose a risky and brutal guy who will be able to give her unforgettable emotions and will gladly support any crazy ideas.

Like all representatives of this constellation, Leila-Pisces is not devoid of romanticism, sensitivity and refinement. She is aristocratic, has impeccable manners, intellectually developed and good-looking.

This girl is not adapted to life and is often disappointed in people, bumping into a wall of misunderstanding, rudeness and earthiness.

Leila-Pisces needs a man who will treat her like a crystal vase and will not demand anything from her. She does not know how to earn money and is used to buying only the best for herself, so the elect should have a solid income.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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