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What give the christening child: a list of traditional gifts

What give the christening child: a list of traditional gifts

The christening of the child is an important event in the life of the baby and his parents. On this bright day, it is customary to give mementoes.

What give to the christening in the Orthodox tradition? In the people it is believed that the gifts of the godparents are a talisman for the baby.

Consider what to give to the christening, so that these things benefit the crumbs. We will also consider the gifts with which guests should come to this significant event.

What give the christening child: a list of traditional gifts

Sacrament of baptism

The church considers christening the most important event in the life of an Orthodox Christian. During the sacrament of baptism, the grace of God descends on the baby; he is given a new name and a guardian angel. Also, a person acquires a patron saint in whose honor he is given the name of the cross.

The child has spiritual parents who make a vow to take care of their godson and protect them from everyday adversity.

Only close people who wish the child well-being are invited to be baptized. In former times (and now too), an evil person (a witch, a sorcerer) could come to harm the baby on this special day. Therefore, the day of the christening and the name of the cross kept secret.

In modern times, witchcraft has regained its distribution, and people with unkind intentions to take away a child’s share or health can come to the rite of baptism.

What give the christening child: a list of traditional gifts

Traditional gifts

Few people know that baptisms are the spiritual birthday of a child when the little man enters the bosom of the church. On this day, the baby is brought gifts as a sign of the accomplishment of the spiritual sacrament. Is it really possible to just bring toys and clothes in honor of such a significant event?

Our ancestors gave necessary and symbolic objects to their godparents.

The list of godparents gifts:

  • silver spoon «on teeth»;
  • silver cup;
  • icon of guardian angel;
  • children’s bible;
  • clothes with orthodox symbolism;
  • bag for storing the first strand;
  • cross;
  • Kryzhma

A silver spoon and a cup are very useful things for a baby. From the spoon you can not only feed the baby, but also disinfect water.

To disinfect water, simply put the spoon in a container of water for several hours.

Important! If a child uses silver dishes, the milk teeth do not turn black.

The icon of the guardian angel is a wonderful gift for christening. The icon can be given to a child of any gender, as well as silver dishes. You can give a personalized icon to the baby.

The godparents can agree on which of them will give what icon. You can also give the icon of the Virgin to the girl and the icon of the Miracle-maker to the boy.

The icon of the guardian angel, placed at the cradle of the baby, protects his night sleep.

Together with the icon, you can present a children’s bible to the child as a gift. This will remind parents of their responsibilities to educate their child in the spirit of Orthodox traditions.

The Bible will be the first book of a new Christian.

Not everyone knows what is kryzhma. This is a special diaper, in which the baby is muffled after immersion in the font.

Now you can use a beautiful white towel or a special fabric with embroidered Orthodox symbolism. After christening, Krymzhi is not washed, but simply dried.

Kryzhma serves as a talisman for a Christian for life. With it, you can treat diseases — just hide or wipe the body with a prayer.

Baptismal diaper must be protected as the pupil of the eye. Previously, evil witches could bring strong damage through her or steal a happy share from a child.

Also, with the help of Kryzhma, rejuvenation rituals were performed and performed. Therefore, parents should take a responsible attitude to the things of the baby so that they are not stolen.

The cross is a necessary item for christening. Metal can be any, but the cross should be pre-consecrated.

If you buy a cross in the church, you do not need to consecrate it.

A godmother gives a bag for the first cut curls. It can be sewn independently, and you can buy it in the store. It is advisable to embroider on the bag the name of the baby.

According to the Orthodox tradition, the first cut curls are not thrown out, but keep for a lifetime.

Note! Since the baby is in the hands of the godmother in the rite of baptism, she purchases all outfits and kryzhma.

Godfather gives a cross.

What does the godmother give to the christening of a boy or girl? The traditional gift is a baptism set for the baby:

The color of the kit should be light colors — white, soft blue, soft pink or beige. In the gift for the christening for the girl is a dress.

In cold weather, you need to additionally buy a warm blouse.

If only one godparent (father or mother) is chosen, the parents agree on the purchase of things necessary for the ceremony. If the godfather is chosen, then the baby’s mother buys the clothes for christening.

However, the godfather can purchase a baptismal set himself if he wishes.

What give the christening child: a list of traditional gifts

Guest Gifts

Those invited to christenings can give any gifts for the baby, they do not have to be thematic.

Guest Gift List:

  • soft toy in a beautiful package;
  • bed linen sets;
  • terry towel;
  • baby blanket;
  • photo frame with photo album;
  • elegant clothes;
  • playpen, walkers, rocking chairs;
  • items for swimming.

The list can be added at your discretion. The main thing is that a gift for christening should be made from the heart.

Gifts godparents and parents

Christening is a solemn event not only for the baby, but also for his godparents. Therefore, they also need to prepare gifts.

List of gifts for godparents:

  • souvenirs with Orthodox themes;
  • photo framed with christening;
  • cast foot baby in a beautiful design;
  • Orthodox icons.

Parents of the baby, too, need to pay attention. A nice gift will be a bouquet of flowers for mom and an original fruit basket.

Grandparents Gifts

Grandmothers and grandfathers, with tears in their eyes, await the baptisms of their grandchildren. What gifts can they bring to the child?

What give a christening girl? It can be gold earrings, silver things, hand-made things or church attributes.

What give christening to the boy? It is possible to give a memorable toy with an engraved name, which will serve as a talisman for the rest of his life.

This may be a machine or an image of an animal. Gifts brought with love to the heart have powerful protective powers.

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