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What fate predicts the name of Timur for a man, what to expect

What does the name Timur mean for a man

The character of the person named Timur is often very complex, and represents a kind of cross between a noble male and a notorious boy who only wants protection. Never try to blame Timur, otherwise he will become really unmanageable.

Timur is always trying to become something like the patron saint of any person. nevertheless, often he fails to cope with a similar task and he begins to avoid this person.

For Timur, nothing is impossible; this name is like “Asker” — Timur is also a soldier. Timur wants to protect himself, his homeland and his mother.

With blood, respect for the older generations was absorbed into him. he always knows exactly what needs to be said and show the old man in order to earn his respect.

He will never leave the old woman in trouble, and he will not leave anyone in trouble. He always wants to help someone, no matter what: with good advice or a pretty look, he can always tell you where this or that building is located.

Timur is a kind of link between good and evil, between earth and yin yang.

«Iron Lame» was called Timur in the Arab world. Discover another mystery, if you are not very well versed in history.

In general, this is not a very shameful offense. . «Iron Lame» in Arabic sounds like Tamerlane. Giving offensive nicknames to the enemy has been made since ancient times, but this nickname is rooted in Western historiography.

Therefore, confusion often arises. After all, both Timur and Tamerlan are correct in relation to the same historical character.

All Timury are multi-faceted individuals, they do not like very much when they are compared with others or in any way infringe upon their own dignity. They often prefer fiction, go into themselves, thinking about something.

Timur will never leave his friend in trouble, nevertheless he will not become a friend to someone who just does not share his views and beliefs.

For Timur, that same, loyal, “fan-like” friendship is very important, when both friends are passionate about something interesting. For example, Timur considers as the most noble hobby a fanatical hobby for sports.

He will never leave a friend who would like to attract him to an interesting lesson, he always wants to do something new, in this Timur has no equal.

Timur often hides his emotions, acts as an imperturbable wall. He always keeps his emotions with him, he directs all inner strength into the business, but if he feels the negative atmosphere around him, then he absorbs this state like a sponge.

He will be like a squeezed sponge, but he will finish his job. such is this Tamerlane, the wars of the Middle Ages.

Timurchik always knows what he expects from life and slowly goes to his goal. He never leaves enemies unpunished and knows that justice will eventually prevail.

The case is completely different: often the person named Timur chooses the method of implementing fair punishment on his own, completely without relying on laws.

What fate predicts the name of Timur for a man, what to expect

Various characteristics

  • The color of the name is white;
  • The name stone is amethyst;
  • Name talisman — keys;

Different aspects of life

  • In his career, Timur has no equal, he constantly climbs higher and does not feel embarrassed, unlike his colleagues. Nevertheless, this person is never arrogant, and just try to become better in their eyes. In order to correct Timur’s malicious nature, one needs to give him more freedom — without freedom, any person feels extremely uncomfortable, he needs to know that he is needed.
  • In love. In love, Timur feels extremely well, constantly gives all the power for his love, always protects his beloved woman. For Timur, the main thing is his well-being and family welfare, its security. He will never leave his wife to grieve or be bored.
  • Health. Timur always monitors the health, because he must be able to fight back if the enemy suddenly attacks. So Timmy is very important various preventive procedures that will allow him not to think about their own health and leave him healthy. He needs to be strong, so often he is already enrolled to a huge number of gyms, there is a subscription and acquaintances in almost any fitness center, so no need to joke with Timmy. It is possible that Teimuraz has a tendency to study martial arts, and he will not disdain to use it even when meeting with the most inveterate representatives of the stronger sex.
  • Family. In the family, Timur is always in charge, he directs the family in the direction he needs, he would like to be the head of the family, who watches every member and controls it with his own efforts. Also Timur is very important that he had high hopes. Also, Timurchik is characterized by an interesting technique, according to which he constantly tries to make the life of each individual family member better by preparing a special situation in life with each one. Thus, the father of the family does not intervene in the situation, but only controls it.

What fate predicts the name of Timur for a man, what to expect

In communicating with Timur, forgetting about his unpredictability is the last thing, because Tamerlane has a very quick-tempered nature on his day, who is constantly in thought like perfectionist and he does not always know that this decision will lead him to victory. He always doubts.

Even in his own friends Tamerlane is not always sure to the end.

So, even if you have already been in a good relationship with Timurchik for a long time, then you should not forget about his interesting character and steel character, which will not give you peace of mind. You will have to constantly encourage him, you will need to understand that he needs constant confirmation that you really need what he does.

In any team, Tamerlane quickly becomes a leader; every path of science obeys him only if he wants. He is always mobile, constantly changing the place of action, trying himself in a new hobby or hobby.

Nevertheless, with the same enthusiasm, Timur is also subject to the influence of bad habits, so his friends and relatives should be kept rather enthusiastic in nature from drinking alcohol. Timurchik himself, deep in his heart, understands that he will be prevented from using such substances, but still the nature of the discoverer does not sleep in him — I really want to try.

This phenomenon is especially evident in Timur’s childhood.

Timur will be able to find himself in programming, politics and medicine, and in sports. The light receptivity of Timur makes him an excellent student.

Which catches everything you say to him. He will never contradict two people: his father and his teacher.

So the father needs to become the immediate teacher of the little boy, for that Tamerlan will be grateful to the father until the end of the days of both representatives of that kind.

Because of his tremendous endurance and strength, he will definitely be able to find his vocation in the sporting path, because otherwise he simply does not succeed in releasing his mania to movement, to the study of the physical objects of our frail world. After all, it is interesting to young Tamerlane much more.

Although everything differs, based on their environment of the young Timurchik, he can grow in a completely different mood on the reality surrounding him in our living environment.

For Timur, there are no barriers, and he is constantly improving himself. He will not let you forget about training if you are his friend, and he will not let you get bored if you are his beloved. But Timur’s parents are most fortunate — you will be honored by a young guy until the end of life, only if you do not betray his expectations and will be good parents in any situation.

If only you understood the guy and supported him, despite the difficult times, in this case, all of this will return to you.

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