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What does the name Zahar mean — character, man’s fate

What does the stern male name Zakhar mean

It is curious that the name Zakhar, which we used to think of as originally Russian, has Jewish roots. Zechariah in Hebrew means «the memory of God.» But on the other hand, in the language of one of the northern peoples of Russia, the word “zuh”, “zucher” means a small light ax, a part of a hunter’s equipment, suitable for cutting branches, for fighting, for throwing.

The name refers to happy, bestowing ease and good luck. Zakhar is a serious man with a wide and strong soul, which you can always rely on.

What does the name Zahar mean - character, man’s fate

Name options

Diminutive pettings — Zakharchik, Zakharushka, Zachary;

Others — Zach, Zuh, Zuher, Zaher, Zak,

Name Day February 21 and September 18.

  • Zodiac sign — twins, Taurus;
  • Planet — Mercury, Mars;
  • Happy color — scarlet, red, burgundy, brick;
  • Wood — chestnut, orange;
  • Plants — poppy, garlic;
  • The animal is an owl;
  • Stone — ruby, sapphire, topaz.

Name Compatibility

Zakhar builds a relationship once and for all and is looking for a woman who shares his views. Throwing, torment, doubt, disagreement — all this should be left in a difficult situation in order to speak with one voice.

The best alliances with Monica, Nina, Vladislav, Svetlana, Zhdana, Galina, Larisa. Prefers white-skinned and dark-haired beauties with soft semi-childish features and steel character.

In building alliances he prefers equality and division of areas of responsibility. She goes about her business and provides coziness, comfort, cleanliness and order, it provides money for a big house, good schools for children, staff salaries, guarantees for every family member and safety.

What does the name Zahar mean - character, man’s fate

Zakhar has a strikingly balanced character. He knows how to maintain calm and sanity in every situation. He does not lose his head at the sight of money, but is not able to miss the benefit.

Tenacity, dexterity, calmness and attention to detail, a certain pedantry, allow him to succeed in any area related to decision-making.

Zechariah may have problems with a sense of humor. It is so deeply hidden and so subtly manifested that for most it does not exist. He is deadly serious.

He is serious in his youth, when naked in some socks sneaks past the commandant of the hostel. He is serious when a girl, with whom he has been trying to break off for half a year without insulting her feelings, reports that she is abandoning him for the sake of practicing yoga.

The trick is felt in the details, but for some reason it fails to catch it.

More than anything, Zakhar loves warmth. Good warm weather, warmth in the relationship, warming spices — cinnamon, pepper, cozy household comfort. He is ready to protect this heat with all his considerable forces, is inclined to hide his happiness, to hide from direct conflicts.

But if conflict is inevitable — you did not see a more cold-blooded, calm, prudent and ruthless enemy.

In sexual life, he is unbridled, passionate, natural and consistent. Most likely, he will not change, in his dictionary there is not even the word “treason”. He simply does not see the point, but sees possible problems.

But if the relationship ceases to make him, without breaking the bonds of marriage, he will hit a neat spree with dozens of superficial and pleasant relationships.

With fleeting passions, he is invariably polite, pleasant, and appreciates each one as a sanitary napkin. It is impossible to lead a married Zakhar away by luring him with a burning passion.

But he will be surprised and even intrigued. But it is better not to develop intrigue, otherwise his unconventional sense of humor may appear.

Little Zakharka is a tireless mischievous and prankster who gladly pleases parents with witty and funny fabrications. On his childhood, you can shoot the series and the audience will continually sob from emotion and happiness.

The contrast between the hilarious seriousness and children’s behavior, overcoming fears, the beginning of the formation of the personality look incredibly charming.

He starts to realize himself very early, to understand his strengths, to bring up responsibility and courage. It is difficult to confuse him, he knows his own way and will not allow anyone to interfere in fate.

In his youth, he is often predicted a great success in the power spheres, but he clearly understands that this is not quite his, because apart from accuracy and composure, Zakhar appreciates freedom of thought. But in the banking sector, in financial management, in rescue work, in expeditions and research activities, it can manifest itself.

Sometimes it seems that he knows everything that should happen in his life in advance. He knows who to believe and who does not.

He, as a universal calculator, is able to calculate a favorable or unsuccessful state of affairs. He selects friends very carefully, but these are people who are ready to support in any situation.

Zakhar knows how to keep secrets and cannot always tell everything about his life. Even the closest people.

In adulthood, he is the perfect man. Similar to him photographed on the cover of women’s magazines.

Beauties of all ages look at him with undisguised interest, but he knows how to clearly prioritize and define his tasks, without offending anyone.

In old age, Zakhar prefers life in nature. He is well and calm in the village. It does not matter in central Russia, in Siberia or in the Spanish wilderness.

Far from civilization, noise, unnecessary communication, among the closest people or alone, with which he does not, he finds spiritual comfort.

In communicating with his grandchildren, he is even, does not show strong enthusiasm, but he will do everything that a man has to do — feed him breakfast, braid pigtails, teach him how to shoot, provide a decent education.

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