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What does the name Monica mean — how does the name affect a person

What does the name Monica mean and how does it affect the fate and character

The name Monica is of Greek origin and means unique, unique, special. The game of words in the name consists of the values ​​»mono» — unique and Nick — the goddess of victory.

The bearer of the name has all-conquering charisma, courage of a real warrior and amazingly light character.

The name comes luck, luck, success in everything. It is necessary to fear the envious, which will be a lot, and their own gullibility. Monica is too accustomed to the fact that everyone loves and supports her, does not see ill will and does not suspect a betrayal until the last moment.

Frustration in people causes her severe trauma, she tends to blame herself for everything and fall into severe depression, faced with the cruel truth of life.

The strength of this name is carelessness, carelessness and self-reliance. Doubts, meditations, sober assessment of the situation deprive the bearer of the name of a significant part of the strength and pressure.

Betrayal and betrayal can completely destroy the aura of success and a happy life.

What does the name Monica mean - how does the name affect a person

Name options

  • Affectionately — diminutive — Monya, Monechka, Manyunya, Mosya.
  • Other options are Nick, Mona, Monique, Nicole, Nicolas, Dominic.
  • Zodiac sign — ardent and passionate Taurus, diplomatic and charming scales.
  • Planet — Venus.
  • Color — pink, black, scarlet, gray, salmon, withered roses, purple.
  • The plant is a tulip.
  • Animal patron is a cat.
  • Stone Mascot — Blue Diamonds, Sapphire, Jasper, Aquamarine, Amber

Name Compatibility

  • Names in which the vowel “o” is found are best suited — Oleg, Ostap, Oscar, Potap.
  • Difficult, but warm relations with men with a vowel «and» — Michael, Bill, Yuri, George.
  • Explosive novels with men, in whose name there are snarling sounds — Alexander, Karl, Cyril, Martin.

The character of the carrier of the name is easy, airy, diplomatic. In a bad mood or in a difficult period, she can become extremely firm in her decisions, defending her interests.

For the sake of family and children, she is ready to move mountains and this is not always good. Pampers men, but requires in return attention, time.

Sincerely rejoices at gifts and knows how to receive them. Excites men within a radius of several kilometers, but making a choice does not change the decision.

The girl realizes very early the power of her charm and enjoys it with pleasure. Without calculating, aiming for the future, just from pure cheerfulness. It seems natural to her that they love her, everyone smiles at her, gives presents.

Young Monica is successfully engaged in social activities, she realizes herself in volunteering, raising funds for charity, she is not afraid of hard work, people like being with her, charging her with optimism, ease, and enthusiasm.

She proceeds to the novels cautiously, with healthy curiosity, but she is not in a hurry to get married. Perhaps some serious novels, often with adults and married men. She can marry one of them.

In marriage, looking for a reliable and decent person who is ready to become a support and an ideal father for future kids. Monica loves children and readily gives herself to motherhood, with enthusiasm and pleasure settles the family nest.

The credulity of women, the willingness to devote themselves entirely to the family hearth, makes men see in her silly, which is easy to deceive. Over time, the man loses caution, especially if he was married at the time of the start of a relationship.

Mona is extremely painful to betrayal, although she does not notice the obvious signs that another woman would pay attention to, does not make backup plans. The weak point is its strongest feature — the integrity of nature, unwillingness to be exchanged for several small tasks.

Having lost the goal of life and disillusioned, she quickly loses visual appeal, lightness, which attracted to her all sorts of people and charm. If she manages to get out of depression, which often requires the help of a psychotherapist, she pulls herself together, looks for a new goal in life, and sets herself back to normal.

A new goal is usually associated with self-improvement, but a woman leaves no hope to meet a new love one day.

In mature and old age, Monica is often left alone, engaged in career, business, creativity, leads courses in yoga or becomes an excellent psychoanalyst. Search for yourself is delayed to a great age.

She risks to meet her 100th anniversary on the top of Everest, in a difficult yoga asana. With a glass of yogurt from natural milk Tibetan ponies.

Positive moments

A woman with this name can be a real muse. Next to her, creative personalities are flourishing, as if finding a new source of inspiration and a second wind.

Unfortunately, creative men attribute their success exclusively to themselves, giving the muse a third-rate role for a woman who is allowed to care. This state of affairs does not suit her.

A man who offers her a worthy place in life will be provided with happiness, inspiration and spiritual warmth and trust.

Dangerous moments

The bearers of the name should be afraid of completeness — they easily gain weight, dependence on light narcotic drugs and alcohol. Pay attention to the cardiovascular system.

If you do not take up your veins and healthy nutrition in time, by the age of 30 varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and a tendency to diabetes can develop.

What does the name Monica mean - how does the name affect a person

Famous bearers named

Lewinsky is an intern at the White House, who almost dismissed the president because of a scandal involving sex. Rate the scope and courage of the girl.

  • Bellucci — actress
  • Seles — famous tennis player
  • Potter — Actress

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