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What does the name Martha mean and how is the fate of the bearers of the name

The meaning and fate of the name Martha: the compatibility of names

Marfa or Martha — in Latin transcription — Jewish to them. The word has the meaning of mistress, mistress, mistress.

The main property of the carrier of the name — management, ordering, the creation of a clear working structure. Wealth, prosperity, integrity, outstanding diligence and impeccable honesty — the main life guidelines for Martha.

Openness and honesty often play a bad joke with Martha — people around perceive her efforts as ostentatious. Martha does not do anything in secret — the sum will be clearly and coarsely written on her wedding envelope, she must put checks to the gift.

If dirty traces are left in her clean hallway, she will immediately start cleaning, without a word of reproach, but not at all embarrassed by the presence of a guest.

Because of this trait, Martha often finds herself in funny and stupid situations, which is reflected even in fairy tales — “Honest Martha”, “Pious Martha”, “Smart March” and the like. The bearers of this name should restrain a little bit about goodness and the desire to show themselves from the best side.

Present how much you do, how much effort you spend is sometimes really necessary. But it’s better not to brag about a laborious process, but a great result.

In Russian fairy tales, Martha is served as an artist, a skilled woman, a wise and strong woman.

The male version of the name — Martin — an adventurer, a stern and implacable knight, a fighter for morality and justice. The male and female versions of the name have a common weak trait — readiness for compromise and questionable agreements “for the sake of the highest good”. The main thing is that from the outside everything looks beautiful, beautiful and moral.

Martin will not cheerfully catch maids for politically incorrect places, but may well take large sums from the mafia to fight child crime, to treat dangerous diseases, to help and support the poor and disadvantaged.

What does the name Martha mean and how is the fate of the bearers of the name

Name options

  • Diminutive — petty Marfusha, Marfushka.
  • Other options — Martin, Martha, Manyunya, Manya.

February 19 and June 17. Choose the day that is closer to your birthday.

Name Talismans

  • The name corresponds to the sign of the twins, immediately indicating a possible duplicity.
  • The leading planet is the calculating and businesslike Mercury.
  • Color — orange, red, gold, copper, brown.
  • Plant — chamomile, gerbera.
  • The tree is a chestnut.
  • Stone — pomegranate.

Name Compatibility

  • It is better for rigid and strong-willed Martha to choose soft male names — Vitaly, Nikolay, Sergey, Alexey, Artem, Anatoly.
  • Good strong relationships develop with sonorous, bright names — Alexander, Mark, Andrey, Edward.
  • Complex and ambiguous relations with Martha with carriers of names with a double meaning — Bogdan, Vyacheslav, Christopher.

Character traits characteristic of the name

Martha’s positive features are obvious — decency, punctuality, cleanliness, diligence, a clear mind and organizational skills, leadership. The order, the creation of a clear structure is what works best for her.

And she would not admire, having folded hands on her perfectly well-functioning and excellently working business, and then, nodding in satisfaction, would take on a new one. The active nature of Martha is sickened by relaxation, idleness, thoughtless contemplation.

Even on vacation, she knits, embroiders, engaged in useful needlework. Her whole day is painted by the minute.

The worst event in life can be a deviation from a previously accepted plan.

Negative features can be considered excessive harshness, straightforwardness, jealousy, the desire to subordinate all to one’s own will — from the best of intentions, because only she knows how to organize everything, touchiness.

Martha is genuinely outraged by non-punctual and non-binding people, loafers, dreamers.

Fate name

As a child she was the first to plant among boys, a real tomboy, she was bored with girls. As she grows up she has to leave the boyish company, but the habit of treating other girls with arrogant contempt remains.

If Marfa succeeded in realizing herself in her professional activity, she became an engineer, a logistician, a major manager in financial structures — you will not find a person more pleasant in your home and private life. Marfa, who has realized her potential, is flourishing, she is gentle, feminine, charming, well-groomed and affable.

Martha will be happy to treat her own pastries to pies, listen to her, help with practical and accurate advice, and make her company on the march to a theater premiere or an exhibition. You can’t find your best friend and advisor — she will keep a trusted secret and will never give it away.

Marfa is a skillful pretender, she has great emotions and gives out just as much surprise, delight or admiration as allowed by propriety. If stormy passions boil in her soul, you will never know about it.

Martha, who failed to find herself, becomes a tyrant, seizing the whole family. Her husband is holding the hammer in the wrong way, she will show him how to hammer nails, knock together a stool, dig a garden, fold things and put shoes on.

The irrationality of cavils from a seemingly rational person is astonishing. The first marriage of a young Martha usually collapses, then she makes a rapid and tremendous career, raises and puts children on her feet, happily and happily marries a second time, and lives happily in love and harmony to a deep and happy old age.

In old age, Martha is embraced by travel. Pedantic and predictable in her youth, Martha becomes unpredictable for those around her. But not for myself.

She really had dreamed of visiting the beaches of Miami for fifty years and now nothing can stop her. In one hand she holds an elegant bag, in the second — a loving husband.

She will call from the airport after passing through passport control. The secrecy is explained by the large number of betrayals and difficult situations that Martha often faced in life.

Famous bearers named

  • Posadskaya — a public figure
  • Sabinina — the founder of the Red Cross
  • Schepkina — famous Slavic, author of methods for decoding ancient scripts
  • Vieira da Silva — famous Brazilian soccer player
  • Graham — the creator of the modern dance style
  • Kauffman Arquette — screenwriter. The creator of the series «Friends»

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