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What does the name Lydia mean and why is her happiness so difficult

What does the name Lydia mean and how does it affect the fate

The origin of the name Lydia has several interpretations. The name goes back to the Greek «ide», which means perfect, delightful. It is possible to refer the sound of the name to the even more ancient Lilith — the mother of humanity and the whole world.

The second meaning is more prosaic, it has a reference to geography — “from Lily,” Lidian.

There is a mystery in the name, Lydia always keeps a special secret, the secret of attractiveness and charm, inaccessible to other women. Its main qualities are a sense of superiority, detachment and awareness of self-worth.

Arrogance goes to her and allows her to open up to a subtle intellect and deep sensuality. If Lida plays the simpleton — do not hesitate, she just tries to please you.

What does the name Lydia mean and why is her happiness so difficult

Name options

Lilith, Lidochka, Lidok, Lida, Lid, Ida, Idochka, Idonka

  • The governing sign of the zodiac is a fiery and irreconcilable Aries. He gives and creative beginning inexhaustible power.
  • Planet — the Sun
  • Lucky colors are aquamarine, blue, sea wave, pale green. For important occasions — burgundy and gold.
  • Totem animal — waxwing
  • Tree — fir, juniper
  • Plant — hydrangea, lily, lotus
  • Stone — Aquamarine

What does the name Lydia mean and why is her happiness so difficult

Name Compatibility

Lydia should be wary of male names that suggest dominion — Vladimir, Alexander, Kirill, Vasily, Nikita.

More suitable names are soft, prone to compromise — Arkady, Pavel, Sergey, Arseny.

Name day she celebrates April 5th.

Lydia is often indifferent to the fleeting betrayal of her spouse, and she herself does not seek third-party romance. But sometimes it turns out to be a prisoner of secret love, which it carefully conceals. If she turns out to be mutual, the young Lida will undoubtedly destroy the marriage.

A mature woman will rush into the heat of passion and hide her passion. At an older age, the attitude towards one’s own loves is rather indulgent.

She likes to arrange happy marriages of friends and girlfriends more than she finds herself in the epicenter of events.

What does the name Lydia mean and why is her happiness so difficult

The main contradiction of character lies in the apparent lack of security and attractiveness with an iron and unbending internal core. It is impossible to break and subdue this woman, although she seems fragile and soft.

The independent character and fantastic femininity of Lydia attract and deter men.

They want to see her weak, defenseless, appealing to them for help and support, which they, of course, are ready to provide. But she is mocking, intelligent and retains these qualities even in close relationships, not hurrying to retreat to the background.

It annoys men who are not ready for an equal partnership.

Lida appreciates friendship, equality, partnership. But for this it is necessary to overcome her distrust.

Often she rejects the most profitable and sincere offers, fearing that they want to buy her, to win her favor, to force her.

Rationality and suspicion, sober calculation and fear of betrayal form an unpredictable person. It strikingly combines pettiness and incredible breadth of the soul. She can be a bad opinion about a person, because he broke a needle or broke a cup, or ugly squishes at the table.

But at the same time she is able to make luxury gifts and get pleasure from it.

Difficult nature gives rise to irreconcilable envy on the part of her most dear people. She is often hated and poisoned for precisely what it would be worth loving for — for beauty, talent, strong and generous nature.

It seems to others that she got too much, although she is no better. She is saved in seclusion and in a narrow circle of loyal friends.

Stealth is not the original trait of character, it is produced as a result of circumstances, betrayal of close people, gossip, painful blows to the most vulnerable places.

Many women with this name find themselves in the works where they can express their contradictory nature, show the amazing purity of the soul and win the love of others.

In childhood, this is the most charming and cute child that you can imagine. She does everything to win the love of adults.

Sometimes it makes mistakes, for example, it can become a sneak, considering that adults will appreciate such dedication above. But other children do not like it and Lidochka can become an outcast or enter the group of girls looking for influence.

Relations in such groups are more than complex and Lidochka learns intrigue early.

Fate favors Lidochka. She gets everything she wants — the most beautiful dresses, the best pencils for drawing, the most expensive and shiny shoes. Other children are not happy for Lida and do not admire her beauty.

On the contrary, they try to spoil everything if they can. But she is making progress in music, dancing, in sports, and soon she can actually demonstrate her superiority.

The boys at school are crazy about her and can fight for the right to carry her briefcase. A young Lida who gets used to intrigues turns the boys as she wants. Everything gets away with it.

The boys, unlike girls, eagerly listen to her silvery laughter, admire her beauty and are ready to forgive everything for a charming sly smile. Lydia tries to start friends not too beautiful, but faithful and loyal.

In adulthood, severe trials are possible. Hard character, inflexibility, responsibility, fantastic vitality and endurance create an aura of invulnerability. Those close to her see her responsible for everything and are often extremely cruel.

She receives the hardest blows from her own children, who are ready to blame her for all the problems and misfortunes. Her generosity and generosity is taken for granted.

It is necessary to be afraid of thoughtless actions, it is not necessary to give real estate to children, even on the terms of mutual support and care. Lydia may consider such a step as an opportunity for reconciliation, gratitude and the beginning of a real dialogue. But thanks will not be.

Dialogue too. By and large, she should count only on herself and her friends.

Relations with relatives are usually difficult.

In old age, she usually basks in the love of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren; everyone loves her again. Provided that she retained independence, independence and did not give everything she had to children.

In poverty, she becomes embittered, reticent, emphatically lonely.


  • Vertinskaya, an actress who has retained incredible beauty to the deepest old age.
  • Fedoseeva — Shukshina — actress.
  • Ruslanova — the legendary performer of romances and Russian folk songs.
  • Ginsburg — translator, literary critic, writer.

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