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What does the name Lolita mean and how does the value affect the fate and character

The meaning of the name Lolita — the fate, character and secrets of a woman

The name Lolita is a childish, diminutive derivative of Dolores, a strict Spanish Catholic name meaning the grieving Mother of God. There is also a non-Christian version of the origin of the name from Lilith — a powerful female deity, according to one version, the creator of the Earth, people and all living things.

The name carries a powerful feminine principle, wisdom and strength.

In the famous novel Nabokov, the main character was called Dolores, but the main character called her an exclusively childish name to emphasize her age. In the context of the novel, the age of Lolita is a significant detail.

The main quality of Dolores or Lolita can be considered stubbornness, the pursuit of their goals, secrecy and innate aristocracy.

Exciting and mysterious name left a serious mark in the literature. It was it that inspired Alexei Tolstoy to Aelita’s novel — he redrew the name Lolita into a “cosmic” mood.

There is even a deciphering of the meaning of the name Aelita from “Martian” — “the last light of the star is visible.

What does the name Lolita mean and how does the value affect the fate and character

Name options

Lola, Lita, Lelia, Dolores, Dolly, Dora, Doris, Laura, Lorochka, Lytochka, Lolitka, Lolka, Lola.

  • The control signs of the zodiac are incompatible Leo and Cancer, giving a deep, strong, explosive and contradictory, hard character.
  • Elements — fire and water at the same time.
  • The planets are a dazzling shining Sun and warlike burgundy Mars.
  • The happy colors of the name are white, red, gold, turquoise and blue hues.
  • Totem animals — falcon, hawk, scarab.
  • Metals — silver, gold, mercury, steel.
  • Plant — mistletoe, cedar, lemon.
  • Flower — lily, tea rose.
  • Stone — beryl, agate, ruby, diamond.

What does the name Lolita mean and how does the value affect the fate and character

Name Compatibility

Complex, but strong alliances with strong male names are possible — Peter, Kirill, Ivan, Karl, Gregor, Egor and the like.

Undesirable unions with hissing and whistling names — Philip, Michael, Seraphim, Yefim.

Best of all, the name is compatible with sonorous, melodic and courageous names — Andrey, Arseny, Artem, Sergey, Veniamin, Ambrose and similar in sound.

Independent, independent and solid. Best of all, Lolita can say no.

This applies to parents and loved ones. She indignantly rejects care, but gladly takes care of others, preferably the poor and disadvantaged.

Her kindness can take advantage of fraudsters, dishonest people. An ardent passion is possible for the “bad guys” who are completely unsuitable for her, whom Lolita will rush to save, not realizing that they are generally quite comfortable in a marginal niche, but they will not refuse free voluntary help.

For the sake of sacrificial assistance to near and far deprived, Lola is able to give up the benefits of his family, study in a good institution. It may even take drastic steps like selling real estate.

She thinks that by standing on the same field with the homeless and giving the money to the needy, she will be able to set an example and really help people find themselves.

After overcoming the phase of sacrifice, Lita becomes tough and prudent enough, not ready to rush into love adventures. As a rule, this causes a strong bewilderment among former boyfriends who are trying to regain its location, but with a completely negative result.

She can even take bouquets, which she disdainfully throws into the trash can — she does not like to remember the time when she was used.

Lola throws all her strength on self-improvement and education. Since a significant gap is allowed, she seeks to catch up, she is annoyed and inspired by the success of her peers and people younger than she.

Soon, she is catching up and even ahead of her peers, earns a remarkable reputation and gets a well-paid job.

Marry Lita is not in a hurry and if it comes out, it is solely for the calculation. She is no longer able to love poor and unsuccessful people. Husband often shoves and manipulates, does not allow himself to be driven into a corner, often completely ignores the household and focuses solely on his work.

Together they form a stable and secured pair.

Stubbornness, assertiveness, willingness to look for new ways, ruthlessness and intransigence, along with vulnerability, femininity, a certain hysteria, are the main traits of Lola’s character.

What does the name Lolita mean and how does the value affect the fate and character

Little Lola is a diligent and modest girl who prefers reading a ball game with her friends. It is hard to guess what is on her mind, she gladly plays the role of an exemplary girl, is distinguished by great accuracy and diligence.

Early may manifest a talent for drawing and needlework. Good grades, but without fantastic success, Lola seems to be living in two worlds — in a gray reality and in dazzling bright dreams, in her own secret and closed world.

She is closed, refers to her friends exactly, can envy more bright girls and try to imitate them.

In adolescence, the secrecy of Laura reaches the highest values. Given the contempt for danger and risk, the fate of Lolita is often tragic, especially at a young age.

She, like Gavrosh, is ready to collect ammunition under bullets, and usually she is very lucky.

But, unfortunately, one time, when luck turns away, it may be enough if a person balances on a dangerous edge. Keep and protect the girl from the risk is impossible.

She will carry the lepers food, go to put vaccines in dangerous places. In her opinion, the nobility of the mission justifies the possible sacrifices.

She tries to do all these tricks in secret.

Having grown up a bit, Lita again takes on the mind, the character acquires integrity, there is a merging of real and secret life. This is a difficult period and Lola is famous for extravagant antics, makes sharp judgments, discards old friends and old values.

In adulthood, she is more like Doris, decent and respectable.

She can excel in art, politics, is fluent in intrigue and manipulation, knows how to be pleasant and instantly gains trust. In words, she is dismissive of money and values, but she has serious savings that she spends at her own discretion.

Elderly Dolores enjoys social activities, occupies a significant position in society, is respected and feared.

Famous namesakes

  • Milyavskaya — a talented startling singer with a beautiful and deep voice
  • Torres — actress
  • O`Riordan — famous Irish singer, musician, composer
  • Ibarruri Gomez — Communist, active fighter of the revolution
  • Konesa — famous Spanish writer
  • Hope or Dolores Reed is a well-known philanthropist, the founder of a charity movement.

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