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What does the name Adele mean — what character, destiny and secret signs

Name Adele for a girl and what fate is connected with the name

The tender name Adele means «noble, noble, worthy.» In another transcription, the name sounds like Edel, Edelia. The name bearers are characterized by refinement, sentimentality, sensuality and at the same time rejection of the rough side of feelings, ambition, sometimes taking extreme forms, nervousness, gluttony.

Male version of the name — Adolf.

What does the name Adele mean - what character, destiny and secret signs

Name options

Adochka, Ada, Adi, Adichka, Adenka, Del, Del, Delly, Delia, Edel, Edel, Edelia, Deliechka, Idel, Idel, Ida, Adeline.

  • Zodiac Sign — Persistent Capricorn
  • Planet — sensual and deep Uranus
  • Happy color — lilac, blue, blue, indigo, purple, crimson, pink, fuchsia
  • Stone — Rhinestone
  • Plant — barberry
  • The animal is an eel. They can even eat for health.

What does the name Adele mean - what character, destiny and secret signs

Name Compatibility

For Adele’s music, a very good combination of names is very important. It is unlikely that she will think about the relationship with a man whose name is Ephraim, Kondraty, Sergey.

She is attracted by melodic combinations — Igor, Oleg, Alexey, Richard, Nikolay.

The nature of the girl herself usually compares with a beautiful mountain flower, which managed to bloom on bare stones, under a piercing wind, covered with snow and burned by the sharp rays of the sun. The close ones will probably be indignant, remembering the thickness of feather beds, on which the beauty, the sea of ​​love, attention, adoration, in which the baby bathed since birth, used to sleep.

She can really shed sincere tears about her heavy lobe, poverty and deprivation, eating truffles with a golden fork and sitting on a silk cushion. Self-pity, admiration for herself and her special talents, confidence that she achieved everything in her life herself, contrary to slings and arrows of violent fate, without the slightest help from the outside and fighting with a lack of understanding of others — not the brightest trait of a girl.

She is usually really talented and able to work, exhausting herself to complete exhaustion and bloody sweat, often to hysterics, insomnia, depression, nervous states. It annoys her if someone achieves more with less sacrifice and effort.

The problem is that the lion’s share of Adelie’s efforts has to be expended in fighting with herself, with an unwillingness to concentrate, with inner and extremely harsh criticism.

It can get out of difficult conditions only by properly and rigidly organizing the regime. Then she will be sure that she is doing everything right, and she will start doing 10 times more. Doubts and self-doubt kill her and do not allow her to open up.

Sharing hate praise — she thinks she is flattered, lied, trying to weaken ignorant and stupid people who are not able to notice the obvious shortcomings. She reacts to criticism painfully, as to visual confirmation of her lack of talent.

But most of all she does not like indifference — it just takes her out of herself. She despises indifferent people and ruthlessly erases from her life.

Ruthlessness is one of the key qualities of a character. She really does not pity herself for the sake of a great goal, she does not pity those around her and demands complete commitment and maximum concentration on what she considers important at the moment.

She treats attention from men demandingly, selfishly, carefully considering prospects. Perhaps a few crazy adventures, fortunately, not too long, but passionate and full of dangerous adventures. Chance of injury.

Not mental, but quite physical — fractures, tremors, sprains, bruises.

What does the name Adele mean - what character, destiny and secret signs

In a normal, stable relationship, when it is fully provided, along with all the whims, she will miss the poor, but full of passion, relationships. If she manages to break free from the golden cage, to stormy and free passions, she will quickly come back, since she herself does an excellent job of self-destruction.

Adele, who is sweet and delicate in her soul, is often annoyed by the discrepancy between beautiful refined nature and a plump and soft little body, which hints not at the exalted passion for celestial harmony, but at the usual love for buns. Brutal contrasts between lofty dreams and cruel reality are very difficult for her and make her suffer greatly.

The charming and dreamy girl pleases parents with brilliant successes. Her teachers praise her, she shows outstanding results, shows true persistence and passion.

The best teachers are invited to her and they willingly engage in a talented and bright baby. Everyone notes tact, gentleness, delicacy, sharp and penetrating mind of a child.

On average and younger age, the child is often sick.

Usually — from the reluctance to communicate with peers who are not able to appreciate the preciousness of the baby. But while studying at home, she makes up for a good loss at school, and sometimes even surpasses in those disciplines that seem interesting to her.

May make an “adult” account in social networks and be happy to communicate “on an equal footing” with those whom he considers to be future colleagues, initiates conversations on professional and highly specialized topics.

In the process of professional communication, “unexpectedly” reveals his age and enjoys the reaction. If a girl chooses science or medicine — she has a bright future. She is also well able to open up in the works.

Doing science is preferable because it allows you to get the necessary recognition, while maintaining a natural isolation, to really help people. Serving humanity, dedication for the sake of a great goal for it is not an empty phrase.

In adulthood, Adel often experiences disappointment, a reassessment of interests. Can focus on family, children, housekeeping. After the break, he returns to work, but without fanatical zeal forwards, uncompromising achievement of goals.

She learns to love herself, to appreciate peace, pleasant impressions, to love not a perfect self-image, but a pleasant and charming woman.

In old age, Del comes back to a dreamy childish state. You need to look after her so that she does not fall, walking along the mountain trails and admiring the sunset.

Keep it in one place can not. Classes of creativity, drawing, participation in the theater studio, are able to give her new guidelines and find themselves again.

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