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What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

The seven main human chakras: their location, colors, meaning and discovery

In order for a person to successfully exist and interact with the environment, it is important for him to receive energy in the required amount. The real energy that gives inner strength, makes you achieve your goals, love and give love, is formed through the chakras.

They are the conductor that catches and attracts prana. People with developed chakras are distinguished by their love of life, calmness, ability to achieve what they want and appreciate all that they have, inner peace and harmony.

If a person is aware of the need to open the chakras, then for this there are a number of exercises that help to achieve the desired result.

The chakra is the psycho-energetic center of a person, which is the area of ​​intersection of the channels through which the vital energy necessary for human existence passes. Chakras are also called whirlpools, energy swirls or circles.

Many chaotically connected energies are concentrated in the environment, and not all of them are necessary for people. The main meaning of the chakra is to identify and conduct the necessary energy through itself.

Whirlwinds carry the functions of a receiver and transmitter, working with electromagnetic fields, turning them into prana (energy), which fills a person with life force.

With the help of the whirlwinds, a person can not only receive energy, but also exchange it and give it away to others. So, young children are often energy donors, and old people are the opposite.

From this it follows that the chakras are not only for absorption, but also for release and can be in one of these states alternately.

When people understand how their energy whirlpools work, they can better know themselves and those around them, solve difficult problems, be able to pass and accept tests and develop.

What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

Cycles are located on the body of each person, some people can see them, but this is possible only with long workouts with the implementation of various practices. Externally, the chakras resemble shining circular funnels.

The faster they spin, the more a person processes and subsequently receives energy.

There are seven chakras that are responsible for individual internal organs, personality traits, individuality and health. The chakras are located in different places in the direction of the spine:

Title chakras


Is the beginning and is located in the pelvic region at the base of the vertebral department, covers the first three vertebrae and genitals

Located just below the navel (several centimeters) and covers the lower abdomen

Located in the solar plexus region, starting at the navel and ending at the ribs.

Located in the middle of the chest and covers the cardiac plexus

Begins at the base of the throat

Ajna (third eye)

Located in the forehead between the two brows and covers the medulla and pineal gland

Located on the top of the skull, covers the cerebral plexus

What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

Chakra layout

What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

Whirlwinds carry not only energy, but also information. The first three vortices are lower and mainly energy is passed through.

The last two vortex — the upper, they pass through information, and the middle chakras represent a balance between the flow of energy and information.

Each vortex has its own color and element:

Title chakras



A rock

What is responsible

Jet, black coral, onyx or tourmaline

Fire opal, ruby, red jasper and carnelian

Yellow and gold aventurine, tiger eye and yellow sapphire

Emerald, pink tourmaline, malachite, jade

Skin, genitals

Blue quartz, sapphire, aquamarine, turquoise and blue tourmaline

Ajna (third eye)

Mahattva (it contains all the elements)

Azurite, amethyst, kyanite blue malachite and tourmaline

Brain, consciousness, thinking

White onyx, opal and rhinestone

Crown of the head, spirituality, clairvoyance

What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

Of considerable importance is the color of the circles:



  • Effective color with melancholia, but can be irritating.
  • It characterizes sensual, cheerful, ambitious, purposeful, liberated, optimistic people.
  • Inherent to aggressive people with big ambitions, striving for power and leading positions
  • Color, stimulating feelings, emotions, accelerating the pulsation of blood through the veins, but does not affect the pressure.
  • This color can easily create a sense of celebration, but it can, and vice versa, empty a person emotionally.
  • People with a predominance of this color are sociable, kind, caring and sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Color is characterized by a stimulating effect on the brain, effective against fatigue, helps creative individuals.
  • The carriers of the yellow aura are distinguished by sociability, ability to express themselves, their presence warms and charms others.
  • Such people possess high intelligence and good oratorical abilities.
  • It is a painkiller and hypnotic color, relieving irritability, overwork, poor sleep.
  • Color helps to reduce blood pressure and improve mood.
  • People with predominant green color in aura are sentimental, easily adapting to new conditions, like friendly companies, easily perceive life, slow in anger, restrained in their actions.
  • If such a person in the dispute realizes that he is right, it will be impossible to convince him
  • It characterizes people who know how to teach others, who love to travel, who are seeking to seek the truth.
  • Such people have an adventurous streak, abilities to art, a good imagination and an extraordinary mind.
  • Holders of such an aura are eager to get new impressions, get to know and support communication with representatives of different nations.
  • In pursuit of an active lifestyle, such people forget that they need to be able to relax.
  • The color of spirituality, responsible for education, love to travel and the knowledge of truth.
  • A person who loves new sensations and impressions, striving for self-knowledge.
  • Such people have good mental abilities, intuition, are constant, loyal, gentle, compassionate, prone to charity.
  • It characterizes high sensitivity, spirituality, the gift of clairvoyance and intuition.
  • Such people do not like to seek help from others, they are quite self-sufficient to cope on their own, but they always come to the rescue themselves.

When one or more chakras work incorrectly, people feel a lack of something in life, so it is important to know their characteristics in order to identify problem areas in the energy sector.

Bioenergy believes that there are enough people who suffer from a lack of energy. For them, it is just necessary to do practices on the discovery of energy cycles, so they will prevent many diseases.

It is the lowest circle that is responsible for the normal functioning of organs such as the kidneys, adrenal glands, intestines, lower back, genitals and legs. This circle signifies the beginning of a person’s life. This chakra is responsible for meeting the lower human needs, such as food, drink, home, wealth, sense of security, physical satisfaction and procreation.

If a person cannot satisfy himself in the above things, then he will not be able to concentrate on something else.

In order for the chakra to be healthy, a person needs to find a place in the environment in which he will feel good. For some, it will be a park, a city with a large metropolis, and for someone it will be a place where people rarely meet (mountains, desert, forest, etc.).

Thus, a person will build relationships with nature.

Diseases when unbalanced: hemorrhoids, constipation, inflammation of the ovaries, prostatitis may occur.

Chakra has concentrated in itself sexual energy and the ability to work. People with advanced Swadisthans can enjoy life, openly expressing their passion. Thanks to the power of this chakra, people are able to rejoice that they exist.

The vortex is responsible for reproductive function, provides a person with vital energy and is responsible for the expression of emotions.

The energy of this vortex collects information about self-perception, cultural level, family, especially about the father and everything connected with it. Responsible for a person’s self-esteem and how he views himself among other people. In this area, problems and injuries associated with childhood can accumulate (poor lifestyle of parents, violence, feeling of loneliness and uselessness).

With this chakra, sexual and creative energy is activated, control takes place over the lower intestine, spine and ovaries.

With a large amount of such energy can be observed great lust and immorality. With a lack of energy, a person turns into a hypocrite, moralizing agent, he appears panic and fear.

The elaborated Svadhisthana contributes to the control over their feelings and sexual energy.

Diseases when unbalanced: male impotence, female infertility, coldness, hypersexuality, diseases associated with the kidneys and bladder.

Responsible for the activity of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, spleen, adrenal glands and pancreas. In Manipur is located the heart of the existing ideas and views about the world, the understanding of oneself as a person. Chakra characterizes a confident personality, prone to anger, able to stand up for itself, to defend their point of view and achieve their goals.

He is responsible for the ability to stand up for himself, to justify and defend his opinion, to achieve the goal.

A well-developed whirlwind contributes to great strength of will, energy, determination, the development of psychological qualities, the ability to concentrate on certain tasks, the ability to think, analyze and generate various new ideas. Lack of energy in the cycle creates irritability, aggression, insecurity, stinginess, a person often conflicts, suffers from feelings of guilt.

In this case, it is necessary to develop such qualities as self-confidence.

Diseases when unbalanced: all diseases associated with vital activity of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, gall bladder, spleen, adrenal glands and pancreas.

The cycle controls the activities of the heart, lungs, and organs located in the chest and upper spine. The chakra also controls all the emotional aspects that are associated with the heart, the functioning of the shoulders and arms.

The fourth chakra is also responsible for healing, compassion, attentiveness, caring for people.

The open Anahata allows a person to feel happiness and to feel that he is part of the universe (the feeling of oneness with all living things — people, animals, plants, minerals, and God). Such people are harmonious and compassionate, generous, respectful both to other people and to themselves, they feel love for others.

With a lack of green energy, people become cold, passive, notorious, emotionally closed, engaged in self-flagellation, they have various fears.

Diseases when unbalanced: cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, lung diseases, hypertension.

The influence of Vishudhi rushes on the tongue, thyroid gland, larynx and bronchi. Chakra promotes creative expression, the ability to think outside the box, to find a way out in difficult situations, the desire for freedom and self-expression.

Thanks to this energy, people communicate with each other, transfer their knowledge accumulated over the years and share their invaluable experience.

Developed chakra is inherent in artists, writers and artists. In the center of the circuit is concentrated everything related to leadership, authority of authority, education, organization, voice and speech.

With a lack of energy, a person may differ in the inability to express personal opinion due to the fact that he considers it to be wrong or not needed by anyone.

Diseases when unbalanced: obsessive ideas, excessive opposition to someone else’s opinion, forcing the interlocutor to talk, or inability to talk, caused by a sore throat.

Chakra controls the vision and hearing, people who have developed this energy flow, are able to read information from the outside world and rebuild it for themselves, have a very good intuition, even to anticipate situations and their outcomes.

Such people instantly adopt solutions, as they have fast logical thinking and high concentration. This chakra of scientists, mathematicians and people who linked their profession with science.

This is one of the few energy centers responsible for intuition, knowledge, when a person knows, but does not realize, where this knowledge comes from.

The normal state activates psychic and psychic abilities, intelligence, visualization of vivid images.

Diseases when unbalanced: headaches. Imbalance leads to difficulties in concentration, conservative thinking, poor communication skills, the appearance of signs of schizophrenia.

Controls the processes of energy supply of the brain, which is responsible for human consciousness, thinking and actions. With the help of this energy center, a person can think and take himself for a part in the vast outer space.

Chakra is a conductor of inspiration and the ability to discover something new. It also brings together all the chakras, balancing their energies, the work of the physical sphere and brain activity depends on it.

The center carries out the work of the individual with his destiny, helps a person to find the right landmarks in life. The energy of this chakra attracts people with similar life landmarks and repels those who do not correspond to their life outlines.

Chakra helps to develop strategic thinking with the ability to highlight the main of the main information, its association.

People with developed Sahasrara are capable of enlightenment, cosmic love, possess universal life energy.

Diseases when unbalanced: diseases of the dysfunction of the brain, various mental illnesses. Unbalance is characterized by depression, reticence, psychosis and other mental illnesses.

The chakras of woman and man look the same, but they are not. Some are active for men while passive for women and vice versa.

Only one of the seven chakras works the same for both sexes.

Active in men and passive in women, since the stronger sex must protect and feed their family, ensuring its survival.

When a woman independently begins to deal with issues of survival, this chakra becomes active for her. Thus, the balance and female harmony is disturbed, because men’s duties are shifted to the weaker sex.

Active in women and passive in men. The essence of this energy is that a man receives pleasure through a woman, that is, the male sex enjoys, and the female brings pleasure.

This distribution of roles occurs both sexually and in terms of cooking, caring and arranging the home.

Active in men and passive in women. A man, having absorbed all the energy of the second chakra from a woman, tries to bring as much material wealth to the family as possible and achieve a good social position.

The more positive energy a woman gives, the greater the results achieved by the man.

Active in women and passive in men. This chakra is inherent in a woman, as it must fill a man with love while he accepts her.

If the polarity of these vortices changes, then neither man nor woman can realize themselves.

Women’s mission is the care, fulfillment of the desires and whims of the opposite sex, and on the part of men it is the provision of material goods and security.

Active in men and passive in women. This chakra begins to work only if a man fully receives love from a woman through the fourth chakra.

In this case, he has a strong desire for self-realization in society.

Active in women and passive in men. Men form an opinion about people or specific situations using a rational and logical type of thinking, and women operate on premonitions.

In order to understand that the interlocutor or business partner is dishonorable, a man needs to see the actions that confirm this. For a woman, it’s enough just to look at the man and she will immediately form an opinion about him.

Often, women’s intuition really works, so many men listen to the advice of their second half.

It is active in both women and men. This is the only chakra in which there is a balance between female and male energy and they work in the same way.

This energy is responsible for the connection of the human soul and the universe.

To open the chakras, you need to identify the causes of their blocks:

  • The first chakra is closed because of fears, in order to open it, it is necessary to overcome them.
  • The second is blocked by guilt. It is necessary to find out what the fault is, and look at the situation from different perspectives, maybe no fault at all.
  • The third depends on disappointments in life and shame. It is necessary to identify the origin of these feelings and work on them, to accept and release all bad situations.
  • The fourth chakra closes due to feelings of grief. It is necessary to get together and overcome the feeling of despondency and apathy, analyze the situation to find the cause.
  • The fifth is blocked by deception by people and by the person. You just need to stop lying to yourself first, then it will be easier to tell the truth to others.
  • The sixth is closed if the person lives in the world of illusions. It is necessary to learn to accept and be aware of the existing reality.
  • The seventh depends on earthly attachments. It is necessary to live in the current moment of time, letting go of thoughts about your material wealth, ideals, dreams, and dear people.

After the causes of the blockage of the vortices have been eliminated, the immediate disclosure should proceed. For this, various methods of meditation are used.

1st stage. You must use and be aware of your body, do yoga, walk around the city, do household chores.

In this way, a person understands his body better, which contributes to strengthening the circle.

2nd stage. Then you need to be grounded, that is, to feel the earth beneath you, as if it is connected to a body.

To do this, the person gets up and relaxes as much as possible, legs are placed shoulder-width apart and slightly bent at the knees, then the pelvis is pushed slightly forward, the body is kept in balance, and the weight is evenly distributed on the feet. After that, the weight moves slightly forward, and in this position it is necessary to hold out for several minutes.

What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

3rd stage. After grounding, the person sits cross-legged in "lotus position". You need to put your thumb and index fingers together and focus on the point of placement of the root chakra and think about what it means.

You need to fully concentrate on the chakra and how it positively affects the person.

4th stage. Sound repeats "lamas" until complete relaxation occurs, then a red four-petal bud is visualized.

The muscles of the perineum are contracted, breath held, and then released. At this time it is necessary to imagine how the bud gradually opens and turns into a flower.

What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

1st stage. The man sits on his knees with a flat but relaxed back, puts his hands on his knees, fastening his palms up.

Her left hand is at the bottom, and her palm touches the outside of the fingers of her right hand, and the thumbs of both hands are touching.

What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

2nd stage. A person should concentrate on the location of the energy of the vortex and think about its designation.

Sound is clearly but not very loud. "you", you need to feel complete relaxation.

1st stage. The pose is the same as in the previous technique, only the hands are placed in front of the stomach, slightly below the solar plexus. It is necessary to connect the fingertips in the direction against themselves.

Thumbs need to be crossed and the rest straightened.

2nd stage. One must fully concentrate on the chakra and on its positive effect.

The sound is clear but slightly loud. "ram". The practice is done until the person completely relaxes and feels cleansing.

What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

1st stage. The person sits in the lotus position, connects the tips of the index and thumb on both hands.

The left hand rests on the left knee, and the right hand — on the lower part of the chest.

2nd stage. A person should be fully focused on the chakra and how it positively affects it. Make the sound clear but quiet "yam".

You must remain relaxed until a feeling of cleansing appears.

What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

1st stage. The person sits on his knees, and the fingers are crossed from the inside of the palm, without touching the big fingers, which should be in contact with each other.

2nd stage. You should fully concentrate on the chakra and on its positive effects. Clear, but quietly pronounced sound "ham".

The duration of the practice is about five minutes.

What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

1st stage. The person sits in the lotus position, and puts his hands on the lower part of the chest.

The middle fingers are straightened and their tips are joined against each other. The remaining fingers bend and touch each other with the two upper phalanges.

The touching thumbs should point to the person himself.

2nd stage. A person should be fully focused on the chakra and how it positively affects it. Clear, but slightly loud sound "om" or "aum".

It is necessary to do the practice until a feeling of cleansing appears.

What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

1st stage. The pose is the same as in the previous practice, only a different position of the hands.

It is necessary to put a hand in front of the abdomen, and to direct the little fingers upwards against themselves, having joined with their tips. The remaining fingers must be crossed so that the big one on the right hand is higher than on the left.

2nd stage. You need to concentrate on the chakra and how it positively affects the person. Clear, but quietly pronounced sound "om" or "ng".

You must perform the practice for at least ten minutes. To develop this energy, first you need to develop the root chakra well.

What chakras a person has, their location, colors and meaning

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