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Victoria’s Name Day on the Church Calendar — Orthodox Angel Day

Victoria’s Angel Day by the Orthodox Church Calendar

For a very long time this name was considered non-ecclesiastical. In the holy calendar it was included only in our days, most recently: in 2011. In that year they decided to honor the holy martyr Victoria Corduba or Korduba (we will tell about it below).

Later, a few more sacred dates arose, associated with the name Vika, Victoria. Therefore, women bearing this name, but born at different times of the year, can celebrate the day of the angel in different ways.

Victoria's Name Day on the Church Calendar - Orthodox Angel Day

The church remembers this name on such days:

  • June 7th. The Orthodox pray on this day to the martyr Victoria Efesskaya.
  • June 14th. This date is a tribute to the memory of Victoria Solunskaya (also known as Roman).
  • November 6th. The patron saint of this date is the martyr Victoria Nicomedia.
  • On November 17, in some European cities (particularly in Spain, as well as in France), the brother and sister, the martyrs of Aziskla and Victoria of Cordoba are revered.
  • 21 December. The “angel” of this day was the martyr Victoria Kuluzskaya.

Angel days are many. But personally, yours (or your daughter) falls on the date located on the calendar closest to the date of birth.

Church form name and its origin

Victoria's Name Day on the Church Calendar - Orthodox Angel Day

Unlike other worldly names that sound in church practice somewhat differently (for example, Denis — Dionysius), the name Victoria in the calendar is spelled the same way as in your passport.

This name has Latin roots. In translation, it means «victory.»

That was the name that the Roman goddess of victory bore (if you compare it with the Greek pantheon, then Nick became the twin sister of Victoria).

On our lands, the name was first sounded thanks to Peter the Great, who was very fond of using this word instead of the traditional “victory”. Interestingly, in those days it was considered notable and urban.

In the villages, the girls were not given it (however, it is not surprising — at that time the peasants called babies exclusively according to the calendar calendar).

What fate and character does the Lord bless the bearer of this name?

Character. Outwardly, it is an independent, strong, brave girl.

However, people who really know Tory are well aware: all this is a mask for a tender, vulnerable soul, often shy and unsure of itself.

Slowness and laziness can be considered weaknesses of this woman’s character (although this is not the dominant trait). She is also not without ambition.

Fate From birth, this girl has a mobile disposition. If she is sure that she is right, she will not change her own opinion, staying “at her own” to the last.

At first, her character may suffer parents trying to train the baby to the mind, then teachers. Sometimes it also comes to conflicts with the management, if Vika believes that she (or someone from her colleagues with whom she is friends) was offended unfairly.

This wrestler in a skirt does not hesitate to compete even with guys — classmates, brother, father, colleagues. Therefore, Vika often makes a good career.

By the way, while in school she doesn’t like to study very much — it can be quite difficult to put her behind books. During her studies in the lower grades, she constantly asks the seniors to help her with “homework” (and even did everything for her). But do not be afraid, the girl will not grow lazy.

On the contrary, having gained confidence in her own strength, she will achieve the respect of her colleagues and become a skillful hostess — one sight for her!

In honor of which saint is named Vika?

Victoria's Name Day on the Church Calendar - Orthodox Angel Day

  1. Victoria Kordovskaya (Kordubskaya). Tortured in the Spanish city of Cordoba in the 4th century with his brother Itisquil. They did not close themselves to calling themselves Christians, and when the then city authorities began to force them to offer sacrifices to the Roman deity, they refused. For this they were put to death.
  2. Victoria Nicomedia. This holy vein in the 3rd century AD, during the persecutions of Christians. She accepted a martyr’s death, but did not renounce the religion she had chosen.
  3. Victoria Kuluzskaya, sometimes known as Nika. It suffered at the end of the 5th century in North Africa, namely in Carthage. In those days there were ruled by vandals converted to the Arian faith (one of the early currents of Christianity, at odds with many traditional religious dogmas). They were very cruel to the Orthodox who refused to accept their faith. Particularly mass persecution of Christians began under King Gunerich. According to legend, Victoria was a young woman from the city of Koulouse, had a husband and children. When they began to torture her, she did not give up her faith. The Lord rewarded her for this — not only saved her life, but healed her wounds.

Today, there is even the Temple of the Holy Martyr Victoria. It is located in the village Kompaneevka (Kirovograd region, Ukraine).

But if you now know what your patroness is called, then how can she properly pray? In the church there are special nominal prayers.

This is a prayer for the health of Victoria. You can include this video every night until you learn the words by heart:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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