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Value, origin and mystery of the name Elizabeth, the fate and character of the girl

Name Elizabeth: the origin, fate and character of a woman

The name Elizabeth (short form Lisa) is of Greek origin. But there is a variation of descent from the Hebrew female name of Eleshev, which, according to etymology, literally translates as "oath to God", "God’s help".

Name day on the church calendar — May 1 — Rev. Elizabeth the Wonderworker, September 5 — Elizabeth Palestine Righteous.

Analogs and diminutive variants of the name Elizabeth: Elise, Lizzie Lizok, Lizuha, Liz, Lee, Lu, Lizonka, Lizushka, Lizka Lizusha, Liza, Lizunchik, Licking, Lisbeth, Betty, Eli El Lizochek, Lizushenka, Elizavetka , Elizavetushka, Elizavetonka, Elizonka.

Name value and history:

  • The name Elizabeth was common among noble families and was considered royal. Hebrew means "worshiper of God". So they called the wife of the high priest Aaron, who was the elder brother of Moses.
  • Elizabeth the Righteous was the cousin of the Most Holy Theotokos Virgin Mary and the mother of John the Baptist (Baptist).

However, the owner of such a name does not differ in particular religiosity and good thoughts. Despite its euphony and royalty, in the modern world the name Elizabeth is quite rare.

Value, origin and mystery of the name Elizabeth, the fate and character of the girl

The girl Liza is an extravagant, spoiled and obnoxious little lady who always has little parental attention and gifts. The child never sits still, inquisitive and active, does not know the sense of proportion, and passes past the inhibitions of the mother and father. It often seems to a girl that people underestimate her, so she tries to stand out in any way.

Lisa is sociable, easily finds a common language with both boys and girls, but she does not know how to share and forgive her offenders.

Lisa does not try to become an excellent student at school and often comes to the lesson unprepared. Teachers make comments to her because of unacceptable behavior and conduct educational conversations with her parents, but there is little sense from this.

Young Elizabeth loves entertainment and is not accustomed to limit herself in anything. She knows how to win over people and is looking for benefits in everything.

Lisa plans to marry a rich man, so she does not want to get a good education, often skipping lectures at the university and finds more important lessons for herself.

Lisa prefers beautiful, expensive and bright things that emphasize her individuality and hide minor flaws. The girl watches her figure, but sports are irregular, because physical culture quickly bothers the girl.

The nature of the girl born at different times of the year:

  1. one. Autumn — reliable, practical and intelligent, knows his worth, true to his ideals and beliefs. She is strong in spirit, disciplined and tries to carry out her plans at any cost.
  2. 2 Winter — serious, possesses self-control and self-control. Lisa finds a creative approach to any problem and seeks positive aspects in everything.
  3. 3 Spring — adheres to conservative views and does not like change. For her, there is only her own opinion; Lisa is dismissive of others, arrogant and ambitious.
  4. four. Summer — sociable, friendly and charming. Summer Lisa is very vulnerable and vulnerable, offended for any reason, but quickly forgets insults. The girl lives one day and does not think about her future.

Value, origin and mystery of the name Elizabeth, the fate and character of the girl

The secret of a woman named Elizabeth is the ability to create a convincing image of a sweet, modest and naive girl for others, which she is not.

Psychological portrait, character interpretation and compatibility with male names are presented in the table.

TemperamentLisa is most often a choleric type of character.
SoulInsidious soul, in which a lot of envy, anger and hatred of others. But Lisa can have a pure and bright soul, if the parents have properly raised their child and instilled in childhood a love for the beautiful
FateThe life of the owner of such a name can be very successful, but for this you need a lot of work on yourself
Basic qualitiesCunning, calculating
Negative traitsSelfishness, selfishness, touchiness, irascibility
StrengthsSociability, education, dedication, perseverance, charm, artistry
MindElizabeth can not be called a balanced girl, she scrupulously refers to the details, but does not notice the main problems. It creates the impression of a sweet, kind and naive woman, which is significantly different from the truth. Lisa is a born manipulator and a good psychologist, says what they want to hear from her
IntelligenceLisa thinks outside the box, her actions are not amenable to logic and common sense
MoralLiza is not distinguished by high morality, her actions are subordinated to desires and ambitions, so she crossed over with ease through moral principles and norms of behavior.
SexFor Liza, trust in the intimate sphere and full understanding is important. Only for such a man will the girl fully open and deliver unforgettable pleasure, rejecting all limits of decency. She needs an experienced partner, attentive and sensitive, who is ready to translate the most outspoken fantasies and desires of a woman into reality.
friendshipThere is no friendship for Liza, there are only people who will help her achieve what she wants, but with their interests and opinions a woman is not considered
HealthPredisposed to diseases of the digestive system. Lisa often has hormonal and metabolic problems. It is important for her to watch her diet, because a woman is inclined to be overweight
ProfessionsJournalist, writer, actress, designer, culinary specialist, art historian, lawyer, singer, TV presenter, artist, photographer
CareerLisa is not a careerist, but material values ​​are important for her. She will never agree to hard and hard work that will not bring her the desired income. Most of all she likes the creative profession, which lacks a strict work schedule and there is no strict control by the authorities.
Hobbies and hobbiesNeedlework, music, dance, travel, art, foreign languages
BusinessIt will be extremely difficult for Liza to run her business on her own, because a woman has no business acumen and does not know how to competently lead a working team and make informed decisions
IntuitionWell developed, but you should not always trust the inner voice, listening to your common sense and making logical conclusions
MarriageThe first marriage of Elizabeth often ends in divorce, because a woman chooses a wealthy and experienced man for marriage, to whom she does not have love feelings. The owner of this name is characterized by a marriage of convenience, but a girl can fall in love with a young man who fulfills all her whims and turns their life together into a beautiful fairy tale.
LoveLiza has a lot of fans, but a guy from a rich family with excellent manners and a calm temper can win the heart of the owner of this name. She does not like impudent and rude men, as well as men who cannot provide for their family and are opportunists.
Family and ChildrenLisa loves children, but she is not in a hurry to start her own and gives birth to her first child already at a mature age. She lives a luxurious life and is not accustomed to perform household duties, so she hires a maid and other attendants. Elizabeth’s house reminds of a chic palace in which harmony and comfort reigns
Male Name Compatibility
  • Maximum — Andrei, Alexander, Leonid, Vadim, Mikhail, Yaroslav.
  • Medium — Artem, Maxim, Konstantin, Evgeny, Peter.
  • Low — Rodion, Valentine, Victor, Vladimir.

Value, origin and mystery of the name Elizabeth, the fate and character of the girl

Happy symbols, patrons and significant dates for the owner of such a name are presented in the table.

Patron saint planetJupiter
A rockAmethyst
Astrological signAquarius, Virgo
East zodiac signSnake
Significant years of life16, 32, 48, 60
Auspicious day of the weekWednesday
Good time of the yearSummer
Lucky numberSix
Cherished flowerViolet, lilac
TreeApple tree
Elementthe fire
Favorable colorsGreen, Orange, Blue, Lilac
Totem animalFox

According to legend, the abbess (abbess of the women’s monastery) Elisaveta of Constantinople was sent to the monastery at a young age. She led a righteous lifestyle, kept all of God’s commandments, strictly adhered to fasting and lived in piety and humility.

For her humble temper, the Lord granted her the ability to heal people. Elizabeth relieved not only from physical, but also from mental suffering and ailments.

The woman became an abbess, but she led the same modest way of life and tirelessly praised God in her prayer messages.

Value, origin and mystery of the name Elizabeth, the fate and character of the girl

She used to eat only products of plant origin (vegetables, fruits, herbs), she wore clothes from a linen shirt (coarse cloth) and was an unpretentious and deeply religious woman.

Elisaveta of Constantinople worked real miracles: she killed a fierce serpent with the help of prayers alone, cast out demons from obsessive people, cured mortal illnesses with her touch and appeal to the Lord Supreme.

After the death of the hegumen, the ashes of St. Elizabeth helped blind people to find sight.

The description of the character of Elizabeth born under different constellations is presented in the table.

Zodiac signInterpretation
VirgoSly, ingenious and calculating. She is graceful, intelligent and gives the impression of an independent and unapproachable woman. Her idolize the opposite sex, and she does not need male attention, because there is always an erudite and reliable man with her, who is rich and handsome.
LibraComprehensively developed and very talented person, with her there is always something to talk about, she is smart, quick-witted and cheerful. Lisa-Libra can succeed in any sphere of life, she is lucky and charming, looking for a man to match herself, who will tirelessly admire her spouse and pamper her with expensive gifts.
ScorpioHot-tempered, cheeky and witty woman. Elizabeth, who was born under the sign of Scorpio, is able to find a way out of any situation and immediately makes decisions that most often turn out to be true. She likes to criticize and does not tolerate other people’s shortcomings, but does not notice her own flaws.
SagittariusActive, categorical and temperamental personality. She clearly knows what she wants from life, and will never turn from her intended path. Lisa-Sagittarius sometimes makes impulsive actions, but quickly takes control of the situation and easily corrects mistakes made. She is in love and does not have a special loyalty and devotion in family relationships.
CapricornAssertive, stubborn and resolute. Pragmatism and prudence make Elizabeth Capricorn a cold and insensitive nature that will never show its true emotions and will not give up slack. Ambient consider a woman arrogant and very arrogant, so she has no friends and it is difficult to strike a relationship with men
AquariusDual personality, which does not allow anyone to itself. She tends to idealize people and the world around us, waiting for her prince, but does not believe in fairy tales, therefore she often remains alone and no one needs. Elizabeth, born under the sign of Aquarius, often goes to extremes and is in a melancholic mood
FishA conceited, capricious, narcissistic and selfish woman who looks at everyone with disdain. Elizabeth Pisces was not accustomed to listening to advice and always acts as she sees fit. The girl is lazy, leads an idle lifestyle and starts fleeting romances, breaking the heart and giving false promises to more than one man
AriesSelf-confident, liberated and insightful woman who can not be misled. She loves to take risks and is engaged in extreme sports, can not live without adventure and tries to diversify her life as much as possible. Elizabeth, born under the constellation Aries, is not ready for a serious and stable relationship
TaurusAn unruffled, thorough and insidious woman who is able to cope with any work. She is always lucky and in love, and in professional activities. Elizaveta-Taurus does not give in to her immediate desires, it is impossible to ruffle her. She is surrounded by men, but she is not in a hurry to start a family
TwinsEmotional, impulsive and absurd nature. She can not live a measured and calm life, constantly getting into ridiculous situations. Often involved in the adventures and seeks to get rich, choosing for this non-standard and dishonest methods. Elizabeth Twins loves noisy parties and never alone
CrayfishModest, suspicious and indecisive girl. She is afraid to take responsibility and always listens to the opinions of others. Elizabeth, born under the sign of Cancer, is very sensual and vulnerable, she is easily susceptible to bad influence. Lisa is constantly disappointed in men, because she attracts mean-spirited and prudent people of the opposite sex.
a lionStrong-willed, ambitious, tough and despotic nature. Elizabeth, who was born under the constellation of Leo, loves to rule and seeks general acceptance. She does not need guidance and advice, does not tolerate criticism in her address. A woman is categorical in her judgments and does not recognize mistakes. It is difficult to get along with her, so for a long time she cannot find a worthy life partner who can withstand the complicated character of her chosen one

Outstanding owners of the name Elizabeth:

  1. 1. Writers and poetess — Vasilyeva, Mnatsakanova, Kuzmina, Kulman, Jrorge, Gilbert.
  2. 2. Television presenters — Hot, Gerson, Listova, Oliferova.
  3. 3. Athletes — Bykova, Dalqvist, Tuktamysheva, Ivanova, Ermolaeva.
  4. 4. Actresses — Taylor, Pashchenko, Vasilenko, Nilova, Boyarskaya, Nikishchikhina.
  5. 5. Singers — Soberano, Akhmatova, Stansfield, Shumskaya, Semichastnova, Chavdar, Motherland.

Other prominent women are Elizabeth II (Queen of Great Britain), Elizabeth Petrovna (empress from the Romanov family).

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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