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Umar — meaning and interpretation of the name, character, fate and relationships

Charming Umar — character, personality, career and love

Name interpretation

Umar - meaning and interpretation of the name, character, fate and relationships

Other forms of name: Omar, Gumar, Kumar.

The emergence of the name: Muslim.

Arabic having, has the translation «life» and «human age.» Parents, calling their boy Umar, wish him a long life.

It has various forms: among the Tatars it is Kumar, and among the Kirghiz it is Omur.

Character and personality

As a child, he is a very lively and active child, cheerful and tries to be everywhere. Thanks to his inquisitive, he likes to arrange various experiments, but such that his parents then have to deal with the consequences of his hectic activity.

Parents can easily direct the boy’s excess energy in the right direction, in which the sports section will help.

Umar man has a dreamy, impulsive and romantic kind. Noisy companies go to him very much, but in his penchant for exaggerated self-esteem he is able to become very self-centered.

However, despite this, the owner of the name will always come to the aid of others, and in this regard he is often selfless.

Umar - meaning and interpretation of the name, character, fate and relationships

He has a very active imagination, but because of his ability to empathize, he can safely take the title of philanthropist. He may strive to improve his spiritual level, so he should not rashly talk about it, especially to anyone.

He is bright and lively, his candor and honesty are pathological in nature, and he will not accept deception and falsity.

Due to physical strength, the owner of the name rarely gets sick.

Work and career

As he grows older, the owner of the name begins to disregard the general norms and stereotypes, and he will in every way seek to violate them. His choice of profession can be quite original.

He can become a stuntman, a rock musician or a scientist.

In his chosen field, he will always try to prove himself well and in the best light. Thanks to his unusual approach, he can easily bring freshness and novelty even to the most ordinary and banal affair.

But, despite his successes and talents, the name holder is unlikely to be called a careerist, and he will never refuse to spend time with friends.

Love and relationships

The owner of the name is charming, the girls are able to arrange a real war for him to achieve his location. In addition, he himself is not averse to getting the affair on the side, but he very much values ​​his personal freedom, and perceives marriage as terrible fetters.

Umar - meaning and interpretation of the name, character, fate and relationships

But even he can marry, albeit rather late, and only because he is tired of the attention of easily accessible women and the bachelor life. Anyway, he will always find a wife for himself a beautiful, intelligent and economic girl.

Bad compatibility: Taisia, Natalia, Tatyana.

Umar does not celebrate birthday.

Popular carriers named

  • Omar Khayyam, 1048 — 1131, philosopher, mathematician, poet, astronomer, Iran.
  • Umar Bersey, 1807, poet, writer, Russia.
  • Omar Ortiz, 1976, Footballer, Guatemala.
  • Umar Khabekov, 1921 — 1945, participant of the Great Patriotic War, Russia.
  • Omar Sharif, 1932 — 2015, actor, Egypt.
  • Omar Karame, 1934 — 2015, the Prime Minister of Lebanon.
  • Umar Calaban, 1981, Footballer, Guinea.
  • Omar al-Bashir, 1944 — 1993, statesman, Sudan.
  • Omar Epps, 1973, actor, composer, producer, USA.
  • Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 1986, Terrorist, Nigeria.
  • Omar Bongo Ondimba, 1935 — 2009, statesman, Spain.
  • Omar Shemarck, 1960, Prime Minister of Somalia.
  • Omar Bravo, 1980, Footballer, Mexico.
  • Umar Aliyev, 1895 — 1937, author, creator of the alphabet, Russia.
  • Omar Torrijos, 1929 — 1981, statesman, Panama.
  • Omar Suleiman, 1966, musician, Syria.

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