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The value of the tender name of Sabina — character, fate and career

The meaning of the mysterious name of Sabin — character, destiny, love and family

Sabina’s caressing name spread around the world from the ancient Sabin people, consisting of beautiful people, who gave the name the translation «beautiful.» With this name you can compliment the girl, praising her beauty.

Name description Sabine

In the world, the name is common as Sabina, only in Germany is it more pronounced by hearing — Zabina. Recently, the name of Sabina is popular in Muslim countries because of its melodiousness.

Affectionate form of the name: Sabinochka, Sabochka, Sabinushka, Saba, Subby, Inca, Bink, Ina.

Martyr Savina Smirnskaya — the patron saint of Sabina in the Orthodox faith.

Angel Day is celebrated on March 24th.

Depends on the time of year Sabina was born:

Winter — Talented, with a complex character, has a beautiful appearance. Easily breaks the hearts of men.

Spring — loving and selfish, likes to manipulate people. Until late age financially depends on the parents.

Summer — Shy, modest. He is afraid of men, it is very difficult for men to win her heart.

Autumn — The most conflict-free of those born in the rest of the seasons, kind. Pad on flattery.

Easily create a strong and reliable family.

The value of the tender name of Sabina - character, fate and career

In the family, Sabina is often the only and beloved daughter of all, which is why it is very spoiled and capricious. With a difficult relationship with his mother, adores his father, but he is not always obeyed.

Since childhood, shows a variety of talents, does not like to learn, but science is easy.

He knows how to be friends, from childhood is surrounded by friends, easily meets new people. Strives to gain authority with others.

The transitional age takes hard, those around her in this period is not easy — the slightest dispute brings to a serious quarrel.

As an adult Sabina becomes unpredictable, freedom-loving, often turning into a difficult woman to communicate. In disputes, he does not know how and does not wish to give in, adhering to his point of view to the bitter end, even if he is wrong.

Vindictive, can take revenge on the offender.

The value of the tender name of Sabina - character, fate and career

Sabina grows up a weak and disease-prone girl. Later, all children begin to walk because of weak leg muscles. Almost all the girls named Sabina do not get out of colds.

They need to keep their throats and lungs safe.

Winter — Weak nerves, frequent mood swings. Frequent problems with thyroid.

Spring — Suffering from otitis, need to protect your ears. Immunity is weak, often causes infection.

Summer — Angina — a constant companion of her life. Physically underdeveloped, it is necessary to engage in sports.

Autumn — Susceptible to colds, which pursue her and in adulthood. Due to frequent colds, complications such as sinusitis are not uncommon.

Sabina has leadership qualities, but because of the conflict nature, it is difficult for her to lead the team. Indifferent to money, can easily sit on the neck of parents or husband.

It can succeed in business, turning into a «shark» of business without pity for competitors.

The profession chooses based on its prestige, the opportunity to become famous. It will come out a wonderful actress.

Career in her life is not the first place, she is able to quit work in favor of the household.

The value of the tender name of Sabina - character, fate and career

Sabina has a very spectacular appearance, charm, which easily falls in love with the opposite sex, but pushes them away with her uneasy and conflicting character. A man in love with, prefers to attach to him through sex.

If she has not been lucky with men for a long time, then she can turn into a neurotic.

Sabina chooses her future husband carefully, he must meet her high criteria, be able to support his family. Between money and love will always make a choice in favor of financial well-being.

Most often married late, carefully weighing the pros and cons.

Despite her difficult nature and capriciousness, Sabina will sacrifice everything for her family, including her own career. After marriage, she from a capricious and unbalanced woman magically turns into a caring wife, an excellent mistress, a loving mother.

For the sake of children, she is ready to “cut the throat” to anyone.

Male Name Compatibility

  • Metal — Tin.
  • Mineral Mascot — Pearls.
  • Element — Air.
  • Libra.
  • Planet — Venus.
  • The color of the name is Blue.
  • Season — Winter.
  • Happy day of the week — Saturday.
  • Lucky number — 3.
  • Totem animal — Hedgehog.
  • Plant — Orchid.
  • Tree — Willow.

Famous people named Sabina

  • Sabina Meyer is a German musician.
  • Poppaea Sabina — the wife of the Roman emperor Nero.
  • Sabina Azema — French actress.
  • Sabina Imaykina is a Russian figure skater.
  • Sabina Valbuza — Italian skier.
  • Sabina Lancelin is a French cameraman.

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