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The value of the purposeful name of Boris — career, character and fate

The significance of the imperious name of Boris — fate, career and character

The name Boris comes from the Slavic word «struggle». So in ancient Slavic times, men were called for fighting for something, for glory, for money, for honor, proving their physical superiority over their rival.

There are more versions of the origin of the name Boris: from the Turkic word «profit» in the translation «benefit», from the Arabic word — «prominent». In ancient Persia, Boris was pronounced as Bariz from the word «heir.»

Affectionate form of the name: Borisochka, Borya, Borka, Boriska, Bor.

The day of the name of August 6 is the day of the holy martyr Boris, the prince.

  • Depends on the time of year of birth of Boris:
  • Winter — Unbalanced, purposeful.
  • Spring — Disdainful, pedantic.
  • Summer — Good, calm.
  • Autumn — Serious, balanced.

The value of the purposeful name of Boris - career, character and fate

From early childhood, Boris pleases his parents with successes, quick wits, but grows secretive, they will be the last to know about his plans. In friends is selective, for a long time getting used to the team, will not be friends with anyone, real friends will always come to the rescue. He studies well only in subjects that are interesting to him, since childhood he knows who he wants to become in adult life, he usually achieves this goal.

The qualities of a leader manifest as early as childhood. As an adult, becomes a valuable employee.

For the sake of an idea, I am ready to do anything to achieve a result.

Falls in love easily, women prefer to conquer. If a woman gave up easily, she is not interested in him. Easily changes women, instantly forgetting the previous one.

His wife will be the woman whom he has long and stubbornly won, he will love her all his life, take care of her. His children will feel with him as if behind a stone wall.

Boris is a warlike, strong, overbearing man with strong energy. It is not surprising that there are many leaders and famous people among them.

They do not know how to admit defeat, ask for forgiveness. The first place all their life put work, which give themselves completely.

Can successfully open your business, but can not save the money. Boris was born to succeed in almost any area of ​​the profession.

The value of the purposeful name of Boris - career, character and fate

From early childhood, the hyperactive Boris is injured, until his old age he doesn’t care about his health, he is prone to nervous breakdowns. There is a tendency to alcoholism, drugs.

Horoscope named Boris

Aries — Impetuous, sensual, temperamental man. Goes to the goal ahead, sweeping away everything on the way, it is desirable to speak with him in plain text, avoiding diplomacy. He is optimistic, takes the initiative, rushes to battle first, there is no patience.

Successes will make in professions: trainer, policeman, military, firefighter. In love, women scare away their excessive passion and affection.

Taurus — Stubborn, rude, resolute, conservative, does not like drastic changes in life. He will surely feel himself in agriculture, art, trade.

Able to make money, without money will never be left. He creates the family once and for the rest of his life, the wife will have to obey him completely.

Gemini — Impressive, resourceful, quick, interested in everything that happens in life, likes to study science, the book lover. The promised does not fulfill, because it forgets about it in five minutes. Professions will suit perfectly: a TV commentator, a TV presenter, a lecturer, a columnist, a writer.

Until old age will remain frivolous, frivolous man, marriage will not be able to fix it.

Cancer — Nervous, aggressive, pessimistic, boring. Mood changes several times a day. He loves ponyt on his alleged hard life.

If he feels a good attitude towards the interlocutor, then, in response, he can become a pleasant, cheerful interlocutor. Realizes itself in any field of art.

For him, the family has always been and will be in the main place.

Leo — Successful, open, benevolent. He loves being admired, falling in love with him. Remarks perceives as a stab in the heart.

He lives in a big way, so often in debt. In a career, he often holds a high position, is listed in good standing with the authorities.

Family life will be perfect only with a woman who loves him and tirelessly praising the positive qualities of her husband.

Virgo — Unconfident, economic, organized. In character prevails uncertainty, shyness, caution.

He wants everyone to like, please, be useful and necessary, he will suit a specific highly specialized profession, best of all, from the field of science. She behaves honestly and decently with women, never betrays them.

My husband will be perfect, not prone to jealousy and scandal.

Libra — Calm, balanced, has a talent for diplomacy. Subtly feels beauty, appreciates comfort, tries to create coziness around himself.

Adapts to everything in life, gives useful advice. In the profession, it is better for him to avoid leadership, being content with the place of a subordinate, where he can realize himself more.

Marries late, slowly to part with freedom. Never will worry about the spouse, distancing himself from her problems.

Scorpio — Fearless, strong-willed, assertive. Intuition is developed superbly, you can not fool it, he sees deceitful and unreliable people immediately. In an unsuitable profession can turn into an aggressive, dissatisfied man with life.

Therefore, it is important for him to choose a suitable profession in which he is happy to plunge headlong. His wife in family life with him will not be easy.

Sagittarius — Noble, cheerful, lucky. Since childhood, dreams of traveling, from him as an adult will come a great traveler, a geologist, a soldier, a researcher. Promised fulfills always.

His wife will be the one that calmly refers to his frequent absences from friends, on a trip, on a business trip.

Capricorn — Patient, ambitious, workaholic, hides from all their thoughts, feelings. He almost always succeeds in his work, he will be an excellent economist, accountant, lawyer. Caring for his beloved woman beautifully, capable of insane romantic acts.

His financial wallet will never become empty. The wife will choose the economic, economical, loyal woman.

By old age becomes more open, sociable.

Aquarius — Naive, modest, fair, in each person sees only positive. Get rich can not, because they do not know how to manage money. Ideal for him profession: MP, teacher, lecturer, journalist.

His family life is often unsuccessful, because he does not respect the interests and opinions of his wife.

Pisces is a moody, suspicious, romantic person. Able to adapt to society, feels their mood, poorly perceived criticism, can be offended for a long time.

Does not know how to defend his opinion, during a quarrel leaves the battlefield. It will be a talented actor, a responsible social worker, a hairdresser.

His wife must be strong-willed, to take on the reins of family management.

The value of the purposeful name of Boris - career, character and fate

Compatible with female names

  • Zodiac sign — Aries.
  • Element — Water.
  • The planet Mars.
  • Mineral Mascot — Amethyst
  • Metal — Zinc.
  • Totem animal — Cuckoo.
  • Plant — Iris.
  • Tree — Mulberry.
  • The color of the name is Blue.
  • Season — Spring.
  • Happy day of the week — Wednesday.
  • Lucky number — 2.

Famous men named Boris

  • Boris Pasternak — Russian writer.
  • Boris Spassky — Soviet chess player.
  • Boris Khmelnitsky — Russian actor.
  • Boris Yeltsin — the first president of Russia.
  • Boris Akunin is a Russian writer.
  • Boris Grebenshchikov is a Russian musician.

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