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The value of the name Zoya — the fate of women, the impact on life, character traits

The main meaning of the name Zoya is the beauty of life, the uniqueness of fate.

Researchers have found that the origin of many names is closely related to the Bible. Zoe is no exception, the word has Greek roots and means Life.

It is interesting that its correspondence with other female names was revealed: the famous Eve and the almost forgotten Alive. The latter is preserved in the Old Slavic language.

Name Zoya is charged with light energy. Goodness, love of life, and girlish dreaminess emanate from him.

The value of the name Zoya - the fate of women, the impact on life, character traits

Existing options

The old church form of the name Zoya — Zois has reached our days. In other, modern languages ​​it is used not very actively.

  • Zoe — English, Italian, Czech, Polish, Swedish

Diminutive and affectionately usually called as follows:

Zoe’s character

A child is usually trusting. She loves to play active games, can lure friends and have fun. Obedient enough.

Maybe, as many small children get too crazy, causing frustration in mom. It is impossible to talk very rudely with a little Zosya, she can take offense.

Physical punishment can break the character of the baby, disappoint her in parental love.

It is important from an early age to cause her extreme interest in something. This can be housekeeping or reading. She is ready to be interested in many things, very curious.

As a teenager, he begins to feel the interest of the boys. Sensuality is awakened quickly, it can make mistakes. Failures of first love can break it.

To prevent this from happening, and not to perceive everything as a tragedy, it is better to set it up for positive and in time to explain that with the first disappointment love and life do not stop. From the difficulties that have come to rest, he can turn to God and become too passionate about religion.

Patient attitude to yourself and the situation will help to arrange fate.

Over the years, Zoe is very sensitive, has insight and wisdom. The ability to look into the soul often uses only about their experiences. If emotions are all right, then she becomes a good psychologist.

There is a danger that people who do not deserve can enjoy its passion.

Often, thanks to intuition and interest in the human soul, Zosya is interested in predictions. It is capable of guessing, extrasensory possibilities appear.

Changes in his fate accepts as doom, demanding her humility. Searches for and finds solace in the temple.

She is more suitable measured, quiet life. Frequent change of residence — not for her.

Afraid and avoids travel. In family life, she values ​​loyalty, devotion, a good wife.

Fortune is indulgent to Zoe in the case when she does not give vent to feelings, turns on her head. She is usually destined to a long family life in full, with children, husband, relatives.

If left alone, can achieve certain heights in art.

Interesting features

  • The patron planet is Venus.
  • Personal color — lemon with a greenish tinge.
  • Zodiac — Taurus.
  • Plants for good luck — oats, walnut.
  • The talisman is green marble.
  • Totem — Nightingale bird.

The value of the name Zoya - the fate of women, the impact on life, character traits

There are three women martyrs in church literature:

  • Zoya Pamphylian
  • Zoya Bethlehem
  • Zoya the Roman.

Day Angel accounted for 26.02 (13.02), 15.05 (02.05).

Different aspects of life

Does not differ in strength and stability. Weak immunity can affect the overall condition at any time.

There may be big eye problems. Pressure drops and sensitivity.

Love and family

Zoe falls in love quite often and always hotly and with great dedication. It can often be burned, because in romantic relationships a lot comes to itself, and reality does not agree with its dreams.

Almost always has a family. Great loving mom. As a lover, too, at a high level.

Not indifferent to sexual fun. Like men.

A good housewife, can devote all the children.

Work and career

At an early stage of professional activity, it is unnecessarily trusting, as more experienced colleagues actively use. Over the years, he takes power into his own hands.

Ispolitelnaya, if the goal she likes, achieves a lot.

Able to communicate well, read emotions. Often becomes

  • A psychologist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Journalist
  • A sociologist,
  • The educator.

The value of the name Zoya - the fate of women, the impact on life, character traits

Compatibility with other names in relationships:

A successful family develops with Valery, Victor, Alexander, Semyon, John.

Men with names: Eugene, Yuri, Efim, Albert, Alik — will not bring Zoya happiness.

Famous carriers of the Name

  • Zoya — the daughter of the emperor of Byzantium Constantine.
  • Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya — Hero of the Soviet Union.
  • Zoya Gaidai — opera singer (USSR).
  • Zoya Fyodorova — Soviet film actress.
  • Zoe Kudry — television and film screenwriter.
  • Zoya Bulgakova — Artist of the Theater (USSR).
  • Zoya Rudnova is a tennis player, 2 times world champion.

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